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February 2013

Worldly Word Day 19

I know that the missed days might be confusing everyone...so I apologize.  But I am trying to keep up with the words for the month.  So, as i am sitting here waiting for someone, I began to think about movies. They are so different than what I grew up with.  I question the necessity of what is done in movies.  With all the violence that goes on in the world.  Is it really necessary to have all the visuals that we have today?  That is todays word...VISUAL.  I understand from way back when, that VISUAL aides are very helpful for many in learning.  I use to teach through VISUAL aides to my daughter.  That was a much easier way for her to grasp something.  I know for many VISUAL is a great tool.  But really...do we need a Visual to see things that we can really imagine behind closed doors.  Come on people....we knew Rob and Laura from Dick Van Dyke had little Richie and they slept in separate beds with their pajamas on.  We understand when someone gets shot, that there will be blood..does it need to be a tankful?  Does anyone else think that when someone is in the shower and you can hear the water running that we aren't smart enough to know they are showering?  Seems to me that in a world where they say the generation is soooooo much more advanced than us older generations, that they would be able to grasp the ideas?  Do they need that type of VISUALS???  With all the killing and bombings going on in the world....let's give more VISUALS on better ways to accomplish these tasks!!  When I want to VISUALIZE, I close my eyes and paint a picture in my mind.  I think lovely, beautiful things, not destruction.  Maybe some stories would be helpful.  Sit down around the dinner table with whoever is there and share a story.  Let their minds VISUALIZE what the characters look like, what the area r house might look like.  What is going on in the moment.  Way back when...during the radio days, that is how we all managed to VISUALIZE the story we were hearing. When anyone tells a story it is the same thing.  It is high time that we begin to revert back to some of the good old days.  I listen to hundreds and hundreds of radio shows while i paint, while i work, or when I am driving.  I have shared it with my grandchildren. I have shared it with friends.  Those were the days!
Quote for the day;

Worldly Wod Feb 28

Well, the end of month 2. It is amazing to me how the time has flown. My day will be full with a meeting. I look forward to the commaraderie and fellowship.  This morning I was thinking about  spring.  How I am so looking forward to it.  The tiny sprouts of splendor that will erupt from the frozen grounds.  I think the word for the day is SPRING.  Funny that a season is also named for a wound up piece of metal as well.  Seems to me that the season spring just sort of sprouts straight upward....that is unless you plant your tulip bulbs upside down and they have to make a turn around.  I cannot imagine that any flower really spirals around....so where did the name SPRING get affiliated with metal.  We also have a SPRING in our step when we are walking with a happy lilt.  Seems like a definition for SPRING might be hop.  Most of us can connect the Easter bunny with SPRING and they hop.  SPRING has colors associated with it as well.  SPRING green for example.  All the pastels are associated with SPRING.  It seems that the English language is a bit confusing.  The multiple meanings can often times be troublesome, especially for someone trying to learn the language.  We all imagine SPRING as a new beginning.  A time when all things come to life.  Yet in some religions, it signifies death with a new life.  I remember as a child all the excitement that SPRING would bring.  My Grandmother would already have gotten all the seeds for gardening and would have already began their start indoors.  Preparing was always a big thing for her.  She had the most beautiful garden.  Filled with fabulous flowers and to the side of the house, all the vegetables.  She would be saving all the egg shells and coffee grounds for the garden.  She waited for mid March for the banana peels.  she would chop them up and use them for the rose bushes.  When I think back...Grandma was recycling and doing organics long before it became fashionable.  We even lined  our trash bags with newspapers.  She used to cut newspapers for patterns to sew with.  Times are returning.  People are hopefully starting to wake up....hey, just like the SPRING flowers.  Almost like someone has called out "Olly, olly, oxen, free, free, free!'  
Quote for the day:
“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Worldly Word 18

