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Worldly Word Day 13

Hello today....are you up and raring to go! I apologize for missing yesterday.  It was a long day which began at 5AM.   I performed at The United Methodist Church in Arlington Heights, Il.  They celebrated their 175th Anniversary.  It was a magnificent day!  They had a wonderful turnout and they were beautifully organized.  Their service was focused on the pioneer movement and changes that have occured in the past 175 years.  The Bishop came in and gave a wonderfully inspiring message about how we all have a congregation....each of us in whatever area we choose.  They are the people that we work, play or mingle with.  Interesting concept.  The alter was set as it the pioneers were traveling.  The music was outstanding.  They had those of us who were performing later in 1800's clothing in the procession at the beginning of the servie.  Truly a lovely experience.  After the service they had each of the hired performers go to a specific room and then people travelled in tracks to the rooms to hear the different programs planned.  My program was on Woman Inventors from the 1800's and the struggles of women duing those times.  My room was always packed with people and it was so rewarding to see the faces of so many...and especially rewarding to know that when they left they left with information that was so new and interesting to them.  I had 3 tracks come through for the 20 min. allotted time each and there were so many wonderful questions afterwards about the program.  It sparked so much in so many.  It even brought tears to some.  In a sense, I have the opportunity to bring to life the many woman who either are not even known of, or the works and accomplishments that were acheived through our ancestors.  I hope that if you are reading this blog you are now questioning what accomplishments?  Women who invented in the 1800's, wasing machines, ice cream machines, zig zag on a sewing machine, smoke stacks, a desk with a murphy bed inside, fire escapes, solar home....yes you heard me right!  The list just goes on and on.  And then the remarkable, dedicated, strong women, both black and white that advanced this country.  Women that fought in war....as far back as the Revoloutionary war and Civil War.  Both men and women alike were amazed and astounded.  Pioneers...from the past to the present, we are forever changing and growing.  And as we grow and as we change...we must not forget those that came and changed before us.  If you were wondering what today's word is...it is CHANGE. 
We change almost daily...don't we?  We have changed from our parents, from our grandparents!  Generations that have follwed us have changed and will continue to do so...won't they? 
And of course there is the word CHANGE concerning money.  Why do they use that word?  Maybe because each piece of change is different.  In size, shape, color, value.  Just as we as humans are.   We receive change when we pay for something.  When we pay our dues in life and work at it....do not things CHANGE as well. 
We change our clothes, our homes, our jobs, our futures, our lives, our thoughts, dreams and expectations.  We are continuously making changes, and hopefully for the better.  Just as the pioneers did before us and as we will do for generations to come. 
This brings to mind the quote for the day:

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