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Worldly Word Feb. 8

I 'm not dreaming of a White Valentine's....My goodness, what a white out we had here in Niles, Il. last night.  It was snowing so hard that it wiped out my satellite.  So no TV last night.  So I read a book instead.  Next week is a full week of stories featuring Love in Bloom, the story of Jack Benny.  Now I have to tell you...this was a man who's life was full!  A man who was greatly admired by all.  I love the story...perhaps one day you will come out and hear me tell it.  Why did I name it Love in Bloom?  Because that was his featured song on his radio program.  He did a skit to Love in Bloom.  You would think he was the worst violin player in the world when you hear it...but contrary to that thought...he was an amazing violinist.  Everything isn't always as it appears. 
Yesterday, I spent a great part of the day recalling some places in time.  It was from an area that I grew up in and used to be a brickyard, them became the city dump, the became a shopping area and eventually a Mall.  The reason for it was because of some research on the "crazy train".  I as trying to retrace the steps to where the train tracks were which lead me to remembering the tracks.  At one point I had remembered a store there..I remembered vaguely that it might have been white and blue?  I remembered vaguely...maybe their was a world shape connected to it...and then Bingo...Community was the name.  It was a shop that was reasonable.  A little better than Woolworth's 5 and 10.  Not quite as good as Goldblatt's.  Funny how some things just need to be rehashed to bring it to the forefront of our memories. It was like an oral time travel.  The more I talked about the area, the more I remembered.  I guess what this brings me to is not wanting my past to be LOST.  Well, there it is...today's word is LOST.  Not forgotten unless we don't find it.  LOST is to have it right in front of us, perhaps just covered over.  It is there for the finder...we just have to look for it.  Life sometimes is like a scavenger hunt.   We need to follow clue after clue to find the treasures.  Going back to look for things that were LOST and then found are a treasure, not to mention the fun along the way.  The word LOST  doesn't mean forever...just temporary.  When I think of the word LOST, how many times I have said it...I LOST my keys, I have LOST my glasses, I have LOST my motivation, I have LOST hope, I have LOST my mind!  Well, I am organizing a search party for all those treasures LOST and am on the quest to recover some treasures.  Share some of your LOST treasures.  Some of your favorite places in time.  I will be thinking hard about some forgotten moments and places in time, and will be sharing on the blog.  LOST in space for the moment...Have a great day.
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