This moment in time I am thinking about the changes of word meanings.  It seem as though there is such a difference between years ago and today.  The meanings of a story, of words...all different.  The story we know of Cinderella is far, far different from the original story.  Disney has taken us all to a pretty place with magic and pumpkins and beauty.  Did you know that the evil sister cut off their toes to try to fit into the glass slipper?  Bet most of you have not.  Once I was rehearsing a story that I wanted to tell about something that happened in my youth.  I was singing in a musical.  I was Maria in the Sound of Music.  After the songs from the play, we did other songs. My solo was Catch a Falling Star. Rather an oldie for it to b sung it late 60's.  Well what happened was I was laughed at by the group of what we considered in 8th grade as the cool guys.  And needless to say it made me WEEP.  Yes that is the word for the day. WEEP.  Anyway, I WEEPED all the way home.  Ran to my bedroom, thrust myself on my bed and began to WEEP into my pillow.  At one point the doorbell rang.  My Grandma said there was someone there and I should go and talk to them.  I lifted my head from my pillow which was wet from all the WEEPING, dried my tears and went to the door.  There on the other side was the most gorgeous boy in class.  He had been held back a few years because of moving around and I think that everyone of us girls was secretly madly in love with Jim Dixon.  Behind him stood all the other boys who were responsible for my WEEPING standing straight and erect, each on one of the 6 steps of the porch.  They were all there to apologize for their behavior, stating that they all thought I was pretty courageous to get up there and sing alone in front of all those people.  NOW....what was wrong with that story????  Let me tell you...I was told that I could no longer say that they stood tall and erect, because erect had another meaning.....REALLY???  Our brains are so distorted these days that you cannot give the appropriate meaning to the context of the statement!!  I am appalled that we are now given a list of words we can no longer use because of someone's new interpretations and the inability to sort out the mean.  I wonder if you can talk about snow white and the seven dwarfs.  There was Happy.  Really?  Can we say that word.  If his name way Gay...we couldn't any longer?  When you look up a word in the dictionary...are there not numerous definitions for the words and are we not an intelligent enough to distinguish which definition to use?  I must say it makes me WEEP. 
: to express deep sorrow for usually by shedding tears :bewail <weeping the sins and errors of his youth — Edward Gibbon>
2: to pour forth (tears) from the eyes
3: to exude (a fluid) slowly :ooze <a tree weeping sap>
intransitive verb
1: to express passion (as grief) by shedding tears
2 a: to give off or leak fluid slowly :oozebof a fluid: to flow sluggishly or in drops
3: to droop over :bend
I think I have mad my point!  I WEEP over todays lack of training.  Perhaps we all need to learn to use the dictionary again. 
Quote for the day:
It is better to weep with wise men than to laugh with fools

Worldly Word Feb 17

And as the blogging continues,I feel as though I am in this race. I suppose I could have just blurted out some extra words and that might be sufficient, but even though I hope my readers are enjoying this blog, I am using it as a tool.  It is a useful tool that invokes times in my life that I enjoy revisiting or revisit to learn from past mistakes.  A good way to review.  A good way to make changes.  As this month is almost to its end, I thought that the next word could be FINAL.  That is a wor that has a few meanings.  FINAL is the end, the finish line.  It is the last word.  Although if it is the last word...how come they make kids take FINAL exams to continue to the next grade or level?  When a mother yells." that's my FINAL word"..it never is!  I FINALLY got it...means you're happy with what you received and will use it...not drop over dead!  A bit of a confusing word.  How many times in my life have I said FINALLY....I am FINALLY happy...and then something happens that changes that!  I move on to the next FINAL!  I remember when I was a teenager and thought I met the one and only person for me.  I was done searching.  I FINALLY had the man of my dreams!  Do I need to tell you....it was not FINAL....moving right along to the next.  The only thing that I think can be FINAL is death...although...I am not 100 percent sure about that either.  I plan on being very active in the next phase.  So my Final words for today....there I go again...you know I will be saying more..is be FINAL in knowing there will always be more. 
Quote for the day:
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Worldly Word Feb. 16

Continuing on with my missing blogs.  New word for the day is FUN.  Well there is a word that is full of everything and anything.  FUN can mean almost anything.  Each person has their own definition of fun. And not only a different definition, but as we get older....does the idea of fun change?  I remember that when I was young, my idea of a fun day was to go to Riverview.  Any of you remember that amazing place.  It was, in my opinion, perhaps one of the places that invented the word...after all they did have the FUN house.  Only when I was a kid...the FUN house wasn't so FUN....you see, I was terrified that I might fall down.  I remember going all the way through until we got to the twisting, turning tunnel and you had to walk through it.  I was soooooo petrified that i refused to move.  I stood there and cried and cried....and God bless the person in charge of it's rotation button, because they took pity on me and shut the rotation off and let me walk through.  I sure wish I could find that person today and buy them dinner.  But the roller coasters...the tilt a whirls, not that was FUN.  The roller coaster in those days, didn't strap you in and when you flew up you literally had to hang on to the bar in front of you to keep yourself in the seats...Talk about flying by the seat of your pants!!  Wonder if that is where that phrase  originated?  FUN was going around a around on the tilt a whirl till you head was so plastered against the back cage that you couldn't move if you wanted to. When I was young...I didn't get what all the FUN was about going through the tunnel of Love...It was nothing but a boat ride.  I didn't understand the FUN until I got much older and went with a boy!  Now....THAT was FUN!!  Sad thing though....all the things I viewed as fun that were at Riverview back then would no longer be FUN for me today, because I can no longer do most of those things.  Although, I still think that no matter how old you are...the Tunnel of Love would still be FUN!  I am not saying that  I don't have FUN anymore...it just is a bit different.  I must say that with my life...I am having a blast!  I make my own FUN!  Whether I am with the one I love or my family or friends, FUN is always just around the corner.  I would love to go back and revisit Riverview...how about you?  What do you remember having the most fun on at the Park?  I would love to hear some of your trip down memory lane.  Come on, post a comment.  It would be FUN to hear your stories.
Quote for the day:

