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My Blog

October 2012

The Polar Express

Okay...All aboard!!! The Downers Grove Polar express is happening on November 17th, and you will find me telling tales while the children and their parents take the storybook ride to the North pole.  Chirstmas is just around the corner.  Time to get ready with all those great holiday stories. 

The end of Ghost story season

Well, it's been a long ghost story season and I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to share the stories.  Friday's performance for the Niles teen Center went well...all those wonderful eyes widening as the night went on.  One of the girls had remembered me from performing there the year before and counldn't wait to hear more stories.  There is nothing quite as wonderful as watching their faces change as you progress with the stories.  I must congradulate Mark who heads the center there.  The group of youngsters were ery well behaved! 
Last night's perfermance at the Groe started out small around the campfire but grew as the night progressed.  It was great telling ghost stories strictly for adults.  Nice to hae the same growing eyes of wonderment as the night went on.  With a frosty feel, as it was 39 degrees and an almost full moon hanging over us and the woods surrounding us with it's own naturally spooky sounds.  A great night was had by all.  I hae to say that the staff at The Grove were terrific.  They joked with the people and keep the popcorn and the smores going.  One gentleman in particular told me that I got a 2 thumbs up.  Doesn't get any better than that. 
The season was interesting for me as a storyteller.  Finding the perfect stories for children, seniors at the Senior Living Centers and the Adults was a great challenge.  I am excited for next year, because as you collect stories....I find usually 3 times the amount I need.
Time to move on now.  Thanksgiving performances are rearing their heads as I will need to gobble up some different stories to celebrate the season to be thankful.  In the meantime, I will spend the next 2 weeks as Mrs. Claus at the Grove in Glenview at the craft faire.  Aside from storytelling I am also an artist and sell my wares.  At least while I sit and personalize my ornaments, I will get the opportunity to meet with the children and get some wonderful personal tales of my own.  Look forward to a few of the past tales of christmas as Mrs. Claus in my next blog.  Hope you all have a BOO-tiful Halloween.  Keep coming back for more updates, and if you are looking for a great handmade craft faire, come to The Grove in Gleniew and make sure to stop and say hi....you won't miss me...I am the one in the red gown with white fur!!

Mrs. Claus performs stories at Kappy's Restaurant in Niles

I will be performing holiday stories as Mrs. Claus over in Morton Grove at Kappy's restaurant.  Come on over and enjoy a great meal while you listen to Mrs. Claus tell tales of Father Frost, the North Pole.  I will also share wonderful stories about Channuka and Winter stories for the season. I will be there every Thursday night from 5:30 til 7:30 P.M., beginning November 29.  I will be there same times on December 6th,13th, and 20th.  Whether you come in for a delightful dinner of some hot chocolate and dessert, Mrs. Claus will warm your hearts and tickle your fancy.  Come out and join me for a taste of the holiday season.

Spook-tacular event

It's that spooky time of the year...Just wanted to let you know that I will be performing scary tales at The Grove in Glenview on Sat., October 27th.  You need to register at the Glenview park District ahead of time.  Cost is $10 for residents and $12 for non residents.  The tales are meant for adults and will become scarier as the night progresses.  The fee includes a hayride and refreshments.  If you are looking for your hair to stand up on your arms and necks and want to keep an open eye on who might be trailing you home, come out to enjoy an evening of spine tingling tales.
I am alos excited to be returning to the Niles Teen Center in Gold Mill Shopping Center to perform Ghostly Whispers. 
It has been so much fun telling ghost stories at the Sunrise Assisted Living Centers.  Seeing the eyes of the older residents makes me see the eyes of young children all over again.  They even enjoy the tales that have that hahaha at the end.  It is so great to share stories. 
I am also looking for to performing Revolutionary War stories for the DAR in Lake Forest this December. 
I am hoping to be able to soon share the dates of my performance of Mrs. Claus at Kappy's Restaurant on Dempster and Harlem in Niles.  It will be a performances of stories for the upcoming holidays.  Keep coming back to check my blog.  It will keep you up to date with new and exciting events.  Hope you have a Spook-acular day.
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