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Worldly Word Day 15

Holy cow...day 15....that means we are half way through the month.  My goodness.  I will need to start putting the list together of all the words used to be able to write a story.  I am really looking forward to this.  I hope that everyone out there is keeping warm...that is if you live in my neck of the woods.  It seems that Father Frost has blown us a cool one...although we midwesterners are used to much more blistery weather. 
I  am going to a get together at a frineds home today and we are celebrating a Norwegian Luncheon.  How fun will that be?  I will need to make my cake yet this morning to take, although ther recipe is rather easy. 
Last night I read one of my dear friends facebook message and he was inspiring.  He was upbeat and joyful it just made we feel the same.  Isn't it amazing how some people can have that effect on us.  So with that thought in mind, I thought that today's word could be CONTAGIOUS. 
What a word!  Spreading, effecting another person.  Think about how that word effects you on a day to day basis.  How do you react when you are in a sistuation when everything is negative?  How differntly do you react when you are surrounded by positivity?  We take on the vibrations of what surrounds us.  We make choices by the circumstances or that mood in a room.  Can we cahnge that?  Of course we can.  We can be the Contagious factor upon entering.  Did you ever notice when you walk into an area and pass people who are either scowling or just randomly walking around like robots...with really no expressions whatsoever on their faces?  And did you smile when you looked at them?  Did you notice a change?  Did they look surprised?  Did they smile back?  It;s like a ball that rolls.  If the ball rolls towards someone, they will either try to stop it or return it.  If the ball rolls away from they...do they run after it or just let it go?  It is the same with how we react with people....Isn't it nicer to have it roll their way...or for that matter...roll your way?  If you bounce a ball...does it not go up a down?  Of course it does..but it needs someone else to keep it bouncing.  Whether that be you or someone else.  If it is left to bounce and no one adds to the bounce...it just eventually stops.  It is the same with anything that you may want to be CONTAGIOUS!  It has to keep bouncing around. 
Also, CONTAGIOUS doesn't mean just CONTAGIOUS to others. We can also be CONTATGIOUS to ourselves.  Just like with a disease...If you have a contagious disease like Shingles and touch yourselves somewhere else than the infected area...you can transfer it.  That is the same with our moods.   We need to look to the positive side and buiild on it.  Keep reinfecting ourselves with it.  When I think about my childhood, I can remember so many things were CONTAGIOUS.  When I think of smells....like homemade bread and cooking jelly on the stove.  I wanted it!  And when I had a slice of that bread with Grandma's amazing jelly...I wanted even more.  When I went to Kiddieland or Santa's Village...I never wanted to leave.  It was just all so CONTAGIOUS.  I remember going on the Tilt a Whirl, and never wanting to get off...After that first spin...I just wanted it to go around more and more, faster and faster.  When my frineds would come over to play...I never wanted them to leave.  That joy and excitement and fun was just amazing and I didn't want to lose it.  I don't think that something like that stops.  I get the same way when I begin to research something for a story I am going to perform.  The more I find, the more I want to learn, the more I want to search...It becomes contagious to me.  So when I ask my readers to share with me...come on...make a comment, get started! Feel the excitement...get those juices flowing.  Partake.  You never know where that spark may lead.  I hope that this CONTAGIOUS story has inspired someone to share.  It doesn't matter...a comment on anything can become CONTAGIOUS...it just takes someone to dare!  I hope that you think about things or people who have been contagious in your life and share it. 
Quote for the day:
Enthusiasm is contagious..and so is the lack of it.

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