Worldly Word Feb 15

Catching up on some lost days.  I missed a number of days and I don't want to miss my words.  So this evening I am adding the word LOST.  Now that can have the same meaning but many interpretations.  I can be LOST in the car, in the woods, in a building.  I can also be LOST in an activity, reading a book, in a conversation.  I might have LOST my glasses, my keys, my mind.  Funny....it doesn't mean forever, just temporarily misplaced.  At least for me.  I have often lots of the afore mentioned items.  But LOST forever...now that is like death.   To never see something or someone ever again. I am often LOST without my Mother or Grandparents.  Not really having someone there to mentor you.   Knowing that you can never again hear their voices or feel their touch.  That is one of the most horrible feelings, but then I look around and I find in may things and people that they are never LOST...Just MIA.  I look at my face and I see my mother.  I speak words of wisdom or tell a story and I hear my grandparents. I might sometimes just be LOST in space.  A feeling of not belonging, missing, doubting or sad.  I sometimes struggle to pull up a memory that is LOST somewhere in one of those files in my brain.  It is very much like on the computer...where exactly did I save that file??  I often find many of the items I have LOST by retracing my steps, retracing what I have said. When I am with an older person, I try hard to remember to give them time to search for what they might have thought they have LOST.  Patience is something older people have for everyone....I think we should reciprocate.  I hope you are not LOST here in my train of thoughts.
Quote for the day:
“Not all those who wander are lost.”
J.R.R. Tolkien

Worldy Word Feb 27

Good morning to all.  Hope anyone in this snowstorm in Illinois has faired well.  The drift and winds have been high.  Careful out there.  Especially if you are shoveling!  It is pretty funny to me as I watched tv and saw the weather forecast and saw the children loving the snow and sitting there thinking....I love the way it looks...but that is about all.  Then I thought about how much we need the precipitation and how grateful I am that we got it.  But the main issue was how much I have changed in attitude with age.  As children we loved the snow...it meant sledding, snowmen, snow angels,skiing, ice skating,  snowball fights, hot chocolate.  As adults we think, shoveling, icy conditions, backaches, colds, wet floors, wet clothes, stuck vehicles, driving hazard and plane delays.  We often forget the joy in our hearts that snow brings.  The picture perfect scenery, the laughter of the children, the funny snow sculptures., the earth's thirst.  CHANGE...that is the word for the day.  How we CHANGE as time goes on.  I know that I have CHANGED outwardly.  But there isn't allot of CHANGE inwardly.  I would love to go out there in that glorious cover of white and make some snow angels.  Unfortunately the physical CHANGE of my body prevents that from happening.  I remember the last time I made a snow angel was with my Granddaughter Sarah.  We laid in the snow in the front of the house and laughed away, swaying our arms from our sides and up over our heads.  I remember how we stuck out our tongues to catch the snow as it fell.  Hmmm...think maybe the one thing i can do is go out and scoop up some of that snow and make some ice cream...yumm.  Yesterday I was teaching art at a Sunrise Alzheimer center and sat in the upstairs room with big windows to our side and while the students were painting, one of my students who is 94 on the 13th of March kept looking out the window and admiring the soft, white picture outside.  Her eyes twinkled like that of a child.  Nothing in her love of that beautiful picture forming outdoors had CHANGED.  As I see the CHANGE in those with Alzheimers, I often see that even those whose  minds often reverts backwards.  They find that pure love for life.  It makes me more aware of how much we do CHANGE.  There is a story that I tell about a woman who helps volunteer at a senior center where all the seniors are in a funk.  She tries to recapture some of the joyful moments of their life with singing and music.  One day she brings in a statue she finds in a thrift store of a beautiful angel.  Then that night the angel, unbeknownst to her comes alive for the seniors and gives them a night to remember in the snow.  A night that allows them to find the joy of childhood.  They sled down the hill, they make snow angels in the snow, the build the biggest snowman ever.  The next time she visits, their whole attitudes are different. They are singing and dancing and enjoying their life.  They tell her the story....but she thinks they were all dreaming...although wondered how they could all have the same dream...but non the less happy that they are joyful.  On her way home she sees the hill....on the hill are sleigh tread marks, the biggest snowman she ever saw and snow angels covering the side of the hill.  No it couldn't be she thought....or could it?  Let's take time today to remember the joy of what this miracle brings.  Do something that will make a CHANGE in the way you see things.  And as long as we are speaking of CHANGE...." a penny for your thoughts"!
Quote for the day:
  .“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy

