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Worldly Word Day 3

Well, hello all my friends.  Day 3 already?  Stepping into the new year is sure going by quickly.  I had an exciting day yesterday.  Many things on my agenda, with meeting with the Sunrise Senior Living  AD.  We planned out my plan of action for Art classes there.  I am excited about the opportunity to encourage and excite the residents.  I have studied up on the effects of art with Alzheimer residents and am hoping to instill some confidence in them.  We never know where an opportunity to share will arrive. 
I was thinking today about what todays word would be.  I came up with the word "cold". I was out and about today and the dampness just made the temperatures feel so cold!  Colder than I think the actual temperature was.  When I think about cold there are so many ways to approach that word. 
A person can be cold.  Distant, removed.  They can have a cold fascade.  Their emotions could be as "cold as ice".  There is also the physical cold.  The temperature, the feel,  Sometime we can feel cold when it has nothing to do with the outer temperature, but our inner temperature...ex. a fever can make us COLD!
And then there is an actual Cold.  An illness.  I wonder why they call it cold since oftentimes it is accompanied by a fever.  To get rid of a cold, you have to do more than take off a sweater or coat, which is the opposite of putting one on when you are physically cold.
It brings to mind a quote " cold hands, warm heart"? Sort of an oxymoron since cold hands stems from poor circulation which begins in the heart.  When I was younger and I would get cold...I would drink a couple of cups of hot coffe to warm up.  Problem was, it never really worked.  I was one day told by a chiropracter that drinking coffee, warm or not, causes  a lessening of blood flow.   Lunch meats are called COLD cuts.  But when and why did they begin calling them that?
What determines cold?  When it is November and it is 60 degrees out, we consider it cold.  When it is April and it is a 60 degree day we say we are having a heat wave.
As I move foreard with my word for the day...I am able to understand how some find the English language to be confusing.  Makes me appreciate Gallager's Word spelling skit all the more.  For those who have no idea who don't know who Gallager is....take time to search his routines out.  It was hilarious. 
Well, May your evening be filled with questions..and maybe some answers.  Feel free to send feedback or your comments.  Have a wonderful eve.

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