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April 6th

Well, I haven't been blogging for many reasons...far too many t get into on a blog, but found it necessary to return.  I had hoped that the word a day would pose to be of more interest and would get feed backs.  Unfortunately, not as many as I had hoped, but the ones I did receive were wonderful and thank you to those who did. 
As life moves a forges forward, so do I.  I have become more and more involved in researching stories with some very interesting challenges by those that hire me.  I am the type of storyteller that takes on all challenges...and I must say some have been challenging...to say the least.  I have finished putting together a program called "Puttin on the Ritz" and it was most interesting.  I am amazed at the facts around the Ritz.  The audience loved it and hope that this will be a program that will be well received by more.  I also just did the Space Race and covered the Cold War and the Fallout Shelters.  Indeed, if you only knew how many hours went into this program.  I found myself overwhelmed at first and then, once I found my fall out shelter pamplet...I went crazy from there.  I couldn't imagine the space needed just for the provisions.  Great program and so glad to be able to add this to my list.  I am working of curs with Earth Day and this is one that I love to do..  Paradise?  and then they put up a parking lot!  So much of that happens every single day.  So glad to be able to put this program to use.  Are you throwing any type of battery in the garbage?  If you are, then you are also drinking it and eating it as well.  How's tat for a currant day dinner special?   I try to use visuals to help people understand the magnitude of destruction.  Elephants are one that I use for an example.  You might not understand the "tons" of something...but when I tell you to imagine 20 elephants as a comparable amount...that seems to make the info sink in  bit more.
Mothers Day is around the corner and stories about mother and daughters, tea programs, hanky programs, I am keeping myself busy.  There has been a Civil War slipped in there and am now putting together a program called "Traveling Vaudeville Circus".  I am also working on Annie Oakley.  I cannot wait to be able to do this program.  Life is challenging me and I am happy to take on the challenges. 
Yesterday I went to the Burpee Museum in Rockford Illinois and was enthralled with all the exhibits.  One interesting part was in the Native American section where they had a sign about STORYTELLING.  I took a picture and will post it later.  How important that was for their culture.  It is so important to all cultures.  They never wrote anything down...it is all passed down through their stories.  Stories told over and over again.  Remember being a child and wanting to hear your parents or grandparents tell you the same story over and over..just because you loved it so much!!  Time to not only refresh and reuse and recycle the earth, but also they ways of life.  Storytelling, recycles, reuses, and for Pete's sake....it is refreshing!   have a great day.

3 Comments to April 6th:

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Jim on Saturday, April 06, 2013 11:34 AM
Glad to see you're back. Hope you continue with your blog. Thinking that maybe you would get a lot more participation if you took your blog to facebook and start a small community of friends that enjoy story telling and be able to share their ideas, and thoughts with each other? Just a thought
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Debi on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 9:00 AM
Thaks Jim...those encouraging words are truly heartfelt. I had hoped that by having following on the story telling site would build and I am grateful that you are a follower. I will take your suggestions into consideration. I just felt that some go on so on the facebook and not allare interested in such subjects that by doing so on this site wouldn;t cause objections with those on facebook. May a lead into coming to the web story might be helpful Thanks.
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Debi Gajewski on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 10:37 AM
Thanks to the comments...I am overwhelmed lately with the responses. I was waiting to see whether I received any comments and whether my blog was worth continuing and what direction to go. I thank you all for reading and giving me feedback. I believe my initial thoughts on what I should blog about have now been cemented. Thank you. I hope you will continue to make comments. I truly gain insight from them.
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