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Worldly Word Feb. 16

Continuing on with my missing blogs.  New word for the day is FUN.  Well there is a word that is full of everything and anything.  FUN can mean almost anything.  Each person has their own definition of fun. And not only a different definition, but as we get older....does the idea of fun change?  I remember that when I was young, my idea of a fun day was to go to Riverview.  Any of you remember that amazing place.  It was, in my opinion, perhaps one of the places that invented the word...after all they did have the FUN house.  Only when I was a kid...the FUN house wasn't so FUN....you see, I was terrified that I might fall down.  I remember going all the way through until we got to the twisting, turning tunnel and you had to walk through it.  I was soooooo petrified that i refused to move.  I stood there and cried and cried....and God bless the person in charge of it's rotation button, because they took pity on me and shut the rotation off and let me walk through.  I sure wish I could find that person today and buy them dinner.  But the roller coasters...the tilt a whirls, not that was FUN.  The roller coaster in those days, didn't strap you in and when you flew up you literally had to hang on to the bar in front of you to keep yourself in the seats...Talk about flying by the seat of your pants!!  Wonder if that is where that phrase  originated?  FUN was going around a around on the tilt a whirl till you head was so plastered against the back cage that you couldn't move if you wanted to. When I was young...I didn't get what all the FUN was about going through the tunnel of Love...It was nothing but a boat ride.  I didn't understand the FUN until I got much older and went with a boy!  Now....THAT was FUN!!  Sad thing though....all the things I viewed as fun that were at Riverview back then would no longer be FUN for me today, because I can no longer do most of those things.  Although, I still think that no matter how old you are...the Tunnel of Love would still be FUN!  I am not saying that  I don't have FUN anymore...it just is a bit different.  I must say that with my life...I am having a blast!  I make my own FUN!  Whether I am with the one I love or my family or friends, FUN is always just around the corner.  I would love to go back and revisit Riverview...how about you?  What do you remember having the most fun on at the Park?  I would love to hear some of your trip down memory lane.  Come on, post a comment.  It would be FUN to hear your stories.
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