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Wordy world day2

Good morning.  I hope your first day of the new year all went well.  I had an amazing day of reflection.  I looked back into what the reasons would be as to why I am who I am and what directions I am going in.  Reviewed the years and have journaled it for the future.  I hope that the last blog had encourage you in the same manner.
As I looked at a couple of comments, I remembered one of my bloggers asking to make up a story about some characters new years resolutions.  Like the Easter Bunney for example.  Interesting concept!  Thinking about how I can put that together.  Perhaps the Word Blog may help to do that. 
So as I move on today.  I have a dance lesson, and will visit the senior center to view my new art room for teaching.  I am very excited at the prospect of teaching art to the Alzheimer residents.  I have gone over many different projects that would be helpful in encouraging their artistic skills and brain activity as well.  I have been gathering and studying the effects of art for alzheimers and really am excited with the thought of perhaps inspiring them.  Even if only one person is inspired, and even if it is short lived, I will feel that my job was rewarding.  We always tend to set large goals and then don't consider the small steps that we make in life.  It is every step that we take that can make a difference. Just stopping to think about how excited we all get when a baby takes their first step.  Sometimes they will fall immediately after...but we KNOW that it is the start of a new beginning.  That is what we need to treasure each day.  That first step.  I love that first step in the morning when I wake up....means I have another chance at SOMETHING!  I may look like a penquin walking those first steps, but they are there none the less. 
Now onto Day 2's word.  I thought over how my approach would be.  Do I choose words for the month that are calculated?  Do I make it easy and co-hesive so that writing the story at the end of each month would be simpler?  I decided that they would just be random words...then I would face a challenge.  Hope that works out well in the stories to come. 
Therefore todays word is BALANCE.  What a word!  It came to me because of dancing.  I need to be balanced in the way that I walk, move & dance.  It makes for a beautiful presentation.  To walk across a floor with balance is like floating.  Imagine for just a moment that picture.  A woman/man/child walking with the head up and looking forward, feet in alignment, poised, graceful, chest up, shoulders back.  It would give you the feeling and presance of royalty.  Then imagine someone who's head is down, shoulders and back slouched, feet swaying from side to side, arms going every which way.  Gives the feeling of a person who may be depressed, discouraged, unstable, unhappy.
Then Lets look at the word from the stand point of balancing our lives.   Are you living a balanced life or are you trying to balace your life?  Is there just enough on your plate or is your plate way too full?  How does that make you feel?  Does it allow you enough time to enoy the things in life you work so hard to have?  There is a great story about how much we can add to our lives and make it work.  Imagine that you have a mason jar.  You have some small rocks and assign each rock something that you HAVE to do in life.  They might be go to work, Clean the house, Make dinner, Take care of children, Brush your teeth, ect.  Things that absolutely must be done.  Well put those rocks into the jar until the jar is full.  Can you put anymore in?  Your first answer would more than likely be no.  But if you had a bunch of little timy pebbles.  And each pebble could be something fun that you want to do.  Maybe watch a special show on TV.  Perhaps read a page or two in a book.  Maybe you want to look up some things on the computer.  You could still add that into the jar,, because they are much smaller and will slide along side of the rocks.  Well after you have added the pebbles...is there any more room left in that jar?  Well, I am supposing that your answer is no....but what if you had some sand....and you assigned some pleasure things to the grains of sand.  Things like: have that cookie you have been looking at, Maybe you will eat that piece of cake or candy.  After those little grains of sand are slowly poured in between the rocks and pebbles you would imagine that there isn't any more room left in that jar?  Surely by now you will imagine that it is full!  But now imagine some really extra special things: like going to the beach, perhaps a vactions.  Maybe a picnic?  Boy wouldn't you love to do those things?  But there isn't any room left in the jar...RIGHT?  But could you pour some water into the jar?  Of course you can.  So imagine that those pleasure moments were the water.  Now your jar is full and nothing else can happen.  The reason it all fit was because it was all BALANCED.  If you first put in the water and then started the process in reverse...we all know that it won't happen and we would have a mess on our hands.  All because we didn't know how to BALANCE it. So figuring out the rocks first is an important step.  Do you have BALANCE in your life?  Do you know how to Balance your day? What changes could or should you make?
Other things that we need to Balance is our checkbooks, saving, money in general.  What happens when we don't know the BALANCE there?  We could be in BIG trouble, right? 
How about a BALANCED meal?  What happens when that it not Balanced?  How about the hormones in our bodies?  We all have seen what would happen there medically when they aren't balanced.  Both in our bodies and in our minds.  Life is all about the Yin and the Yang. The Black and the White. 
I am looking today at the BALANCE BEAM called life.  I will work on learning how to stay on and not fall off.  My wish for you is the same.  Please share your thoughts with me.  Always looking for another avenue of thought.  May your day be steady & Balanced.  have a great day.

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