Worldy Word Feb 26

Well, today is a Woman's ministry day at Salvation Army and it is a planning day.  I hate to admit I have an entire list to take.  There are so many things in life to do that it is mind boggling.  I only wish that I could live long enough to do everything that I ever wanted to accomplish.  I often think back on people who have been in my life and wish that they were still here.  I wish that I could still learn from their words of wisdom.  Did you ever wonder why or parents or grandparents words come back in life to bite us in the behind?  When those exact same words come tumbling out of our mouths....and you immediately think....oh no!!  WISDOM, that is todays word.  I remember as a child, I would pick a bunch of dandelions and give them to my Grandma.  I was s thrilled to be giving the flowers to her...and she would tell me..'don't pick the dandeions...they will make you pee"...really???  I thought at the time "what a crazy, ridiculous thing to say"!  As if the flowers would really make me urinate.  But as time went on...and I began to study herbs and flowers...I discovered that dandelions are a diurectic...good for the kidneys...and the oils on the plant penetrate through your skin and actually stimulate your organs to...you guessed it...pee!  I never understood the reason for not sitting on a cement step or ground because it would give you piles.....(hemorrhoids).  Never understood the arthritis...til now. Funny how we look back and see the WISDOM in what our elders say.  WISDOM is not always just book smart.  WISDOM is the knowing what is right or wrong as well.  WISDOM is following our instincts.  WISDOM is knowing when to admit we don't know something....now there is an oxymoron.  WISDOM is so many things.  It can be as simple as keeping our mouths shut...or opening it up and supporting an issue to enlighten someone.  I hope that someday....my WISDOM will show up in my children and grandchildren and even those beyond that.  There is a saying....'Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can't  and the WISDOM to know the difference"
Quote for the day:
Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk. ~Doug Larson

Worldly Word Feb 25

It is an amazing world that we live in, isn't it.  There seems to be something somewhere for everyone.  Today was quite the day with a program on Puttin on the Ritz.
My goodness, there is so much that we don't know about so many things.  As I researched for the program, I had so many avenues to go down.  I learned about the Ritz hotel, it's owners, it's visitors, it's stories, it's costs.  Do you know that to spend a night in the Imperial Suite at the Ritz in Paris will run you $20,000.00 a night?  Did you know that their swimming pool is 18,000 square feet?  Talk about opulence!!  There it is...the word for the day OPULENCE!   Rich, wealthy, luxurious, substance, affluence.  When you look at the descriptions, we have OPULENCE every day of our lives...don't we.  I guess it just depends on the outlook.  I am so rich in the fact that I have such a great network of people around me, from family to friends.  I consider my self wealthy to have the ability to accomplish what I set my mind to.  Luxury is all in the mind....I find luxury in a good cup of coffee, a dish of ice cream from Oberweiss, or a chicken meal at the Blue Gate in Shipshewana.  I have substance...pure and simple, in who I am, what I believe in and follow, and simply that I have morals and standards in which I live by.  Affluence...simply that I put great value on who I am and who others are  Wow....imagine, I have OPULENCE!!  My take on being rich is to be happy with what you have and who you are.  I find that a call from my Granddaughter for no other reason than to just talk, makes me feel as OPULENT as the Queen of England.  I find that when I host a party for my red hats and we feel transported, educated, or just full of laughter, that my life is rich.  So I would venture to say that my life is truly...the "Ritz".  Grand, wonderful and exciting.  And yes, there are days that may not be quite as grand or OPULENT....but then, the RITZ has needed to be refurbished as well from time to time, so I guess that would make us even.  Enjoy your life...it's the only only we have...if you feel a refurbishing....try on a new outfit or maybe even a new outlook. 
Quote for the day:
Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two, opulence is when you have three - and paradise is when you have none.

Worldly Word Feb 24

Good afternoon to all.  I hope that when you are looking out your window you have the beauty of the sun shining back at you.  Such a lovely day.  Snow is melting, although I hear we are in for another snowstorm on Tuesday.  I can't really complain, because if has been so nice here for the winter.  I have been thinking all morning about serendipity.  It always seems like I am in the right place at the right times.  Meet the right people for the right reasons  I feel so fortunate to be able to recognize those moments.  So I thought about today's word....SERENDIPITY. Such a word.  I went to service this morning and realized that what is heard is just what I needed.  I knew that I needed to work on my story for tomorrow's performance, but happy to have gone and heard what I did. It always helps to hear what I need to hear.  Very SERENDIPITOUS!  Such a long word for such a simple thought.  Meant to be, no accident, meaningful moment in time. A purposeful event. or action.  We often wonder why things happen and contemplate whether there is a higher being in charge or is it just SERENDIPITY.  Perhaps the answer to that question is all the above.  When I am researching.,...somehow, it always seems that someone I meet that day seems to shed more light on the subject. Truly, I believe that it was meant to be.  Meeting someone who is your soulmate...and I believe we have them on many levels.  SERENDIPITY.  Did you ever meet someone who you felt that you have known your whole life after a 10 minute or so conversation?  Have you ever been somewhere that you swear you have never been to before, but feel like you have?  SERENDIPITY! 
Quote for the day:


Worldly Word 23

Very excited today.  Was informed by a friend that the article about me was in this weeks Niles Herald Spectator.  Thanks to Tracy Gruen who wrote the article.  I was s thrilled to see it.  I am always happy when there is a way to spread the news about storytelling.  It is such a hard area to get the public to grasp.  We don't READ to you....we orally tell a story, legend, event, historical facts and information on characters. Storytelling is an art.  It is a was of performing and informing others about wonderful tales and events.  Currently, I am working on a new program called "Puttin on the Ritz", and I must say....wow....the information behind it.  I am always so greatful when I am asked to do a specific performance.  During the research for the story, I find so many other pieces of information that I never knew and then become excited to go on with the info I have uncovered and research other avenues.  Today I thought my word might be READY.  It seems that for me, I am always READY, waiting and able to move forward with something.  Life is such an amazing challenge as long as we are READY to take it.  It is impromptu, exhillerating, and risky.  We never know what is behind a door unless we are READY to open it.  That seems to be appropriate for all venues in life.  I just noticed that the word READY contains the word READ....interesting, since to READ and to learn makes us READY for any undertakings in life.  
I feel that our futures always depend on how READY we are to take the plunge.  We need courage, understanding and of course willingness.  I hope that I can convince you to get READY for the next step in your life's journey.In the mean time...READY or not...here I come! 
Quote for the day:
Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.

