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January 2013

Wordly Word Day 31

Good morning to the last day of January.  I cannot believe the day.  Finally here.  Why am I so excited?  Because today I get to use a months worth of words for a story.  But before I can move forward to write the story I must introduce the last word of the month.  With what I am doing, I thought it appropriate to use the word LAUGHTER as the word for the day.  LAUGHTER is good medicine they say.  i must admit you cannot be angry or sad or mad if your are laughing.  What is so funny?  Life alone can be funny.  The words from a child can sometimes be funny.  A situation can make you LAUGH.  Whether there is LAUGHTER on the outside or LAUGHTER on the inside.  It can take away pain.  Perhaps not for the long term, but atleast for the moment.  I just watched Steel Magnolias last night.  In the absolute worst, critical, heart wrenching moment, Laughter saved the day.   When the mother who just lost her daughter totally broke down in anger and heartbreak...and noone knew exactly what to do..a friend pushed another friend in front of the grieving mother and told her to slap her.  Hit hear hard...this was her one and only chance.  The poor woman who was the target was all upset...asked whether her friend was crazy.  They continued until the grieving mother just broke out in laughter...as did the rest of the friends.  She used the situation to lighten up the mood.  And it worked!  I know that when I get together with my red hat girlfriends, there is often times so much LAUGHTER that my face literally hurts. I guess that is why they used to call the stuff they used at the dentist office to numb the pain...LAUGHING gas!  I guess LAUGHTER does numb the pain, if even for the moment. 
I remember when my daughter was not feeling well and she asked her daughter to please get her some tums...my granddaughter preceeded to lift up her 2 thumbs and said "Here Mommy" ?  We are still LAUGHING just thinking about that!  How many times have you read a statement by a child and was willed with LAUGHTER.  Years back, there was a show with Art Linkletter who used to ask children questions and get their answers.  It was an evening filled with LAUGHTER.  Priceless!  Out of the mouths of babes!  Well I hope you have enjoyed this months word for the day.  I will be soon posting the story.  What a challenge that will be.  Have a wonderful day!
Quote for the day:

Worldly Word Day 30

Well it is almost the last day of the month....where in the world has time gone?  I am looking forward to the challenge of writing the story of the month.  I am hoping that this blog has been an ispiration to all that have read it.  i hope that some of my reflections have rubbed off on you and that you were able to perhaps identify with some of the stories. 
When I was a young girl, we would have dinner together, clear the table, do the dishes and then retire to the rockers on the front porch.  In my youth, there was no air conditioner or television and when there finally was television it was very limited.  We really did seem to care though. The front porch was entertainment enough.  Grandma and Grandpa and I would sit on the porch and talk.  Grandma would tell stories about what was going on while we worked on our needlepointing.  We would work on needlepointing pillowcases.  Then when they were finished, we would crochet the edgings.  I learned to crochet when I was 5 years old.  I did an entire rug in that year...along with many other projects.  Grandma would talk about the ladies in the neighborhood.  About dreams, flowers, dresses, hats, places she wanted to go or things she wanted yet to do.  I would listen to the stories about when she was young.  Oh, they were always so entertaining.  I have begun to write some of the stories down for my book.  It seems like just yesterday that it all happened.  A time when neighbors knew their neighbors, a time when neighbors helped their neighbors. 
So today I thought the word for the day would be NEIGHBOR.  I wish I could tell you stories about my neighbors in my neighborhood, but the times have changed.  At least what I have experienced in my neighborhood, perhaps the North, perhaps the times.  When I am in the South I notice that the NEIGHBORS are still what I had remembered.  Someone there for you.  They bring food over when someone is sick, they take care of the family when a family is born and when a family member passes.  Those neighbors watch your house when your  not there.  They no longer sit on the porches because there seems to be too great of a distance between the houses these days for neighbors to hang over the porch railing and talk, but they are still part of each others lives.  I think for me, being a Neighbor means helping those that are in our lives, but what a shame that the children today are so busy with technology that there are no longer stories on the porch or even at the dinner table.  Everyone these days are in such a hurry.  Too much of a hurry to stop and be neighborly.  I love when I spend time with my granddaughters and share the stories.  I share the geneology, the family stories, the history.  There is so much I want them to know.  I want them to understand who I really am. 
When I was a young girl...my next door neighbor had 3 sons.  One was an especially wonderful young man.  I spent many a days talking and laughing on the porch with him and his family.  Then one day....Tom went off to war...the Vietnam War.  I remember the days on the porch when his parents, our NEIGHBORS would read us his letters outloud.  He would send them money to put in the bank for when he returned.  He told his father how when he came back that he would open a gas station and his father could retire from Helene Curtis .  He worked hard in the factory.  He told him that when he got home, his dad could take it easy and work on the books for him.  I remember one day a scream coming from the NEIGHBORS house....in those days, you wnet running out to help...you just didn't peek through the curtains.  Tom's mom was screaming and his dad was trying to catch her and calm down.  We ran over to help.  Then she showed us the telegram....Tom had been killed.  What a horrible day.  Seems like yesterday.  All the neighbors rallied to help.  Then to top it off...the body that got shipped was the wrong body.  I thought she was going to lose it all over again.  That day so many people lost so much.  The parents lost their cherished son, the boys lost their brother.  We lost the best neighbor, I lost a friend.  The world lost a wonderful human being.  I often go to visit my NEIGHBOR at the cemetary.  I remember his smile and laughter.  His jolly round pinkened cheeks that was always all aglow.  His eyes how they sparkled.  Tom was the boy you wanted to spend an afternoon or evening with.  He was much older than I, but if I were older....oh my....I think I would have made a play for him.  But there were other plans.  He was needed in a new NEIGHBORHOOD. For me today, sad to day, the only way I know that someone in the NEIGHBORHOOD dies in when I see the funeral cars pass by the house!  For those who never experienced the kindness of a NEIGHBOR, I am sorry.  When I visit the Amish community, I feel like I have gone home.  Back in time.  I watch the NEIGHBORS gather.  The children play while the parents talk or stitch.  They are there for each other in all aspects of life.  The English (US) look at them with sorrow...that they are missing out on so much....no light, no televisiion, no computer.  I wonder!  I don't think they are missing that much when I see a family riding after dinner in their buggy for an ice cream, when I see the children playing vollyball in the yard.  When I see the circles of laughing men and women.  Those NEIGHBORS still live in Mr. Rogers NEIGHBORHOOD!!   It's a beautiful place....and it makes me yearn for those days gone by. 
Quote for the day:

Wordly Word Day 29

Well, it seems as though my life is in a memory mode.  I guess when you are under the weather...it allows time to trickle through your brain and sometimes backwards.  I love looking back. It helps me to see where I am going and who helped me along the way.  God, family and friends are the most important things in our lives.  As for the good, bad or indifferent...I would not trade any of it because each moment taught me such valuable lessons.  Each person has granted me moments to remember.  Some are good and some are bad, but without them....how can I have learned or moved forward?   Today my word for the days is FRIEND.  What is a FRIEND?  Sometimes we have very best FRIENDS and don't really know everything about them.  They sometimes hide the parts of their lives that they are afraid to reveal, ashamed of, or are too hard to share.  I have been friends with Susan my whole life...all 58 years....our mothers were FRIENDS, our grandmothers were FRIENDS....that a whole lot of friendship going on!  Well, we lived 2 doors away from each other..did everything day by day with each other...She was fortunate to have had siblings...I was an only child.  I was so happy to have Susan in my life.  Sometimes we played at her house and sometimes we played at mine.  I loved playing there and she loved playing at my house.  She thought my house was fun because there were no siblings there..and I had a bevy of toys.  I loved it more at her house because she had family.  Mother, father, brothers, sisters and most of all a closet that we could play in!  A closet??  I know you are wondering.  I guess the actress was always in me!  We would get to go in the closet...there was only a curtain there...no door and make up things to do for her family.  Her parents and siblings would sit in the living room and watched as we would sing, dance, put on a puppet show.  I Loved every minute of it.  Of course at my house there were toys galore.  I was a spoiled child.  My mother and father were divorced, and my mother wanted to make it up to me by giving me everything under God's green earth...that is of course, which meant she worked all the time and I hardly got to see her.  Boy, I wished she would have know how I could have done without the toys and wanted a closet without a door more!  Anyway....45 or so years later, Susan and I were strolling down memory lane looking through my photo albums and she stopped me on a page where my beautiful bedroom was captured.  She looked at it and then looked at me and asked me why there was plastic covering my bed and all the stuffed animals.  I told her the truth.  THAT bedroom was only for show.  It didn't get uncovered unless a FRIEND was over.  My real bedroom was downstairs with Grandma and Grandpa...the upstairs bedroom was when company came!  She was blown away!  A piece of her best FRIEND uncovered...no pun intended!  She then shared with me how she used to get upset with me at times for not wanting to share my toy that day, and would go home and at night complain to her mother about all the things I had and she didn't.  Her mother would set her straight and explain to her all the things she was fortunate to have that I didn't, like siblings and parents.  She shared that then she would cry because she felt sad for me.  Imagine....best FRIENDS....who had 45 years of a secret.  I am so greatful to say that we are still FRIENDS.  And what a great time we have when we get together to share our lives, both past and present. 
There are so many types of FRIENDS that we have the opportunity to have had in our lives.  Some may come, some may go, but their friendship always stays with us. 
Think about those moments in life when you were blessed with a FRIEND.  Maybe they are still there, maybe they have traveled on. No matter what the circustance is...you were blessed to have had them in your life. 
Quote for the day:
“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
Albert Camus

Wordly Word Day 28

Life is precious on a daily basis.  People come and go into our lives.  Sometimes they make an impact, somtimes they are just there to be part of it...or even so that we can be part of their lives.   It is interesting how different people make a difference.  They can sometimes impact our lives when they least expect it.  Without ever knowing.  But when you remember them and how they have impacted your life...they live on forever.  Very similar to a memory.  While being sick I watched a movie series called the Good Witch.  At the very end of one of the series, it becan to snow....it was a magical moment.  In that specific moment, I remembered a time in my life when it snowed and it was as though it was a sign.  The day my grandfather passed away.  I was 12 years old.  He was in the hospital and I was not allowed  to go there.  He was in the Cancer ward and children were not allowed, but my mother said that after lunch I was going to go with her to visit him. That morning I was in a big procession at church to celebrate our pastors 25 years.  It was a beautiful day,.  I came home and we ate lunch, and then did the dishes.  While drying the dishes the phone rang.  My mother rushed out of the house; without me.  About 10 minutes later...the phone rang again.  My Aunt was calling from the hospital and my grandfather had passed away.  I was so upset...I was supposed to see him...I loved him so much...he was my best friend!  He and my grandmother helped to raise me.  He did things for me that I will never forget.  Anyway, as I began to cry, I noticed that it had begun to snow.  This was April 23rd.  Snow????  I took it as a sign!  A nod from heaven that he was saying goodbye.  That our magic of friendship still existed.  We were still connected.  Today's word is SIGN....it is everywhere.  We have signs to help us see things, notice things, realize things.  A stop SIGN tells us to stop, a caution SIGN tells us to beware.  A SIGN of the cross tells us of our faith.  A SIGN from a loved one is always recognizable if we keep our senses open to it.  I always thought later about the day my grandfather passed on.  I later found out that it was Cervantes' Birthday.  He was the man that wrote Don Quiote.  I starred as the lead in that play.  What an impact.  The most memorable song was to Dream the Impossible Dream.  A man who fought all odds for the sake of good.  I like to think that in those moments of being on stage...it was a SIGN from Grandpa.  I had a dream of being an actress and he was sharing that with me.  Coincidence?  I would rather it be a SIGN!    So SIGN me up!  Let me put my mark on someone just like he did for me!  How about you?  Are you ready to SIGN up or receive the SIGN??
Quote for the day:

Worldly Word Day 27

As the blogging continues on it give me so much to reflect on through out each day.  It makes me think about the words we use and how they effect everyone in our lives.  I watched some Nanny show on TV and she approached the parent with correcting the words he uses towards his children.  She commented that using negative comments or suggestions makes them think that is what they are or will become.  She instructed him to try to use positive remarks, even when the moment is difficult.   A very interesting approach.  Words can really hurt and cause damage.  It can make you think that you are only as good as the person speaking to you tells you you are. 
So today my word of the day is POSITIVE.  I only can see one definition and that is good.  It should make you feel good and others feel good.  Think before you speak and consider what and how your statement will come out.  Think about how it will effect the person you are speaking to and even more so how it will effect you.  I am someone special! vs I am a nobody!  Which one makes you want something better?  Imagine telling someone that "You are worthless! vs You are so special!"  Imagine it being said to you and how it would make you feel.  Even in the worse case scenarios...I love you, you are special, you mean the word to me or thank you, gives the person a sense of well being. 
So today take the challenge is to be POSITIVE. 
Quote for the day:

Worldy Word Day 26

Well, it is something when you get sick...throws everything off...including blogging.  This year the weather has been quite unusual. I think that it plays a very large part in how germs are distributed.  Anyway, I hope that all of you are doing well and the germ bugs have stayed clear of your paths. 
As for the word of the day it is CHALLENGE.  It seems to be a pretty good word that perhaps we meet face to face every day.  We are always challenging our selves to become better, do better, act better.  In this sense of the word...CHALLENGE seems to be a positive thing.  We don't seem to ever CHALLENGE ourselves to become mean or to fail at our day....at least I hope not!  And then their are the things in life that are a CHALLENGE to us.  When we see something hopeless and cannot do anything about it.  When we are faced with difficulties that we cannot change.  The one thing that we can do in these moments is to have faith in God. If you ever saw the movie series "Love Comes Softly"  there is a part where the wife looks at her husband and they are sitting on the mountain and she asks him how he can worship when he has had such hardships.  He explains to her that he loves his daughter and would never want anything to happen to her.  He cannot prevent her from falling down, he can only promise her to be there when she does.  Just like God is in our lives.  He is there when the CHALLENGE is presented.  It is up to us to accept the CHALLENGE and have faith that we are not alone. 
Quote for the day:
“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”
Paulo Coelho

Worldly Word Day 25

Finally, caught up.  This is been a bit of a week for me.  And I have to ask the question...WHY? 
Yup, you have it.  WHY is the word for the day.  I started thinking about how many times a day I  or in fact anyone else uses that word in the course of their day.  WHY am I doing this?  WHY do they ask that of me?  WHY did I say yes to that? WHY do I have to go.  WHY, WHY, WHY??????
When we question ourselves, our motives, our promises...we always seem to ask WHY?  It is as if we doubt everything we do at times.  Think of how irritated we bocome when a child, keeps asking us "WHY".  WHY is the SKY blue?  WHY do they call that a shoe?
WHY do I have to go to bed?  WHY do I have to brush my teeth?  I cannot imagine that we as adults taught them that word.  Where exactly does it come from?  Perhaps a child says it because it is in our nature to ask the child WHY all the time.  WHY did you not pick up your toys?  WHY are you not eating your vegetables?  Why must you do that? 
Interesting thought!  We are a questioning society, are we not?  We ask WHY everything needs to be done.  We ask WHY the government does what they do.  We ask WHY our lives turned out the way they did.  If we look at the question mark???  it doesn't even know which way it is going!!  It is curved, straight, a dot.  REALLY??? Is there even an answer to this?  I hope this leaves you counting for the day.  How many times do you say the word or hear the word in the course of a day. 
Quote for the day:

Worldly Word Day 24

Hope all are having a good day.  As this month is nearing it;s end, I am really more and more excited over the chance to fiinally write a story. 
Today's word is DREAM.  I have so many dreams each night and when I awaken in the morning, I cannot help but wonder where they all come from and why I am having the particular ones that I have.  There are so many dream interpretations...so many angles that one may speak of concerning dreams. 
Then there is to day DREAM..To have your mind wander off thinking of other places, people or things.  Ever wonder why that happens?  Is it boredom?  Is is your natural way of coping with hidden desires?
And then there is the DREAM for your life or your future.  Are they for real?  Can they become a reality?  Seems to me that in all aspects, they are part of our souls.  The take shape and form if we truly set our minds to make them that way. 
When I was young my DREAM was to be an actress.singer.  I gave that DREAM up to pursue marriage and a family.  Now that I am older and have entered into a differnt world of living.  My DREAM resurfaced.  It way not be in the same vein as it once was...but the bottom line of that DREAM was that I would be able to use my speech/voice and inner emotions to touch someones heart, mind and or soul.  When I tell a story, I am sharing many pieces of myself with my audiences.  When I see a smile, a laugh and sometimes a tear or two, I know in that moment that my DREAM has come through.  I can change a persons mood, life, knowledge and feelings without ever physically touching them.  When I was in DonQuixote...I played Aldonza/Dulcinea...they were two completely different characters..the later was what Don Quixote dreamed she was....and in the end...the later is what she became, because he dared to dream it so.  I was always pleased to have learned that lesson by playing that character.  "To dream the impossible dream....to run were the brave dare not go!"
Quote for the day:
“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Worldly Word Day 23

Well, time just has gotten away from me.  So much sometimes lands up on our plates that we seem to let go of other things.  But I am back and ready to move forward.  Today's word is RAISE.
Seems like sometimes this can be a word that needs defending.  Well, let me explain that statement. To raise our glass or to raise up something is to lift it up, to honor.  We RAISE our chiildren.  As parents we do the very best with whatever we have to do this job.  I myself did the best that I thought I could do.  I wanted to lift my children to a place where they felt in control, loved, confident and independent.  Funny how Freud seems to use parents as the scapecoats for all the troubles in ones mind.  It seems to point the finger at the parents.  Now I grant you, not all parents do a bang up job....but for the most part...they do thebest they can do with what they have or what they know...and usually (at least in my case) I knew that my children meant the world to me.  I hope that RAISING them up gave them those qualities.  I think sometimes those that point the fingers to the parents forget that the children are often times influenced greatly by the outside world.  The friends, associates or co-hearts.  I RAISE my glass to each person who has taken on a difficult day, child, or person in their life.  I Raise my hopes for a better day to come and I raise my glass to my Mother and Grandparents for a job well done.  I may not have always thought so in every moment of my life...but today....I think that they should be celebrated. 
I hope that someday...my children and grandchildren will feel that the way that I RAISED them means that they will want to RAISE their glass to my efforts as well.
Quote for the day:
You know the only people who are always sure about the proper way to raise children? Those who've never had any.

