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January's 31 word story

Here is the story made from the words blogged in the past month.  It is an example of a way to use random words to put together a story.  Now with work, the story can be embellished and changed.  This is meant to be an example to encourage you to try your hand at writing. 
ART's Dream comes True
What a day it was.  The morning began a little different than most mornings for little ART. When he got up in the morning, he knew that he had to be on TIME.  It was the first day that he was going to go to try to RAISE some money for the NEIGHBOR boy down the street.  Art’s FRIENDMichael was in a wheelchair and it was huge CHALLENGE for him to get up and down the stairs.  Art thought that if they could build a ramp, Michael’s LIFE would perhaps  get a little easier. The problem was that his friend’s family didn’t have much money and they couldn’t afford the extra’s.   Art was POSITIVE that today would be a very BUSY day.  He had collected a ton of things that he could RECYCLE and could earn some money that way.  He had all kinds of soda cans and recyclable aluminum that he was going to take to the recycling center.
When Art looked out the window it was pouring rain outside.  He knew he mustn’t forget to take his UMBRELLA with him.  He quickly washed up, brushed his teeth and got dressed.  After having his breakfast of Cinnamon Oatmeal with chopped APPLE, Art got ready to EMPTY the cans and aluminum from the garage into his wagon. 
As he began his trip down to the center, Art was being very REFLECTIVE that morning.  He was thinking about all the good times he had spent with his friend.  There were so many days that were filled with such joy and LAUGHTER.  He was so lucky to have such great MEMORIES. The more Art thought about their friendship the more POSITIVE he was that what he was doing the right thing. 
As he walked along in the rain, he had quite a difficult time trying to BALANCE the wagon full of aluminum and his umbrella.  He got all the way up to the corner when he noticed that the traffic lights were down and there was a policeman there directing traffic with a stop SIGN.  The police officer asked what he was doing out on a COLD and dreary day like this.  Art just smiled and told him that he was on a very important mission.  Then officer just shook his head, smiled and crossed Art to the other side of the street. 
When Art finally reached the Recycling Center he was a little nervous...he noticed a MOUSE running across his path.  Even though Art wasn’t too fond of mice, he continued on until all the tin and cans were emptied and the man gave him the money.   Art was thrilled and could hardly wait to get to his friend Michael’s house and share his DREAM with his friend. 
When Art arrived at Michael’s house, his mother told him that he had better not come in because Michael had the flu and he might be CONTAGIOUS and he was on MEDICINE for his fever.  Art was very disappointed that he could see his friend, but gave the money that he had just earned to Michael’s mom.  She looked quite puzzled until Art explained to her WHY he had the money and how he had earned it to help build a ramp for Michael.  Michael’s mother was so over joyed with the kindness of her son’s friend that she bent down and gave him aKISSon the cheek and a great big hug.   
Art was so happy that he felt he could DANCE all the way home , even in the rain.  It way CRYSTAL clear to him that what he had done was done for a friend that would be a friend forever.  Art discovered that the LOVE he had for his friend wasn’t REPLACABLE with anything on earth.  He felt so good doing something that would help another, that he started looking for other ways to help other families.  When Art grew up he became the head of an Organization called Helping Hearts & Hands. It is an organization based on helping make dreams come true for those who are in need. This was Art’s idea for making a CHANGE in people’s lives that would make a difference, no matter how large or small. As for Michael, well, Michael works side by side with Art and are still best friends to this very day.

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