Worldly Word Feb 21

I must say that getting away for a few days throws everything off kilter...so sorry for the omission of the last number of days...I will try to go back and add the missing blogs.  Today I am thinking about the weather since there is a proposed storm headed towards us.  I am having an event on Friday with my Red Hat group about Presidents Wives and deciding whether I should go full speed ahead and prepare for it.  Today I  am doing a program for the Alzheimer center on Presidents and love stories.  I searched on what to do and decided that I could do the presidents program on the obscure facts about them.  I fund so many very interesting things that I decided I can do an entire program about Presidents.  How cool is that?  Today's word is UNEXPECTED.  Sometimes the word UNEXPECTED can be pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant.  It can be things we find that didn't imagine were there.  It can be a visit, an illness, a bill, a windfall.  Seems that UNEXPECTED can be polar opposites in it's meaning.  Today, I had an UNEXPECTED visit from some dear friends.  They  landed up staying a number of hours.  We had lunch, a tea lesson and discussions about Dunning Asylum.  All very UNEXPECTED for both of us, but such a nice and enjoyable time was had by all.  I think that gifts are always the best when they are UNEXPECTED.  Seems to me that when a gift is expected, it comes along with some sort of expectations.  Takes away often times the true excitement of the gift..don't you think?  Today i the mail I received an UNEXPECTED letter from a friend with some UNEXPECTED stamps of presidents for my event.  I think now I will do something UNEXPECTED for the Red Hats girls with them, and of course...she will receive something UNEXPECTED as well.  This seems to be a day that UNEXPECTED is most enjoyable.  Hope your day is filled with pleasurable UNEXPECTED happenings as well.
Quote for the day

Wordly Word Feb 14

Good evening....it is Valentine's Day for another 20 minutes.  What a wonderful day.  I hope everyone enjoyed this day as much as I did.  I was feeling well loved today.  Wonderful wishes from my husband.  A fantastic dinner. Red and pink roses, cards, and a lovely day and then a foot rub.  It doesn't get much better. 
I thought about what today means, and aside from love it stands for COMFORT.  Yes, Comfort is the word for the day.  Why COMFORT?  Because that is the word that describes the best feeling one can have with someone.  That COMFORT in sharing the moments together.  COMFORT is how you should feel.  The feeling of security.  The COMFORT of your home and loved ones.  Not having to feel uneasy or anxious.  Now that is a real gift on this day.  To either make someone comfortably or to have the make you feel COMFORTable is so special.  Thank you to my loved ones today.  Many thoughts of those I love and care about for all the COMFORT that they have given me through the years.  Stop and think a moment about all those who have given you COMFORT.  They have given you the love of their heart...and let's face it...thatis what this day stands for. 
Quote for the day:
  “Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”
Edith Sitwell

Worldly Word Feb. 13

Good afternoon.  It has been a busy few days.  My Love in Bloom Program...the life and loves of Jack Benny has been keeping busy.  It is a wonderful program about a real stand up kind of guy!  I love seeing the reactions and faces of my audiences.  The laughter, the tears, the fact that we all share a common interest.  Doesn't get much better than that! 
Today I thought about 2 boys who are sharing a birthday today.  They are 13 years old and being raised by their grandparents.  The boys are handicapped, both physically and mentally.  They have a disease called Angel man Syndrome.  The struggles that the family face on a daily basis are really more than most would even dream to imagine...and they do this lovingly and with smiles on their faces.  The grandparents are 73 and 77 years of age and do more than the average 30 year olds.  This is a true for of love...especially appropriate the day before Valentine's Day.  Love is so much more that the boy.girl scene.  It is all about the precious lives that we watch over.  The way that we react on a daily basis.  Valentine's Day should just be a reminder.  A way perhaps to say thank you.  An occasion to let the other person know how special they are.  So today....as much as I love the boys and wish them Happy Birthday, I want to tell Diane and Heinrich just how much "I LOVE YOU BOTH"!  Just because you are who you are!  Because I appreciate all the things you do and applaud you for the love you show others.  You are a fine example of God's finest human beings.  You are the ones who would make Him say..."Job well done!"  So I guess today's word will be ADMIRATION.  I hold these people in such great a steam and have the highest of ADMIRATION for them.  The definition is a feeling of pleasure, wonder and appeal.  I often wonder how they get through each day.  The feeling of appreciation for what they d for those boys and as a trickle down, what they do for anyone who sees or know them.  In life, we wish for some type of ADMIRATION. What better form of acknowledgment, than doing what is best for someone else and setting aside your own hopes and dreams that once were and replacing it with hopes and dreams for another person.  I cannot imagine that when the time comes for this couple to take their journey home that there is not the most jeweled kingdom awaiting them.  And what makes it even more amazing is that this couple don't even have those types of thoughts in their heads.  I salute the two of you.  You certainly have my ADMIRATION today and every day. 
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Worldy Word Feb 12