Worldly World day 22

Good Morning to all. It is very cold here in the Chicago area this morning.  A time to think about all those who may not have a home today.  This would be the time to be thankful for heat and a roof over our heads.  I cannot even fanthom being in the cold on a day like this without a place to go.  Prayers are said today for all those who are found in this situation. 
Yestday I performed at the Wilmette Sunrise Senior Alzheimer center.  I did a program for MLK day and combined it with black history.  I must share what an amazing experience that was for me.  The residents were totally engaged and locked in on each word.  They were sparked with interest and amazement.  They had questions galore!  I shared with them amazing facts that I had just learned....like MLK's and his father's birth name was NOT Martin, but Michael.  His father changed it when his son was about 5.  Well, anyway.  I found such pride in knowing that all of us old dogs can still learn new tricks...or information as in this text.  Being with these people are just amazing to me and I am so very greatful that I have the type of job I have.  Storytelling is a rewarding job. 
With February just around the corner, I am gearing up for all my performances for Valentines Day.  This brings me to today's word.  LOVE.  This word had so many different connotations, now doesnt it? There are so many meanings to the word love.  You can love so many people in so many different ways.  To love a child...so maternal and instictive.  To love a friend....differnt types of love for differnt types of people.  You can love a spouse.  To love an object.  To love a situation, a home, a subject.  To love God.  How greatful I am for that word.  It goes far beyond like.  You can't see it, but you know when it is there.   There you can't touch it, yet it touches you!  No, not like someone's hand, but yet it pulls and tugs at you.  Without love you feel alone and depressed.  It's what make the world go round as they say!  Indeed it does.  It has a domino effect.  It makes you smile and laugh.  It makes you feel happy and glad. It makes you feel safe and content.  From the very moment we are born, we are looking for love.  From our parents, siblings, friends, lovers, God.  The search continues all our lives. Striving to keep it or make it bettter.  So much meaning to such a small word.  To love is such a gift...to be loved is an even greater gift.  To be loved unconditionally...now there is the treasure!  In the movie "It's A Wonderful Life"  they say that each time a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings.  Love have a similar payback.  Whether we are here or have gone beyond...each time someone thinks of us...what a gift!  How often have you thought of someone you have lost?  Had a memory that made you smile, cry or laugh?  We love til it hurts sometimes.  We love with all our hearts.  And we love forever in most cases.  Even loves we have lost still hold a piece of our hearts.  What a powerful word.  I hope that in your lifetime you experience every sort of love there is.  Wrap yourself up in it today...I know I will, and that will keep me plenty warm.
The quote for the day:
“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Lao Tzu

Worldly Word 21

Good morning....well another day is here and I welcome it.  I am hoping that those of you who are following the blog are enjoying it and I encourage you to join in and share with me some of your stories as well.  I am nearing the end of the month and looking forward to writing a story with this month's words.  A challenge this will be for sure, but I am always up for a challenge.  Actually each day is a challenge.  At least it is in my mind.  Achallenge to see what will get accomplished in that day.  Today I am performing wor the Sunrise Senior Alzheimer unit in Wilmette and have been asked to speak about Martin Luther King and Black history.  For those of you who know that Black History month is next month...don't get too aggitated...they just thought it a good opportunity to combine. 
Talk about a challenge.  Not finding the information to prepare a story, but so that it is relatable and interesting on a level for the residents.  I must say the challenge proved to be in my benefit.  I learned so many fantastic things.  I cannot wait to share.  So with all this going on in my life..I thought it appropriate that today's word would be CHALLENGE.  
To invoke, to spark, to explain, to justify, to explain, to call to battle. 
I think that this word is something that each and everyone of us meets upon the opening of our eyes, each and every day.  A challenge to change something or someone...even if that someone is ourselves.  It may be just getting out of bed in the morning.  Perhaps it is going to work or maybe looking for work.  Maybe it is school or studies, Perhaps what to make for dinner.  It might be an inner challenge.  To become a better person, to forgive someone, to accept something in our lives that came unexpectedly.  What challenge do you face?  What is there in your life that you may need to overcome?  What or who in your life challenges you the most?  Is it yourself?  Are your challenges the same each day or are they different?  Are they differnet today than they were when you were a child? 
Last week when I was at my dance lesson...my instructor told me that he would do everything in his power to not let me fall...but that was not a guarantee.  Now in my entire life...the one thing I am most afraid of was falling.  This stopped me in my tracks!  Fall...while dancing...the thought had never occurred to me that I could fall!  Now this was a challenge, because my gut reaction was (if I could fall...I don't think I want to do this)  But my challenging mind said (listen dummy..this is something you have wanted your entire life and everything comes with risks).  Needless to say...I am UP for the CHALLENGE...and I pray that the operative word here is UP..hahaha. 
Quote for the day:

Worldy Word Day 20

Good morning to all.   What a wind we had last night.  Waiting today for the change tht is emminent.  A cold blast is headed toward us today.  BRRR!!  The next few days will surely bring desires of warmth and sunshine. 
As I sti bundled under a blanket on the couch I am contemplating what the word for the day should be.  My mind at the moment became EMPTY  and I thought...why not???  Todays word is EMPTY. 
That word has some meaning!  To empty something is to get rid of it...throw it away. 
Then I think of feeling empty.  That is a void.  You aren't throwing anything away, you are feeling a nothingness within you.  To think of an empty word or statement.  Again a void.  How many times have we felt Empty?? How many times have we searched for something to fill that void in our life?  Now I am a religeous person and I know that I will NEVER for EMPTY.  I will always have GOD with me!   But there are words that come from the word empty.  It is almost as if there is a chain connected to that word.  Hopeless, defeated, alone, sad,, depressed.  And yet all we need to do is look around us and all the blessing that are bestowed each day.  The light, the sun, the birds, the heavens, the earth. 
The one way to use the word EMPTY would be to EMPTY those feelings.  To fill them with something joyful.  To EMPTY or trash those thoughts.  Almost an oxymoron.
Well, my fish for you today is to have an EMTY feeling filled with love, joy and happiness.  Do something nice for someone.  FILL their life with something special.  It may just help to fill their emptiness and by this, you may just fill your own.
Quote for the day:

