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Worldly Word Feb 4

What a wonderful day...beginning to feel better after many infections and pneumonia.  Glad to be in the pink so to speak.  I guess pink and red would be the colors of the month, now wouldn't they?  Funny how colors play such a significant part in our world.  So let's make today's word COLOR. 
I am aside from being a storyteller, also an artist.  I see how COLOR is used in both worlds.  I can paint or COLOR you a picture by the way I use my words to tell you a story.  I can tell you about a COLORful character.  
When I paint, I use the color to portray a feeling, a mood and even an effect.  One artist that I loved who did this was Monet.  He did his paintings by seasons...ex. the haystacks, the water lilies. Each picture is the same, the only difference is his use of COLOR. 
We have as long as I can remember equated feelings with COLOR.  ex: I am so angry I see red, I am feeling blue today.  I am green with envy.  Funny how we use COLOR to describe how we are feeling.  Today I am in the pink!  And we use it to describe life.  I am broke...I am in the red! 
Just how important is COLOR in our lives.  Just think about how many things are described with a color.  And in depth as well.  There is a red delicious apple, or fried green tomatoes. 
You can even pick your wardrobe best suited for you by using the COLOR me beautiful method.  Discover the COLOR best suited for you by the season your skin COLOR determines, which essentially will choose the perfect COLOR for your clothing to be. 
We all of course have the COLOR of our aura....that tells you about what and who you are!  We all have a favorite COLOR.  The COLOR of our surroundings can effect us.  Sit in a blue room and it can relax...sit there too long and it can make us ill or depressed.  Restaurants use red to invoke conversations and to make you eat and go.  Companies hire specialist to choose the right COLOR for their logos. 
Ask anyone to describe a COLOR for you and they can be very specific.  Ask about the color red.,.cherry red, Santa red, watermelon red, raspberry red, burgundy red and the red list goes on.  Try to imagine describing something without the use of COLOR.  Pretty hard, isn't it?
Even the COLOR is associated to holidays and special events in our lives.  Brides are expected to were white in America, but sometimes red.  Christmas has red and green, Hannuka is blue and white, St. Patty's is green and that lists goes on as well. 
Well, let's all try to put some COLOR in our cheeks today.  Stay in the Pink!  Stay out of the Red....and most of all don't be blue! 
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