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First Love

Good morning to all.  Thank you to some of the recent comments...I have left feedback on the story lines...it is such fun to read your stories as well. 
Today I have thought back on my youth and thought about my first love in life.  Now I had infatuations, that seems to start early for girls....not sure how it goes for boys....I can only speak for myself. I remember having an infatuation by the time I was in 3rd grade, there was another when I was in 6th grade...but when I got to the later part of 7th grade...I think the hormones really increased and found myself totally enamored with a young man.  He didn't even go to the same school as I....I think he had already graduated the year or so before.  Well, then you might ask how did I meet him then?  Well, he worked for the priests doing odd jobs in the church hall.  Sort of a part time handy man.  Being that I was so active in the school and church, I was always in contact with him, and with time, became fascinated with him. 
Now of course I had a best friend who hung around with me as well. 
Well, we went everywhere together...all the school functions, gatherings, events.  And he was always there.  I made sure to always take the opportunity to talk to him, joke around, etc.  I made myself known...that was for sure. 
Now, here is where the story takes its twists...he was crazy for my best friend...wouldn't you know it.  It didn't take long, before he was making his move.  Well, let me tell you...I was crushed to pieces.  But my girlfriend was happy and I couldn't let her know how I really felt, because that wouldn't be a nice thing to do. 
There were additional problems with this relationship, because her parents were very strict, and even in eight grade was not allowed to have any boys over to her house.  So her relationship was kept a secret.  She wanted to be with him and go places, but he could never been seen by her home....soooo....you get it....they met at my house.  Now I think  that they felt that since they were meeting at my house, they didn't want a third wheel, so he would bring along a friend for me.  Can you imagine how hard it was to watch the two of them and make conversation with some guy I had no interest in at all? 
I can still remember back then, one Christmas in particular, he bought her this beautiful gift.  I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the manufacturer of the cologne, only that he purchased the BIG kit.  It was in a lemon and had all their products in this special packaging.  From perfume to cologne to dusting powders.  The joke of it was that my friend couldn't keep it because she didn't have a way to explain away such an elaborate gift  So, if you haven't guessed by now...I was the new recipient of the gift.  I got the gift by default  It was so hard as a young girl t think that the one person you were crazy about was in love with your best friend.  But there was nothing to do, except accept it, and of course enjoying powdering myself with the dusting powder.
As the year went by, my girlfriend and I  went to different High Schools.  Our relationship soon parted because we had both made friends in our own separate schools.  We would occasionally see each other at a sock hop or so.  For those who don't know what a sock hop is...It is a dance that the high schools used to hold.  You actually danced in your socks,because the dances were held in the gymnasiums and they didn't want their floors scuffed up with shoes.  We always had live bands and they would take breaks and you could go down to the cafeteria and mingle and get a refreshment. 
As more years passed, our friendship dwindled away.  I of course moved on to other activities in my life, other relationships and more crushes and loves.  But I never forgot my first real love. 
Many moons passed and my friend and I found each other again,   made a date to get together and reminisce...well, I always had wondered what had happened to the two of them...and of course...they married. 
The sad thing was they weren't married very long.  they soon discovered that that childhood fascination was just that...and  so, they divorced. 
I was sad that they both had to go through that.  thinking of al the trouble and sacrifices they had made to be with each other and it had come to an end. 
I often hear about those childhood romances that lasts forever, Unfortunately, this was not the case for this young couple.  I of course went through all the joys and sorrows of dating and searching for mister right. I found a couple of them along the way, or so I thought at the time.  I married and am soon celebrating 39 years of marriage.  But every now and then, my thoughts travel back to those youthful years of butterflies in my stomach for a young man who never knew of them.  Those butterflies moved on, but oh it still brings a smile to my face to remember that unrequited love.  I hope that they both have found another love that will last the rest of their lives.  I guess sometimes we have this check list of the way we imagine things should work.  It only goes to show you that destiny has its own check list!  

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