Worldly Word Day 19

As time moves along so quickly, I must say that it  never seem that days went by this fast as a child.  It seems as though the day went on as if it would be forever.  I never thought about how fast it went, but rather how slowly it went.  I remember that it always seemed like forever for a holiday to come...or for my birthday to come.  Now it seems as though with every blink, another moment has passed.  This brings me to today's word...MEMORIES. 
Wow...that word is packed full of thoughts!  No pun intended!  It is something that is in the recesses of our brains that is triggered with a suggestion, an action, a thought.  The other day I had an event at my home with my Red Hat girls.  We did a white elephant exchange.  For those of you who do not know what that is...we wrap up the ugliest or silliest thing imaginable and then play a game as the gift float around the circle of girls til the end of a story comes and we keep the gift. We have done this a number of times before and we just laugh like crazy when each person opens their surprise.  I laughed so hard that my cheeks and my jaws hurt.  In that moment, I had a memory..not of the game, not of the gifts, but of a dear friend from our group who passed away(it will be 2 years in March).  I remembered her saying that all the way home from our events, she would be thinking of the things we did and her face actually hurt from all the laughter. I knew in that moment how she felt.  I had a double memory...both of the feelings she used to speak of and then of course of my dear friend Margie. 
Then I began thinking of walking down memory lane.  Oh how wonderful that is.  To remember our childhood.  Remembering games and toys, friends and family.  Some still here some are gone.  Remembering songs that I have connected to specific people or places or special moments.  The one thing I keep close to my heart is "When you trim your Christmas Tree"  I remember my grandparents.  I remember coming home on the last day of school and my granfather was waiting with the fresh evergreen to decorate in the living room.  My grandmother would be popping corn to string, hot chocolate smells wafting though the air.  The bubble lights on the tree..the beautiful ornaments and of course the tinsel...one by one I would carefully place on the branches.  Ah....memories!  Then the song makes we think of myself older with my own children on the day we would call Memory Tree Decorating day.  That day I would cook a special meal...everyone had to be home and we wore Christmas hats with our names on it and played the Christmas music...good old Bing Crosby being my favorite.  I made popcorn for us to string (sometimes this was a  struggle to get the girls to do this) and then the hours of going through the ornamnets and all the memories attached to each one.  I would buy an ornament each year that represented something special in each of our lives that occurred that year.  There were ornaments as well from our loved ones that had past.  We would share the memories.  What a wonderful day that was.  Wow...how I miss both of those times.  But at least no-one can ever take them away from me. 
The other song that triggers memories is the one that sings "Somewhere out there".  Each time I hear that song I think about a daughter who has left.  Even though there is no communication...I still know that we are still underneath the same bright star and I feel comfort in that.  Somehow...we are still connected.  And then I think of the daughter and the children that live out of state and the song comforts me there as well.  I think with both, of all the memories and times spent. 
The other night "Karate Kid" was on and that movie triggered a memory.  I remembered taking my daughters and their friends to Wauconda Beach for the day and it started to rain.  I covered the picnic table with a table cloth and we sat underneath it, hoping that it would stop raining.  Needless to say, it did not.  So we packed up and went to the movies.  Of course we saw "Karate Kid".  In fact we saw it twice that day!  It was such a nice memory. 
God placed in our hearts this special gadget that allows us to recapture moments in time.  I am so grateful for this gift.  It allows those who have past or left our lives to still be there.  It allows pleasures to be resparked.  Hurts that resurface and allow us to review so that we may find a way to heal them.  MEMORIES...a gift that keeps on giving.
Share with me your memories.
Quote for the day:
Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things. ~Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal

Worldly Word 17

Well, hello, I am back once again.  Treated myself to a pedicure and manicure.  What a wonderful treat!  Well deserved.  I really needed to get some tender loving care on my feet.  Dancing and practicing dance....makes them little doggies want some love.   Wonder why they call they dogs?? Thought of what today's word should be and well...it is DANCE.  I started to think about my feet and dancing and thought that we just don't dance with our feet.  We dance in our hearts, in our mind, thoughts and ideas..  We dance as children just because we are happy.  We dance because we are loved..we dance at our weddings and parties.  It is such an expression of love and joy.  I can close my mind and listen to the music and see a lyrical movement floating across my mind.  Pure elegance.  Today I find that too many people are worried about the way they look or how well they can do something.  Many may love to swim, but won't put on a bathing suit because of the way they look, others won't dance because what would someone say??  Really??? Who cares!!  Dance like no one is watching!  Love what you do and then you love yourself more.  My dream has always been to dance.  At my age, one might not think trying to do competition dancing, and who knows, maybe the time isn't right, but at least i can say I tried.  At least i can do my best and give it my all.  And who knows...It may be the BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT  ever!!  NO...wait....TRYING is the biggest accomplishment.  No dream should ever be too big to tackle.  The worst that could happen is....you don't get the Award...but at least you earned the lesson.  Children dance when they walk and play without even knowing then are doing it.  Oh to be able to keep that innocence.  To be able to move in joy. 
Quote for the day:
You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. ~Author Unknownr .

