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Wordly Word Day 28

Life is precious on a daily basis.  People come and go into our lives.  Sometimes they make an impact, somtimes they are just there to be part of it...or even so that we can be part of their lives.   It is interesting how different people make a difference.  They can sometimes impact our lives when they least expect it.  Without ever knowing.  But when you remember them and how they have impacted your life...they live on forever.  Very similar to a memory.  While being sick I watched a movie series called the Good Witch.  At the very end of one of the series, it becan to snow....it was a magical moment.  In that specific moment, I remembered a time in my life when it snowed and it was as though it was a sign.  The day my grandfather passed away.  I was 12 years old.  He was in the hospital and I was not allowed  to go there.  He was in the Cancer ward and children were not allowed, but my mother said that after lunch I was going to go with her to visit him. That morning I was in a big procession at church to celebrate our pastors 25 years.  It was a beautiful day,.  I came home and we ate lunch, and then did the dishes.  While drying the dishes the phone rang.  My mother rushed out of the house; without me.  About 10 minutes later...the phone rang again.  My Aunt was calling from the hospital and my grandfather had passed away.  I was so upset...I was supposed to see him...I loved him so much...he was my best friend!  He and my grandmother helped to raise me.  He did things for me that I will never forget.  Anyway, as I began to cry, I noticed that it had begun to snow.  This was April 23rd.  Snow????  I took it as a sign!  A nod from heaven that he was saying goodbye.  That our magic of friendship still existed.  We were still connected.  Today's word is SIGN....it is everywhere.  We have signs to help us see things, notice things, realize things.  A stop SIGN tells us to stop, a caution SIGN tells us to beware.  A SIGN of the cross tells us of our faith.  A SIGN from a loved one is always recognizable if we keep our senses open to it.  I always thought later about the day my grandfather passed on.  I later found out that it was Cervantes' Birthday.  He was the man that wrote Don Quiote.  I starred as the lead in that play.  What an impact.  The most memorable song was to Dream the Impossible Dream.  A man who fought all odds for the sake of good.  I like to think that in those moments of being on stage...it was a SIGN from Grandpa.  I had a dream of being an actress and he was sharing that with me.  Coincidence?  I would rather it be a SIGN!    So SIGN me up!  Let me put my mark on someone just like he did for me!  How about you?  Are you ready to SIGN up or receive the SIGN??
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