Good morning everyone.  Well, I am on another antibiotic and they are hoping to kick this cold for me.  They consensus is that when I had taken a few Humira injections back in June and July, that when it wiped out my immune system and gave me the shingles in August, that am still reaping the effects and THAT seems to be what is prolonging my recuperation.  I am one of those 1 in a million kind of gals....hmmm....more like the 5 in a million....that was the odds when I gt the rare all over the body shinges...lucky?? Guess not!  Anyway, that is the update on me. Although, I was fortunate to have a friend visit and she went to the dr.'s with me and then we went out to dinner. We had a wonderful evening and then came back to my house for some nice conversation.  I told her about my blogging and the topics and she was wow this and a wow that and then an oh yeah here and old yeah there as we strolled down memory lane.  We  were talking about the old days and how it seemed that we were not afraid to walk down the streets at night...as children, the nights were later than what you would imagine would be allowed in today's world.  I then shared a story that I wrote and we laughed like crazy.  It was about the one thin I was fearful of walking home at night.  It was an OWL!!  That's right...an OWL...let's go ahead and make it the word for the day.  OWL'S are very popular right now.  It seems that that are everywhere! 
Well, here is the story.  When I was a young girl, we used to have supper, do the dishes and then retire to the front porch.  We would sit on the rockers and have our conversations.  Oftentimes while we stitched or crocheted.  One night I we were on the porch, Grandma, Grandpa and I.  I turned to my Grandfather and asked the dreaded question...."Grandpa, why don't you have hair?"  Well, Grandpa got me back for asking that question in what he told me.  He proceeded to tell me that one night during the summer...it was so hot that he couldn't sleep in the house.  You see, back when I grew up the houses were so close together that there was no opportunity for any breeze to come through the bedroom windows.  So, he said that he took some blankets and hi pillow out on the front porch and sleep there.  While he was sleeping, he told me that the OWL that lived in the big Catalpa tree next door...had come down and ate his hair.  Well, from that day on when we sat on the porch and night would fall and OWL would hoot...I would panic and go inside.  Grandma noticed this and after a few times...one night she handed me something and told e to use it.  She had handed me a babuska....fo those of you who don't know what a babushka is..it is a scarf.  I would tie it around my head and then felt safe to be outside, not having to worry  about the OWL eating my hair.  As I got older....I had a job babysitting down the street.  I wasn't afraid to walk home at midnight....except that I had to walk past the tree where the OWL lived.  I would put on my scarf about 3 houses before I got to the tree.  When I got to the house before the tree...I would take off running like crazy until I got up the stairs and was safely on my front porch.  The funny part as well, was that my Grandfather smoked White OWL cigars, had a pen holder with a bronzed OWL as well...there was always a reminder of that OWL and the impressionable young girl who believed everything her Grandfather told her.  I know have that OWL in my office and laugh every time I see it. cowl's are supposed to represent bing wise.  I guess that must have been grandpa and not me!  OWL never forget that story....hahaha. 
Well, I hope that gave you a chuckle to start off your day.  Talk with you tomorrow.
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Worldly Word Feb 11

Good morning dear blogging friends.  Another Day to enjoy.  I cannot believe it, but I will see the doctor yet again over this cold.  After 3 weeks of antibiotics and still troubled with this.  Seems like something needs to happen.  I am hoping that at least the pneumonia is under control.  Will see after the appointment this afternoon. 
Well, it seems that once I tarted on my memory time travel, it has sparked so many more thoughts of places that are no longer here for the sharing.  I remember that one of the places that I used to enjoy going to as a child was Adventure Land.  Anyone in the Chicago land area remember it?  It was in Mundelion, out on Lake Ave.  I remember it like it was yesterday. There were clowns there that seemed to be dressed more like Mimes.  There was a train ride that went pat the lollipop tree.  They were the old safety pops and you could try to reach out and grab one as the train went past it.  It was like grabbing the ring on the Merry Go Round.  There were houses that you could go in.  I remember recently looking at a photo of my Grandmother and I when we went there.  Pretty funny today to think that my Grandma had on a pair of pants.  Shocked the daylights out of me.  I don't ever remember her in a pair of pants.  She always wore at home a house dress that she called a "Mickey Mouse".  Did anyone else ever hear of a house dress termed that?  I would be curious to know. 
I decided that today's word will be ADVENTURE.  It seems when you think of going on an ADVENTURE that it was something, or someplace exciting or different.  I think that when I think of ADVENTURE Land, it was always an ADVENTURE.  I always looked forward to what I might do there or what I might see.  I feel that everyday in my life is some sort of ADVENTURE.  When I wake up in the morning, I am never sure of the ADVENTURE that lies before me.  As a child, each time I read a book....I took an ADVENTURE. I went where ever the characters took me.  My favorite books were the Nancy Drew Books.  She was always on an ADVENTURE of some sort.  I remember reading them on the front porch during the summers.  My summer vacations were Nancy Drew ADVENTURES  Whether it was in the hidden Staircase or the Quest of the Missing Map, I knew that would discover something wonderful and exciting.  Today, when I am researching or working on a new story to tell, it is an ADVENTURE to me because I never know where the research will take me, or what I might learn.  When my mind wanders, it brings thoughts to it that often times leads me to take the ADVENTURE to find out more about it.  Each person that I interact with becomes a new ADVENTURE.  Did you ever notice how you can do the same thing with different people and you can get something different out of each experience.  When I lay my head on my pillow at the end of the day, I thank God for the ADVENTURE He had me on.  Whether it was a good or difficult day, I learned something.  I grew just a little bit more.  Sometimes it is learning about a place or a thing, and sometimes it is about people. Did you ever think you really knew someone and then you discovered something you never dreamed possible concerning them.  Life is a moment by moment ADVENTURE.  I am greatful for the chances that I have been given to experience them.  How about you? 
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Worldly Word Feb 10

