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Worldly Word 21

Good morning....well another day is here and I welcome it.  I am hoping that those of you who are following the blog are enjoying it and I encourage you to join in and share with me some of your stories as well.  I am nearing the end of the month and looking forward to writing a story with this month's words.  A challenge this will be for sure, but I am always up for a challenge.  Actually each day is a challenge.  At least it is in my mind.  Achallenge to see what will get accomplished in that day.  Today I am performing wor the Sunrise Senior Alzheimer unit in Wilmette and have been asked to speak about Martin Luther King and Black history.  For those of you who know that Black History month is next month...don't get too aggitated...they just thought it a good opportunity to combine. 
Talk about a challenge.  Not finding the information to prepare a story, but so that it is relatable and interesting on a level for the residents.  I must say the challenge proved to be in my benefit.  I learned so many fantastic things.  I cannot wait to share.  So with all this going on in my life..I thought it appropriate that today's word would be CHALLENGE.  
To invoke, to spark, to explain, to justify, to explain, to call to battle. 
I think that this word is something that each and everyone of us meets upon the opening of our eyes, each and every day.  A challenge to change something or someone...even if that someone is ourselves.  It may be just getting out of bed in the morning.  Perhaps it is going to work or maybe looking for work.  Maybe it is school or studies, Perhaps what to make for dinner.  It might be an inner challenge.  To become a better person, to forgive someone, to accept something in our lives that came unexpectedly.  What challenge do you face?  What is there in your life that you may need to overcome?  What or who in your life challenges you the most?  Is it yourself?  Are your challenges the same each day or are they different?  Are they differnet today than they were when you were a child? 
Last week when I was at my dance lesson...my instructor told me that he would do everything in his power to not let me fall...but that was not a guarantee.  Now in my entire life...the one thing I am most afraid of was falling.  This stopped me in my tracks!  Fall...while dancing...the thought had never occurred to me that I could fall!  Now this was a challenge, because my gut reaction was (if I could fall...I don't think I want to do this)  But my challenging mind said (listen dummy..this is something you have wanted your entire life and everything comes with risks).  Needless to say...I am UP for the CHALLENGE...and I pray that the operative word here is UP..hahaha. 
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