Worlldly Word 16

Goodness...yesterday seemed to have gotten away from me...so today I blog twice.  It was a traveling kind of day...Dance lessons, run to Wisconsin, search for a lamp...couple of furniture stores and a Hobby Lobby and Dinner and then finally home.  Exhaustion could be the word.  But todays word spoke to me while I was enjoying dinner.  The word for the day is CRYSTAL. 
Crystal has a couple of meanings...one could be that I own cystal glasses.  We don't ever say "put out the glasses on the table" for a fine dinner.  We say "set out the CRYSTAL". 
We say that something is CRYSTAL clear to us.  Pretty indicative that there is a clear understand of something...although when I look at a crystal is seems so much more than clear...it shimmers, glimmers and shines.  It can be refractive.  It is often times cut and angled, as well as chiseled.  Multi-faceted as well.   Perhaps we should think of the Swarowski cyrstal.  Now that's Sparke!   Although if someone defined you as "CRYSTAL clear"  It wouldn't really be defining you as a spakling person, now would it? 
Did you ever hear a crystal bowl being played?  The sound is amazing.  It is really something everyone should make a conscious effort to try to hear.  We know that something is fake or crystal just by the ping of a finger on a glass. Just imagine the music encased in a bowl. 
Well it is CRYSTAL clear to me this morning that not everything is always as it seems. 
Quote for the day:
"In the hour of adversity be not without hope For crystal rain falls from black clouds."

Worldly Word Day 15

Holy cow...day 15....that means we are half way through the month.  My goodness.  I will need to start putting the list together of all the words used to be able to write a story.  I am really looking forward to this.  I hope that everyone out there is keeping warm...that is if you live in my neck of the woods.  It seems that Father Frost has blown us a cool one...although we midwesterners are used to much more blistery weather. 
I  am going to a get together at a frineds home today and we are celebrating a Norwegian Luncheon.  How fun will that be?  I will need to make my cake yet this morning to take, although ther recipe is rather easy. 
Last night I read one of my dear friends facebook message and he was inspiring.  He was upbeat and joyful it just made we feel the same.  Isn't it amazing how some people can have that effect on us.  So with that thought in mind, I thought that today's word could be CONTAGIOUS. 
What a word!  Spreading, effecting another person.  Think about how that word effects you on a day to day basis.  How do you react when you are in a sistuation when everything is negative?  How differntly do you react when you are surrounded by positivity?  We take on the vibrations of what surrounds us.  We make choices by the circumstances or that mood in a room.  Can we cahnge that?  Of course we can.  We can be the Contagious factor upon entering.  Did you ever notice when you walk into an area and pass people who are either scowling or just randomly walking around like robots...with really no expressions whatsoever on their faces?  And did you smile when you looked at them?  Did you notice a change?  Did they look surprised?  Did they smile back?  It;s like a ball that rolls.  If the ball rolls towards someone, they will either try to stop it or return it.  If the ball rolls away from they...do they run after it or just let it go?  It is the same with how we react with people....Isn't it nicer to have it roll their way...or for that matter...roll your way?  If you bounce a ball...does it not go up a down?  Of course it does..but it needs someone else to keep it bouncing.  Whether that be you or someone else.  If it is left to bounce and no one adds to the bounce...it just eventually stops.  It is the same with anything that you may want to be CONTAGIOUS!  It has to keep bouncing around. 
Also, CONTAGIOUS doesn't mean just CONTAGIOUS to others. We can also be CONTATGIOUS to ourselves.  Just like with a disease...If you have a contagious disease like Shingles and touch yourselves somewhere else than the infected area...you can transfer it.  That is the same with our moods.   We need to look to the positive side and buiild on it.  Keep reinfecting ourselves with it.  When I think about my childhood, I can remember so many things were CONTAGIOUS.  When I think of smells....like homemade bread and cooking jelly on the stove.  I wanted it!  And when I had a slice of that bread with Grandma's amazing jelly...I wanted even more.  When I went to Kiddieland or Santa's Village...I never wanted to leave.  It was just all so CONTAGIOUS.  I remember going on the Tilt a Whirl, and never wanting to get off...After that first spin...I just wanted it to go around more and more, faster and faster.  When my frineds would come over to play...I never wanted them to leave.  That joy and excitement and fun was just amazing and I didn't want to lose it.  I don't think that something like that stops.  I get the same way when I begin to research something for a story I am going to perform.  The more I find, the more I want to learn, the more I want to search...It becomes contagious to me.  So when I ask my readers to share with me...come on...make a comment, get started! Feel the excitement...get those juices flowing.  Partake.  You never know where that spark may lead.  I hope that this CONTAGIOUS story has inspired someone to share.  It doesn't matter...a comment on anything can become CONTAGIOUS...it just takes someone to dare!  I hope that you think about things or people who have been contagious in your life and share it. 
Quote for the day:
Enthusiasm is contagious..and so is the lack of it.

Worldly Word Day 14

Good morning on this cold and icy day.  At least that is the way it is here in the Chicago area.   I met a woman yesterday who shared with me a charming story, that i have asked permission to share.  While we were speaking, I noticed that she was wering a Hershey's Kiss Necklace on.  I asked about the necklace and she shared this story with me.  She said that she is know for her kisses.  She began this tradition with all of her nieces and nephews when they were just small tots.  She would grab their face and cheeks and smother them with kisses...As the children grew they all had the secret word...it was Hershey;s kisses and that would be all that was needed for her to go into action.  Even as the children grew into teenagers and then into adults, the tradition continued.  She told me that when they grew and got married, she would deliver at the wedding a Champagnge kiss toast.  She would purchase a hug, oversized kiss champagne glass and will it full of kisses...with the bride and grooms name on stickers on the bottoms to present the toast with so that they would have a life filled with love and kisses.  How SWEET!!  Excuse the pun!  She has gotten all kinds of gifts and ornaments through the years from her sweet loved ones.  She told me that she has a Christmas tree that is just filled with Kisses from her loved ones.  She is working on collecting and getting together everything she can to redecorate her kitchen into a Kiss Kitchen.  Filled will love. I think that the word KISS should be today's word., don't you.  I think that this story was such an inspiration of how something like a kiss...big or small can leave such an impression.  Know one ever forgets their first kiss!  When was yours?  Where was it done?  With whom?  Do you remember a mom's kiss on your forhead when you were ill?  How about the first kiss your child willingly gave you?  How about that kiss for no reason at all?  how about that final kiss goodbye to someone?  How about wishing for a kiss that you know you can no longer get? KISS...a memorable moment that lasts in our minds and hearts forever.  A seal..a bond. Sealed with a kiss!    Of couse their are other connotations for a kiss.  LIKE...KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!..somehow I like the previous one better.  Go back and think about how special those kisses are and pay it forward.  Kiss someone today just because you care.  And maybe then, ask them to pay it forward. Valentine's Day is coming...think of clever ways to incorporate those kisses.  Think about ways of spreading a memory with a simple little kiss. Catch my kisses to you all. 
 Here is th quote for the day;
Give me a kiss, and to that kiss a score;
Then to that twenty, adde a hundred more;
A thousand to that hundred; so kiss on,
To make that thousand up a million;
Treble that million, and when that is done,
Let's kiss afresh, as when we first begun.
~Robert Herrick, "To Anthea (III)"

