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Worldly Word Day 5

As I sit and look out my window, I am innamoured with the site of large white snowflakes falling from the heavens.  It looks so beautiful, soft, and white!  I am sure that my opinion of it won't at all be the same when I have to go out to shovel it.  Amazing how our attitudes change about things as we get older.  Snow when we were young was an amazing wonder.  Time to pull out the sleds, build a snowman, make some snowangels, have a snow ball fight.  It meant coming in for a cup of hot chocolate.  We could be out there for hours.  What ultimate joy...and it might even give us a day off of school if there was enough of it.  I remember being in 6th grade and the BIG one hit Chicago.  Eveything closed down.  I remember walking home from school in it carrying all my books and my pencil case, and the pencil case got lost and I trudged back through my path to find it.  I did...thank goodness it was red!   I know that in todays world a child would probably not go back to look for it.  We have become such a :REPLACEABLE: world now a days.  It would be easier to just go buy some more, but that was not the case when I was growing up! 
And as we all age, the snow becomes a pretty site.  Something we want to take pictures of.  Capture it on film.  The glistening of the nights moonlight on the newly fallen snow.  And then we become the older generation and it becomes the Danger zone contributer.  Is there ice underneath?  Could it give me a heartattack if I shovel?  OOOOHHHH the bones hurt.  What if I fall? Florida sounds good about now...at least for some of us that are in our Golden Years. 
My how things change....and so do words.  If you read yesterdays blog you would have seen how humerous the new connotations words have for us can be. 
Today's new word is ART. I think that is an amazing word.  It incompasses so much.  What is considered ART.  Painting, musical, drama, photography, cooking, sewing, quiting???? The list can go on and on.  What determines good art from bad art?  Are there guidelines to what is good, bad or indifferent?  Is art genetic or learned? Can it be spontanius, soulful? Does it inspire? Can it change your mood?  What is Art therapy and why do we have or need such a thing?  What does a color say about oneself?  What does particular type of music say about oneself as well?  Photography...better black and white or color or even sephia?  How early in life do we learn or are exposed to art?  Does it change anything about who or what we are?  How does doing art make you feel?  What is your favorite form of art and why?  If you could share an artform...what would it be?  Does everyone in the world work with art in some sort of way?  When I think back, I remember my grandfather Joe paying me to color.  Yes, that is right...he paid me!  I got an entire nickel for each coloring book I finished coloring.  Was he encouraging me to use color? Perhaps to become neat and draw in the lines?  Maybe he was teaching me how to finish something that I started.  Maybe he was fostering my creative abilities.  Maybe he just wanted me out of his hair for a while...although he was pretty bald on the top of his head!
When I think of my childhood, I think of crayons, finger paints, chalk, paint by number sets.  Yarns and crochet hooks, potholder makers, looms.  Brownie box camera's, photo album books with the little triangled corners to place the pictues in.  Stories around the dinner table or on the front porch.  Music from the radios, music boxes, phonographs.  There was art in dance, skating,
What art were you exposed to as a child?  how young were you that you can remember?  And does it play any part in who you are today and why and how?  Can;t wait to hear back from you all. 
Have a SNOWWonderful Day. . 

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