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Wordly Word Day 31

Good morning to the last day of January.  I cannot believe the day.  Finally here.  Why am I so excited?  Because today I get to use a months worth of words for a story.  But before I can move forward to write the story I must introduce the last word of the month.  With what I am doing, I thought it appropriate to use the word LAUGHTER as the word for the day.  LAUGHTER is good medicine they say.  i must admit you cannot be angry or sad or mad if your are laughing.  What is so funny?  Life alone can be funny.  The words from a child can sometimes be funny.  A situation can make you LAUGH.  Whether there is LAUGHTER on the outside or LAUGHTER on the inside.  It can take away pain.  Perhaps not for the long term, but atleast for the moment.  I just watched Steel Magnolias last night.  In the absolute worst, critical, heart wrenching moment, Laughter saved the day.   When the mother who just lost her daughter totally broke down in anger and heartbreak...and noone knew exactly what to do..a friend pushed another friend in front of the grieving mother and told her to slap her.  Hit hear hard...this was her one and only chance.  The poor woman who was the target was all upset...asked whether her friend was crazy.  They continued until the grieving mother just broke out in laughter...as did the rest of the friends.  She used the situation to lighten up the mood.  And it worked!  I know that when I get together with my red hat girlfriends, there is often times so much LAUGHTER that my face literally hurts. I guess that is why they used to call the stuff they used at the dentist office to numb the pain...LAUGHING gas!  I guess LAUGHTER does numb the pain, if even for the moment. 
I remember when my daughter was not feeling well and she asked her daughter to please get her some tums...my granddaughter preceeded to lift up her 2 thumbs and said "Here Mommy" ?  We are still LAUGHING just thinking about that!  How many times have you read a statement by a child and was willed with LAUGHTER.  Years back, there was a show with Art Linkletter who used to ask children questions and get their answers.  It was an evening filled with LAUGHTER.  Priceless!  Out of the mouths of babes!  Well I hope you have enjoyed this months word for the day.  I will be soon posting the story.  What a challenge that will be.  Have a wonderful day!
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