Another day and the snow has hit the eastern coast.  I am so greatful that we only got a tip of the storm and so sorry for those buried under.  I saw that a barn collapsed and they are rescuing the cows that were trapped.  I can't imagine the fright for those animals.  We as humans can prepare for a storm...I know that the catasprohe's that happen are often unbearable, but for those left without a way to protect themselves....how scary for anyone in that position. We have seen unmeasurable destructions caused by mother nature this year.  And I can't help but wonder..."what next?".  I think today's word will be WONDER. 
This word has a number of meanings that may be contradictory.  To WONDER is to question, ask, speculate.  But there are WONDERS of the world...WONDERS of nature. 
Made me think today about back when I was a young child, Olson rug Company in Chicago had a waterfall and gardens to the side of their company.  The owner owned a home in Little St. Germaine, Wisconsin and wanted to bring some of the outdoors to the city.  He built the waterfall and the gardens for people to enjoy. It opened in 1935 on the 100th anniversary of the expulsion of Native American Indians in Illinois.  On occasion, aside form the public enjoying the beautiful grounds...a WONDER to be sure, there were occasion performances from Indian Chiefs in their fantastic regalia. 
I remember going there, climbing up the stairs, holding onto the birch log handrail,  and then when you got to the top...you got to walk on a plank over the running waters.  It was so thrilling and scary at the same time.  I often WONDERED whether I could fall into the waters.  I loved it.  It was a nice get away on a warm summers day to visit the grounds.  When it was eventually sold to Marshall Fields, they tore it all down and cemented it over to make a parking lot.  What a shame.  So much thought, love and kindness went into that place.  I know that today there are waterfalls popping up all over the place, but none will ever come close to that WONDER.  Today there are so many concerns over public safety.  What a shame.  hat a shame that the Indian chiefs are no longer there to perform their amazing dances and share their amazing regalia with us.  Too bad that there are those who say we can't say Indian any longer because it is politically incorrect.  I know that when I was young, my parents, grandparents and I never had any disrespect whatsoever. I can't help but WONDER where it all started.  I WONDER who was the person behind the idea or tearing down something so beautiful, natural, and peaceful and replacing it with cement.  I WONDER whether those same people are the ones who might on lake houses or go to the country for some respite?  I really WONDER what the future holds for us?  Have we become so needy for quick fixes that we don't spend time enjoyed the beauty of natures gifts?If you remember going to the Olson waterfalls, share your memories here.   
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Worldly Word Feb. 9

Well, another day and more thoughts about my childhood days.  As I was back tracking, looking for more information about the Dunning area.  I remembered the outdoor movie theater by Harlem and Irving.  How much fun that was.  Whether you went with a boyfriend or you went as a family, it was a night to remember.  The big screens today have nothing on the screen from back then. It was always a special treat to go.  I remember as a child, we would have a pillow and blanket and make the back seat comfy cozy. We had all the snacks we needed..of course, except for popcorn.  There was never anything better than the movie popcorn.  Remember the preview prior to the movie?  The dancing concessions?  The popcorn and sodas and Raisinettes?   They were almost as much fun to see as the movies.  The nights that were the date nights.  There wasn't anything between the boyfriends seat and your seat....just cuddling room.   The speakers that hooked up on your windows.  Sometimes I remember that we had to go from pole to pole to find a good one.  
When I remember those days with fondness, and think about the cars...wow...they had so much room in the back seat.  When I was a kid, I could comfortably sit on the floor and read my comic books.  Now you are lucky if there is enough foot room. 
Well I thought today's word could be LUXURY. 
What do we consider today as a luxury or a necessity?  I think that we are accustomed to having everything, that most things that years ago would have been considered a LUXURY are now a household staple.  A television today is no longer a LUXURY unless you want a state of the art movie room.  A  car is no longer a LUXURY, but a necessity.  Even a vacation today is considered more of a staple than a LUXURY.  Going out to a restaurant years ago would have been considered a LUXURY, whereas today, the average person eats out at least once a week and that is not counting fast food trips.  There was a time when going to a fast food McDonalds was considered a LUXURY!  And back in the day when they first came out...no-one thought they would ever last! 
If you thought about it...what would you say would be a LUXURY today?  I will be curious to hear feedback on your thoughts. 
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“Contemplation seems to be about the only luxury that costs nothing.”
Dodie Smith

