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Worldy Word Feb 12

Good morning everyone.  Well, I am on another antibiotic and they are hoping to kick this cold for me.  They consensus is that when I had taken a few Humira injections back in June and July, that when it wiped out my immune system and gave me the shingles in August, that am still reaping the effects and THAT seems to be what is prolonging my recuperation.  I am one of those 1 in a million kind of gals....hmmm....more like the 5 in a million....that was the odds when I gt the rare all over the body shinges...lucky?? Guess not!  Anyway, that is the update on me. Although, I was fortunate to have a friend visit and she went to the dr.'s with me and then we went out to dinner. We had a wonderful evening and then came back to my house for some nice conversation.  I told her about my blogging and the topics and she was wow this and a wow that and then an oh yeah here and old yeah there as we strolled down memory lane.  We  were talking about the old days and how it seemed that we were not afraid to walk down the streets at night...as children, the nights were later than what you would imagine would be allowed in today's world.  I then shared a story that I wrote and we laughed like crazy.  It was about the one thin I was fearful of walking home at night.  It was an OWL!!  That's right...an OWL...let's go ahead and make it the word for the day.  OWL'S are very popular right now.  It seems that that are everywhere! 
Well, here is the story.  When I was a young girl, we used to have supper, do the dishes and then retire to the front porch.  We would sit on the rockers and have our conversations.  Oftentimes while we stitched or crocheted.  One night I we were on the porch, Grandma, Grandpa and I.  I turned to my Grandfather and asked the dreaded question...."Grandpa, why don't you have hair?"  Well, Grandpa got me back for asking that question in what he told me.  He proceeded to tell me that one night during the summer...it was so hot that he couldn't sleep in the house.  You see, back when I grew up the houses were so close together that there was no opportunity for any breeze to come through the bedroom windows.  So, he said that he took some blankets and hi pillow out on the front porch and sleep there.  While he was sleeping, he told me that the OWL that lived in the big Catalpa tree next door...had come down and ate his hair.  Well, from that day on when we sat on the porch and night would fall and OWL would hoot...I would panic and go inside.  Grandma noticed this and after a few times...one night she handed me something and told e to use it.  She had handed me a babuska....fo those of you who don't know what a babushka is..it is a scarf.  I would tie it around my head and then felt safe to be outside, not having to worry  about the OWL eating my hair.  As I got older....I had a job babysitting down the street.  I wasn't afraid to walk home at midnight....except that I had to walk past the tree where the OWL lived.  I would put on my scarf about 3 houses before I got to the tree.  When I got to the house before the tree...I would take off running like crazy until I got up the stairs and was safely on my front porch.  The funny part as well, was that my Grandfather smoked White OWL cigars, had a pen holder with a bronzed OWL as well...there was always a reminder of that OWL and the impressionable young girl who believed everything her Grandfather told her.  I know have that OWL in my office and laugh every time I see it. cowl's are supposed to represent bing wise.  I guess that must have been grandpa and not me!  OWL never forget that story....hahaha. 
Well, I hope that gave you a chuckle to start off your day.  Talk with you tomorrow.
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