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Happy New Year Day 1

Happy New Year to all!!  Today is the first day of a brand new year.  For some this may be a happy beginning..and for others, perhaps a sad ending. 
In My last blog, I commented about my new word in leui of a resolution.  The more I comtemplated this It brought back memories of when I was helping to raise my eldest granddaughter.  Once a week I choose a letter of the alphabet to work on for the week.  I would use crafts, writings, stories, etc., to enhance the letter.  We would come up with words that began with the letter and did our projects around them.  The more I thought about it and the idea of chooseing a word for my year, I thought that perhaps there would be a change made to my blog.  I "BELIEVE" we could have some fun discovering other words together.  As a storyteller, it is my job to work with words all day long.  Whether I am performing, reading or writing, words are a huge part of my life.  I have many discussions over words and their uses and believe that sometimes some words just go right over our heads without any thoughts.  So for this year, I have decided to blog a word a day and give some activities to the word.  I would absolutely love to hear from you with your thoughts on the words or activities connected to them as well. 
So on this the first of January, my word is "REFLECTIVE".  Pretty appropriate I thought.  This word has many ways in which to look at it. 
First:  To be reflective about the past year.  What was your 2012 like?  Was is good, bad or indifferent?  Was there something you would or would not change?  Are their people or persons that you are happy or unhappy about that were part of that year?  And why?  Could you have done something to have changed the year?  Would the changes have been significant?
Second:  The reflection of yourself.  Take a step to a mirror and take a good look.  What do you see in the reflection?  Are you happy with what you see?  Is there something you would change?  How are your eyes?  Are they sparkling? Dull?  Can you see clearly?  Do you need to have you eyes examined?  Are you seeing you as others see you?  How about your skin?  Is it oily or dry?  Can you do anything to change that?  Do you want to?  What about your hair?  Like the color? Cut/style?  Can you see who you really are?  Are you saying "Is that my mother/father?"  "When did I get older?"  Wonder what I will look like in ten years?  Is what reflects on the outside reflect what is on the inside?  Are their wrinkle lines? Frown or smile lines? What put them there and is there anything you can do to change it...and would you want to?
Third: How about some reflection on what you want in life. Was there anything you always wanted to do and haven't?  Play an instrument?  Go to a special vacation spot?  Learn a hobby? Help someone in need?  Say I am sorry?  Funny thing about a reflection.  There are 2 sides to it.  To make it real you have to do something about it.  Choose something this year that you have always wanted or thought about doing and do it.  Remember baby steps.  One day at a time is a good motto.  Just remember to "Believe" in yourself.  I "Believe" there is nothing not worth accomplishing. 
Fourth  Reflection on WHO you really are.  Have you become the person you always thought you would be?  Are you the reflection of someone you know?  Have you done something in someones life that has caused them to be a reflection of you or your actions?  If you have read my previous blog about the story of the farmer...you will understand the meaning of becoming the shape of what surrounds you.  If you haven't read it...time to perhaps go and do that now.
FINALLY: Take a reflection on your past.  It can often reflect what your future will be.  What time, place, person or thing in your life made a BIG significance.  Was there something heard or said that really changed your life? 
With the new year on it's way...perhaps this would be a time to take a journey with me with words...a time to journal.  Write down your words and reflect on them. 
At the end of each month I will review the words and put together some thoughts and a story about them..  Stories are all around us.  Stories are within us.  Stories are meant to be shared. Stories are a REFLECTION of ones life.  Share your comments and thoughts with me and my readers,  May you have a wonderful and reflective New Year!
Here is a quote on Reflection I thought you might enjoy. 
William M. Thackeray
The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face.

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