Worldly Word Feb. 8

I 'm not dreaming of a White Valentine's....My goodness, what a white out we had here in Niles, Il. last night.  It was snowing so hard that it wiped out my satellite.  So no TV last night.  So I read a book instead.  Next week is a full week of stories featuring Love in Bloom, the story of Jack Benny.  Now I have to tell you...this was a man who's life was full!  A man who was greatly admired by all.  I love the story...perhaps one day you will come out and hear me tell it.  Why did I name it Love in Bloom?  Because that was his featured song on his radio program.  He did a skit to Love in Bloom.  You would think he was the worst violin player in the world when you hear it...but contrary to that thought...he was an amazing violinist.  Everything isn't always as it appears. 
Yesterday, I spent a great part of the day recalling some places in time.  It was from an area that I grew up in and used to be a brickyard, them became the city dump, the became a shopping area and eventually a Mall.  The reason for it was because of some research on the "crazy train".  I as trying to retrace the steps to where the train tracks were which lead me to remembering the tracks.  At one point I had remembered a store there..I remembered vaguely that it might have been white and blue?  I remembered vaguely...maybe their was a world shape connected to it...and then Bingo...Community was the name.  It was a shop that was reasonable.  A little better than Woolworth's 5 and 10.  Not quite as good as Goldblatt's.  Funny how some things just need to be rehashed to bring it to the forefront of our memories. It was like an oral time travel.  The more I talked about the area, the more I remembered.  I guess what this brings me to is not wanting my past to be LOST.  Well, there it is...today's word is LOST.  Not forgotten unless we don't find it.  LOST is to have it right in front of us, perhaps just covered over.  It is there for the finder...we just have to look for it.  Life sometimes is like a scavenger hunt.   We need to follow clue after clue to find the treasures.  Going back to look for things that were LOST and then found are a treasure, not to mention the fun along the way.  The word LOST  doesn't mean forever...just temporary.  When I think of the word LOST, how many times I have said it...I LOST my keys, I have LOST my glasses, I have LOST my motivation, I have LOST hope, I have LOST my mind!  Well, I am organizing a search party for all those treasures LOST and am on the quest to recover some treasures.  Share some of your LOST treasures.  Some of your favorite places in time.  I will be thinking hard about some forgotten moments and places in time, and will be sharing on the blog.  LOST in space for the moment...Have a great day.
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Worldly Word Feb 7

Drizzling, dreary, oh my dearies....what a gloomy day!  The weather outside is a little crazy.  It is a light freezing rain and very damp conditions here in Niles, Il.  These are the sort of days that you would like to stay in bed...but alas, I have things to do...Today I am supposed to have an article written about me and storytelling....so, it is off to buy the papers.  Yeah!!  It is so great to have an article written about storytelling.  The trouble that storytellers have is to make the public aware that we don't just read a book to you....that it is for adults as well as children....that it is educational and fun....there is more to it than Mother Goose.  I love what storytelling does for me.  I have learned so much just by researching a story.  I have been working on researching Dunning Asylum in Chicago.  If any of you readers have anything to share, PLEASE....post it.  Yesterday I found a picture of the farm that was once the Poor House...it was farmed by the residents for their keep.  I am currently researching the train and the surrounding area.  So much history behind this story.  There were about 40,000 souls buried in those grounds.  The story goes on! I think today's word will be LOOK.  I know I could have used investigate or research...but look seems to be more appropriate.  Sometimes something is right under our noses...but if we don't LOOK, we don't see it.  I lived in the Chicago area my whole life.  I grew up in the Cragin area.  That is near Fullerton and Laramie.  All pockets of Chicago have a name for it.  Did you know that?  If you are a Chicagoan you probably do.
Anyway, I knew of the Dunning Asylum, went there to drop off clothes for the residents after my grandfather passed away, but never knew that it had also been a poor house and an orphanage.  It was a TB center as well.  There was a train that went there that was nick-named the "crazy" train.  It was all there...I just needed to LOOK.  
How many times do we over LOOK something?  Whether accidentally or on purpose.  We LOOK at an item, a person , a situation.  We might LOOK sad, happy, worn,sick or healthy.  An appearance can change the way people treat us.  The way we LOOK can speak volumes without us ever saying a word. 
LOOK is a pointed finger.  Look at that person! Look at they way they run that business! Look over there!  Look what you're doing!  I think it might be considered one of those frequent mile words.  Well, I am off to LOOK for those newspapers.  I LOOK forward to any sharing about Dunning or it's previous uses.  Have a great day!
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