Worldly Word Day 13

Hello today....are you up and raring to go! I apologize for missing yesterday.  It was a long day which began at 5AM.   I performed at The United Methodist Church in Arlington Heights, Il.  They celebrated their 175th Anniversary.  It was a magnificent day!  They had a wonderful turnout and they were beautifully organized.  Their service was focused on the pioneer movement and changes that have occured in the past 175 years.  The Bishop came in and gave a wonderfully inspiring message about how we all have a congregation....each of us in whatever area we choose.  They are the people that we work, play or mingle with.  Interesting concept.  The alter was set as it the pioneers were traveling.  The music was outstanding.  They had those of us who were performing later in 1800's clothing in the procession at the beginning of the servie.  Truly a lovely experience.  After the service they had each of the hired performers go to a specific room and then people travelled in tracks to the rooms to hear the different programs planned.  My program was on Woman Inventors from the 1800's and the struggles of women duing those times.  My room was always packed with people and it was so rewarding to see the faces of so many...and especially rewarding to know that when they left they left with information that was so new and interesting to them.  I had 3 tracks come through for the 20 min. allotted time each and there were so many wonderful questions afterwards about the program.  It sparked so much in so many.  It even brought tears to some.  In a sense, I have the opportunity to bring to life the many woman who either are not even known of, or the works and accomplishments that were acheived through our ancestors.  I hope that if you are reading this blog you are now questioning what accomplishments?  Women who invented in the 1800's, wasing machines, ice cream machines, zig zag on a sewing machine, smoke stacks, a desk with a murphy bed inside, fire escapes, solar home....yes you heard me right!  The list just goes on and on.  And then the remarkable, dedicated, strong women, both black and white that advanced this country.  Women that fought in war....as far back as the Revoloutionary war and Civil War.  Both men and women alike were amazed and astounded.  Pioneers...from the past to the present, we are forever changing and growing.  And as we grow and as we change...we must not forget those that came and changed before us.  If you were wondering what today's word is...it is CHANGE. 
We change almost daily...don't we?  We have changed from our parents, from our grandparents!  Generations that have follwed us have changed and will continue to do so...won't they? 
And of course there is the word CHANGE concerning money.  Why do they use that word?  Maybe because each piece of change is different.  In size, shape, color, value.  Just as we as humans are.   We receive change when we pay for something.  When we pay our dues in life and work at it....do not things CHANGE as well. 
We change our clothes, our homes, our jobs, our futures, our lives, our thoughts, dreams and expectations.  We are continuously making changes, and hopefully for the better.  Just as the pioneers did before us and as we will do for generations to come. 
This brings to mind the quote for the day:

Worldly Word Day 12

I cannot believe that it is already Day 12....it feels like we just rang in the new year. 
I am sitting here with thoughts rolling through my head this morning.  Yesterday's storytelling meeting went well.  We discussed many new ideas.  Heard some very good stories.  Enjoyed the company and considered it a good accomplishment.  We discussed the possibility of doing a ghost story night.  We are vascilating on whether to do it indoors or out.  We need to get some details figured out...but we may lean to ahistoric ghost story walk.  Jury is still out on this one.  I have a place in which I beleieve would be a great investigation area.  I alreaady started my research on it and will keep building the folder until I feel I have enough to go with. I am happily and excitedly awaiting the outcome.
I was wondering what my word for the day should be and have decided on UMBRELLA. 
Seems like a good word.  I became thinking about all the different types of umbrella's there are in the world. Well, my goodness, there are tons of them, from colors to pastel, from florals to stripes, Large to small, see through, designer, art inspired!  There are Beach umbrellas, Paper Umbrellas.  Drink Umbrellas. Not to forget insurance umbrellas. 
I recently went to Drury Lane to see Singing in the Rain.  What a wonderful production.  They did an amazing job of producing a stageful of rain.  They used a slanted stage where they had a curb at the fron of the stage.  As the water poured down it just drained frontward and hit the curb where there was I imagine, a hole to recyle to water back.  They stopped at that point for intermission so that the clean up crew could mop and squeegee the stage so that the performance could continue.  How clever.  The ending was a repeat of the rain scene, only this time it was with the whole cast and their umbrellas twirling away.  The underside of each ere made in differnt colors....it was magnificent.  I have thought about umbrellas since that day.  It made me remember an incident when I was young.  You see, I was about 6-7 years old.  I used to get to go to my Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Al's house for a weekend once in a while.  They had a small place...mostly because my uncle owned a tv and radio repair shop and they used the front half of the house for the repair shop.  Well, I used to get to earn money by working for my uncle.  He would pay me a penny for every TV or Radio bulb that I would dust for him...and subtract for any broken.  In those days the bulbs were big..sometimes 4-5 inches long.  I would put on an apron smock and with my trusty little rag walk around the shop and dust.  I kept track of the number of how many I dusted and when I was done (which meant when I was tired)m he would just ask me how much he owed me?  I would tell him the amount...funny, he never questioned what I told him..although...funny, I would have never dreamed of embellishing the number.  He would reach into his pocket and pull out the pennies and have me double count them to make sure he was right....hahaha...I was just getting a math lesson without ever knowing it!  
When I was finished I would get to go to the back of the house where my Aunt would be waiting for me to make cookies.  OOOhh....how I loved her cookies..Chocolate Chips!  At home Grandma usually made Peanut Butter.  Anyway, she said that she was a little behind in her work and needed to finish the laundry.  I told her I could help her.  We went to the laundry sind and started scrubbing the clothes against the scrub board, rinsced and wrung them out.  It didn't take very long.  When finished, it was time to hang them outside to dry.  We carried the basket out to the yard where there was a clothing line that started by the door and stretched across the line to a pole where the line was wrapped around the hook and then back to the house.  My  Aunt did the larger pieces and I got to do the towels and smaller pieces.  My aunt provided me with a short step stool so that I could reach the line.  Up and down, snap and clip.  Along we went until all was hung.  Then we went in the house to start the baking.  I was sooo excited as we took out all the containers of ingrediens needed and placed it on the table.  We put on our baking aprons.  Mine was my aunts short one typed up under my armpits.  I stood on a stool to help.  We started to measure and pour the ingredients into the bowl when suddenly my Aunt had such a look of horror on her face, followed by the startement..."OOOh NOOOO!!"  I looked up and asked what was wrong?  She was horrified....it was raining outside and now all the clothes were getting wet!  I myself, was not sure of the problem. After all they were wet to begin with.  I knew though that she must not be remembering that because she proceeded to tell me we had to hurry out and take down all the clothes!  All I could think was...."we are never going to have enough time then to finish making our cookies before I had to go home."  I assured her that I could take  care of everything so she could continue making the cookies.  She had a look of surprise on her face, yet she nodded yes.   When I returned about 5 minutes later...she had quite the surprised look on her face and questioned how I got it all done so quickly.  I just grinned from ear to ear as I took her hand in mine and dragged her to the door to see.  I was surprised when she started to laugh!  You see...in my little mind I had fixed the problem.  I went and took all her umbrellas from her umbrella stand and covered all the laundry with them.  My Aunt just bent over and gave me a big hug and told me how much she loved my way of thinking.  We then continued to make those cookies so I had some to take home.  I loved my Aunt.  And even more so after I grew up and remembered that story. 
Umbrella's are a gift, in more ways than one.  Enjoy your day.  Comments always welcome. 

