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December 1

Today is December first and the beinning of the holiday season for me. There is just something about the word December that provokes memories of the season. I have been very busy preparing new stories for my December performances. Escited to have so many news one to add to my list.
The season makes me remember all those wonderful holidays that have past, along with those who have been in my life and in my past. I am greatful to have so many memories of Christmas. I remember that as a child I would race home on the last day of school because my grandparents would have gone out and gotten the tree. When I opened the front door of my home, the aroma of pine permeated the air, not to mention the smell of Grandma popping corn for us to string to adorn the tree. The hot chocolate was cooking on the stove...none of that instant stuff. Real cocoa and marshmallows and whipped cream.
The tree was always GIANT size...or at least so I thought as a youngster. We would unwrap each carefully wrapped ornament and find just the perfect spots to hang each and every one. We would like to Bing Crosby sing on the phonograph. We would sing along and laugh and cry. Grandma always seem tobome more solemn on that day. One day when asked why? She told me because she had lost her mother at that time of year and was thinking of her. I didn't really get the emtions behind it all until I was much older. I can't imagine losing your mother at the age of 13. Whe became the mom of the family. It was she who made sure all the festivities took place. She continued it on with her children and then with the grandchildren and even later with great-grandchildre. When I trim my Christmas tree...I think of them beside me. Just like in the song that Bing Croby sang. On my tree hangs a cookoo clock representing her. She loved that clock and each time I place it on my tree I remember those days of long ago. When the clocks were all set at different times and they coocooked all over the place and drove us crazy, the times they clucked their sound and the door would open and any youn man visiting with me would be told it was 10 o'clock and any decent young man woulld know that it was time to leave. O that clock!!
Christmas was time for making handmade gifts and jellies and cookies and cakes. Yarn and ribbon were always aplenty in my home. Grandma taught me so many things. Like how one should love one another. How inportant it was to follow tradition. How greatful were needed to be for all things...great and small.
Today we hear Christmas music on the raidio...now even before Thanksgiving....my question is..."Why not the 12 days of Christmas?" Has the new generation forgotten them? Christmas begins with Christmas Day! December is just the holiday season...a time to prepare. Seems like the day after Christmas every sign of Christmas is gone! I am sure that I am not the only one who would love to hear Christmas music for the 12 days of Christmas when all the hustle and the bustle is behind us and we can take time to enjoy our friends and family. Well, this year I am making it a point. I am playing Christmas Carols and celebrating the old fashioned way. In fact...I think I might just go pop some popcorn tight now. Look out needle and thread...here I come!!!

2 Comments to December 1:

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Me Hansburg on Thursday, December 13, 2012 8:07 AM
A lovely memory, like a beautiful Christmas basket filled with greens, pine cones and winter wishes ! Do you ever do public readings ? Stories of the season, as "The Littlest Angel"? I attended a concert 10:30 AM at Niles Public Library which was seasonal music; But I am sure an event you could do would also be timely, creative and greatly appreciated ! Perhaps in the near future ? It would be fun to do a "story set" around the ideas of New Year's...How it is celebrated in different countries, How folks make and break/ make and keep resolutions, How the alchemy of reflection moves us all to be more reflective in NY ? What kinds of "Resolutions" would certain characters make...Frosty the Snowman ? Easter Bunny ? Tooth Fairy ? Then in Feburary, how do different characters celebrate Valentine's Day ? Perhaps, think about contacting NPL or MG PL ? New topic, new paragraph...Do you know Kevin Cordi from Ohio ? He is now a prof at Ohio Dominican Univ in Columbus, Ohio. He was among the profs who led the Columbus Area Writing Project. I was blessed to see him as a Story-Teller more than one time. He is a member of the local and national organizations re Storytellers ! Best wishes for a Blessed Christmas and New Year ! Me Hans burg
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Debi on Saturday, December 15, 2012 7:51 AM
Thank you for the comments. I indeed do public performances. I am currently doing holiday stories at Kappy's, a restaurant in Morton Grove on Thursdays. the 20th will end the season there. I also perform at the festival at the Grove in glenview each first Sunday in October. I do a number of different libraries...one in particular that is coming up is in mendota. I will doing my program of Love in Bloom. This is a Jack Benny story of his loves in life. It is a wonderful way of going back in time. Open performances depend on the hirees. I have done various amounts. I thank you for suggesting the Niles Public Library. I am hoping that some day they will invite me there to perform. I do a variety of senior centers, schools and private invitations. I loved the thought of the yearly celebrations. I have done a program on New Years, and on Love stories for Valentines Day as well. I have also done Chinese New Years as a character called Mrs. Ming. Ester the Easter Bunny Lady is also one of my personas. I am currently writing a program called "Little Read Writing Hood". this is a program about the use of the English language and how it has changed through the years. I am continually working on building new programs and your suggestions have been taken to heart. Thank you for you contributions. i wish you the best of holidays. May you and yours have a blessesd Christmas and joyous New Year as well. I hope that someday you will have the opportunity to see me perform. Thanks for you comments.

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