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Worldly Word Feb 25

It is an amazing world that we live in, isn't it.  There seems to be something somewhere for everyone.  Today was quite the day with a program on Puttin on the Ritz.
My goodness, there is so much that we don't know about so many things.  As I researched for the program, I had so many avenues to go down.  I learned about the Ritz hotel, it's owners, it's visitors, it's stories, it's costs.  Do you know that to spend a night in the Imperial Suite at the Ritz in Paris will run you $20,000.00 a night?  Did you know that their swimming pool is 18,000 square feet?  Talk about opulence!!  There it is...the word for the day OPULENCE!   Rich, wealthy, luxurious, substance, affluence.  When you look at the descriptions, we have OPULENCE every day of our lives...don't we.  I guess it just depends on the outlook.  I am so rich in the fact that I have such a great network of people around me, from family to friends.  I consider my self wealthy to have the ability to accomplish what I set my mind to.  Luxury is all in the mind....I find luxury in a good cup of coffee, a dish of ice cream from Oberweiss, or a chicken meal at the Blue Gate in Shipshewana.  I have substance...pure and simple, in who I am, what I believe in and follow, and simply that I have morals and standards in which I live by.  Affluence...simply that I put great value on who I am and who others are  Wow....imagine, I have OPULENCE!!  My take on being rich is to be happy with what you have and who you are.  I find that a call from my Granddaughter for no other reason than to just talk, makes me feel as OPULENT as the Queen of England.  I find that when I host a party for my red hats and we feel transported, educated, or just full of laughter, that my life is rich.  So I would venture to say that my life is truly...the "Ritz".  Grand, wonderful and exciting.  And yes, there are days that may not be quite as grand or OPULENT....but then, the RITZ has needed to be refurbished as well from time to time, so I guess that would make us even.  Enjoy your life...it's the only only we have...if you feel a refurbishing....try on a new outfit or maybe even a new outlook. 
Quote for the day:
Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two, opulence is when you have three - and paradise is when you have none.

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