Worldly Word 11

Good morning to all.  What an unbelievably warm day it is here in the Chicagoland area.  It is in the upper 50's. It is wet out, making it gloomy, but the warmth of day is just something to be greatful for.  I just got home from a run to the grocery store, unpacked and am awaiting members for a storytelling guild meeting.  I always look forward to hearing the new works in progress.  So fun to be together with kindred spirits.  I love that we are a smaller group.  This gives way to more work on our stories.    I am hoping to discuss the possibilties today of where to look for a location to do this year;s Tellebration. 
If you are not aware of what a Tellebration is, let me explain.  It is where storytellers around the world tell stories the same week of the year.  This is usually a free performance, sometimes attendees are asked for donations for a cause.  I am also hoping to discuss a special Ghost Story Performance put on by our Guild. 
I was thinking this morning about what today's word might be.  I have decided on MEDICINE. 
This is a word of the past and present, and somewhat continues on the topic of yesterday's word recycle. 
Medicine....what exactly does it do?  Are most medicine's a cover up for the present health issue?  Is it really worth all the side effects that are associated with it?  And the cost?  My goodness, it is mind boggling as to what medine costs!  My big question is really why? 
I happen to have one of the smartest bodies on earth!  Although it is not intelligent enough to not have any problems...it is smart enough to know immediately when something is not right for me.  If only doctors paid more attention to what the patients are saying than what the "official" pharmacudical companies say...we might be able to work better together. 
We in the modern world think that a pill is the answer to everything....at least the doctors may have convinced us that it is.  I remember that as a child, there weren't  the medicine's that there are today.  What was used was more on the holistic line.  The old medicine man remedies so to speak.  I know that if you had a stomach ache...you got one of 2 things....you got some drops of "Lemke Drops" or an emmema.  For those of you who have never heard of "Lemke Drops" I will explain. I still hung on to an old old bottle my grandma used.  It was nothing but  herbs.  We don't find these sort of medicine walking in a drug store these days, but if you went to an Amish area and went to their stores, you would find remedies like this.  If you were vomitting, someone in your family ran down to the drug store when the soda fountain was and got some pure coke syrup.  That stuff worked like magic.  When you got a sore throat...as much as we waited until we really couldn't take it any longer....Grandma would roll up a piece of paper and blow some Alum down our throat and make us drink some black coffee immediately after.  Within a very short time the throat started feeling better...but I must be honest...it was horrible to taste.  There was Castor oil to mak y just over all feel better,  Food without presevatives.  You went to the store daily for fresh foods.  No prepacked dinners back then that were laced way over the top with sodium.   There seemed to be something that you could use without running to the doctors every other day.  And to tell you the truth...back when I was a child...the doctor made a house call.  Boy have things changed.  Medicine was eating healthy.  Every color on my plate was the way my Grandma viewed it.  Has technology changed our medical field.  Of course it has...but to what costs?  And talk about recycling an idea.  Interesting that all of a sudden in the 90's everyone starting on this organic, natural, herbal trend.  Some new approach....REALLY?
Naturpathic Medicine, Holistic, Reiki, Refelexology, Iridology, Tongue Readings, Face Readings?  Well, isn't that what the doctors did way back when?  Remember "stick out your tongue?  Let;s have a look at you eyes?  When was the last time your current physician asked you those questions?   Medicine.  A way of looking out for yourself.  Getting to know when your body is speaking to you and learning to listen to it.  Eating healty?  Like that's a big new idea!  Remember the saying "You're a glutten for punishment"  Think about why or where that came from?  Statements like "an apple a day will keep the dr. away"  Not a pain pill or injection.  I am not advocating that one should not see a doctor, but that we should begin to put medicine in our own hands.  Start with your basic everday steps.  Eat healty, smart. Relax, exercise.  Everyone is in such a hurry and going no-where.  Quotes for the day.
Medicine heals doubts as well as diseases.
The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.
There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow
A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Poisons and medicine are oftentimes the same substance given with different intents
Peter Mere Latham
The best of all medicines is resting and fasting
Half of the modern drugs could well be thrown out of the window, except that the birds might eat them.
Dr. Martin Henry Fischer
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