The Hydrangea and the Birch Trees are picture  painted on Canvas Using Deco Art Americana Paints.  The Hydrangea is done using Americana's newest line of Acrylic paints.  This painting can easily be done in a 2 hour painting class.  It is quite soft and delicate looking. 
The Birch Trees, also a painting done using Americana acrylic paints and a credit card...yes...you read that correctly...a credit card. Easy and fun...done on a canvas.  Simple and easily done in a 2 hour class.

I hope you like these 2 new paintings by me...Debi Gajewski....The Wonderful Wizard of Art.

Leprechaun Gourd. 15 X 9 inches.  Handpainted  $85.00 plus Shipping

Hand Sculpted Santa on Wine glass.  One of a kind.  $23.75  Shipping TBD US only.  Payment through Paypal

The Roses were painted for Niles, Illinois Fund Raiser.  It is my pleasure to announce that the Chicago Skyline Rose auctioned off for $525.00. 
The Bears one captured $525.00 and the Blackhawks that I received the official License to do auctioned off for $6,200.00.
That means that the charities gained $7,350.00 from the auction.  I am so honored to have been part of this...the first in Niles.  I am looking forward to the next project.

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