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Worldly Word 18

This moment in time I am thinking about the changes of word meanings.  It seem as though there is such a difference between years ago and today.  The meanings of a story, of words...all different.  The story we know of Cinderella is far, far different from the original story.  Disney has taken us all to a pretty place with magic and pumpkins and beauty.  Did you know that the evil sister cut off their toes to try to fit into the glass slipper?  Bet most of you have not.  Once I was rehearsing a story that I wanted to tell about something that happened in my youth.  I was singing in a musical.  I was Maria in the Sound of Music.  After the songs from the play, we did other songs. My solo was Catch a Falling Star. Rather an oldie for it to b sung it late 60's.  Well what happened was I was laughed at by the group of what we considered in 8th grade as the cool guys.  And needless to say it made me WEEP.  Yes that is the word for the day. WEEP.  Anyway, I WEEPED all the way home.  Ran to my bedroom, thrust myself on my bed and began to WEEP into my pillow.  At one point the doorbell rang.  My Grandma said there was someone there and I should go and talk to them.  I lifted my head from my pillow which was wet from all the WEEPING, dried my tears and went to the door.  There on the other side was the most gorgeous boy in class.  He had been held back a few years because of moving around and I think that everyone of us girls was secretly madly in love with Jim Dixon.  Behind him stood all the other boys who were responsible for my WEEPING standing straight and erect, each on one of the 6 steps of the porch.  They were all there to apologize for their behavior, stating that they all thought I was pretty courageous to get up there and sing alone in front of all those people.  NOW....what was wrong with that story????  Let me tell you...I was told that I could no longer say that they stood tall and erect, because erect had another meaning.....REALLY???  Our brains are so distorted these days that you cannot give the appropriate meaning to the context of the statement!!  I am appalled that we are now given a list of words we can no longer use because of someone's new interpretations and the inability to sort out the mean.  I wonder if you can talk about snow white and the seven dwarfs.  There was Happy.  Really?  Can we say that word.  If his name way Gay...we couldn't any longer?  When you look up a word in the dictionary...are there not numerous definitions for the words and are we not an intelligent enough to distinguish which definition to use?  I must say it makes me WEEP. 
: to express deep sorrow for usually by shedding tears :bewail <weeping the sins and errors of his youth — Edward Gibbon>
2: to pour forth (tears) from the eyes
3: to exude (a fluid) slowly :ooze <a tree weeping sap>
intransitive verb
1: to express passion (as grief) by shedding tears
2 a: to give off or leak fluid slowly :oozebof a fluid: to flow sluggishly or in drops
3: to droop over :bend
I think I have mad my point!  I WEEP over todays lack of training.  Perhaps we all need to learn to use the dictionary again. 
Quote for the day:
It is better to weep with wise men than to laugh with fools

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