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Worldly Word Day 12

I cannot believe that it is already Day 12....it feels like we just rang in the new year. 
I am sitting here with thoughts rolling through my head this morning.  Yesterday's storytelling meeting went well.  We discussed many new ideas.  Heard some very good stories.  Enjoyed the company and considered it a good accomplishment.  We discussed the possibility of doing a ghost story night.  We are vascilating on whether to do it indoors or out.  We need to get some details figured out...but we may lean to ahistoric ghost story walk.  Jury is still out on this one.  I have a place in which I beleieve would be a great investigation area.  I alreaady started my research on it and will keep building the folder until I feel I have enough to go with. I am happily and excitedly awaiting the outcome.
I was wondering what my word for the day should be and have decided on UMBRELLA. 
Seems like a good word.  I became thinking about all the different types of umbrella's there are in the world. Well, my goodness, there are tons of them, from colors to pastel, from florals to stripes, Large to small, see through, designer, art inspired!  There are Beach umbrellas, Paper Umbrellas.  Drink Umbrellas. Not to forget insurance umbrellas. 
I recently went to Drury Lane to see Singing in the Rain.  What a wonderful production.  They did an amazing job of producing a stageful of rain.  They used a slanted stage where they had a curb at the fron of the stage.  As the water poured down it just drained frontward and hit the curb where there was I imagine, a hole to recyle to water back.  They stopped at that point for intermission so that the clean up crew could mop and squeegee the stage so that the performance could continue.  How clever.  The ending was a repeat of the rain scene, only this time it was with the whole cast and their umbrellas twirling away.  The underside of each ere made in differnt colors....it was magnificent.  I have thought about umbrellas since that day.  It made me remember an incident when I was young.  You see, I was about 6-7 years old.  I used to get to go to my Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Al's house for a weekend once in a while.  They had a small place...mostly because my uncle owned a tv and radio repair shop and they used the front half of the house for the repair shop.  Well, I used to get to earn money by working for my uncle.  He would pay me a penny for every TV or Radio bulb that I would dust for him...and subtract for any broken.  In those days the bulbs were big..sometimes 4-5 inches long.  I would put on an apron smock and with my trusty little rag walk around the shop and dust.  I kept track of the number of how many I dusted and when I was done (which meant when I was tired)m he would just ask me how much he owed me?  I would tell him the amount...funny, he never questioned what I told him..although...funny, I would have never dreamed of embellishing the number.  He would reach into his pocket and pull out the pennies and have me double count them to make sure he was right....hahaha...I was just getting a math lesson without ever knowing it!  
When I was finished I would get to go to the back of the house where my Aunt would be waiting for me to make cookies.  OOOhh....how I loved her cookies..Chocolate Chips!  At home Grandma usually made Peanut Butter.  Anyway, she said that she was a little behind in her work and needed to finish the laundry.  I told her I could help her.  We went to the laundry sind and started scrubbing the clothes against the scrub board, rinsced and wrung them out.  It didn't take very long.  When finished, it was time to hang them outside to dry.  We carried the basket out to the yard where there was a clothing line that started by the door and stretched across the line to a pole where the line was wrapped around the hook and then back to the house.  My  Aunt did the larger pieces and I got to do the towels and smaller pieces.  My aunt provided me with a short step stool so that I could reach the line.  Up and down, snap and clip.  Along we went until all was hung.  Then we went in the house to start the baking.  I was sooo excited as we took out all the containers of ingrediens needed and placed it on the table.  We put on our baking aprons.  Mine was my aunts short one typed up under my armpits.  I stood on a stool to help.  We started to measure and pour the ingredients into the bowl when suddenly my Aunt had such a look of horror on her face, followed by the startement..."OOOh NOOOO!!"  I looked up and asked what was wrong?  She was horrified....it was raining outside and now all the clothes were getting wet!  I myself, was not sure of the problem. After all they were wet to begin with.  I knew though that she must not be remembering that because she proceeded to tell me we had to hurry out and take down all the clothes!  All I could think was...."we are never going to have enough time then to finish making our cookies before I had to go home."  I assured her that I could take  care of everything so she could continue making the cookies.  She had a look of surprise on her face, yet she nodded yes.   When I returned about 5 minutes later...she had quite the surprised look on her face and questioned how I got it all done so quickly.  I just grinned from ear to ear as I took her hand in mine and dragged her to the door to see.  I was surprised when she started to laugh!  You see...in my little mind I had fixed the problem.  I went and took all her umbrellas from her umbrella stand and covered all the laundry with them.  My Aunt just bent over and gave me a big hug and told me how much she loved my way of thinking.  We then continued to make those cookies so I had some to take home.  I loved my Aunt.  And even more so after I grew up and remembered that story. 
Umbrella's are a gift, in more ways than one.  Enjoy your day.  Comments always welcome. 

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