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Worldy Word Feb 27

Good morning to all.  Hope anyone in this snowstorm in Illinois has faired well.  The drift and winds have been high.  Careful out there.  Especially if you are shoveling!  It is pretty funny to me as I watched tv and saw the weather forecast and saw the children loving the snow and sitting there thinking....I love the way it looks...but that is about all.  Then I thought about how much we need the precipitation and how grateful I am that we got it.  But the main issue was how much I have changed in attitude with age.  As children we loved the snow...it meant sledding, snowmen, snow angels,skiing, ice skating,  snowball fights, hot chocolate.  As adults we think, shoveling, icy conditions, backaches, colds, wet floors, wet clothes, stuck vehicles, driving hazard and plane delays.  We often forget the joy in our hearts that snow brings.  The picture perfect scenery, the laughter of the children, the funny snow sculptures., the earth's thirst.  CHANGE...that is the word for the day.  How we CHANGE as time goes on.  I know that I have CHANGED outwardly.  But there isn't allot of CHANGE inwardly.  I would love to go out there in that glorious cover of white and make some snow angels.  Unfortunately the physical CHANGE of my body prevents that from happening.  I remember the last time I made a snow angel was with my Granddaughter Sarah.  We laid in the snow in the front of the house and laughed away, swaying our arms from our sides and up over our heads.  I remember how we stuck out our tongues to catch the snow as it fell.  Hmmm...think maybe the one thing i can do is go out and scoop up some of that snow and make some ice cream...yumm.  Yesterday I was teaching art at a Sunrise Alzheimer center and sat in the upstairs room with big windows to our side and while the students were painting, one of my students who is 94 on the 13th of March kept looking out the window and admiring the soft, white picture outside.  Her eyes twinkled like that of a child.  Nothing in her love of that beautiful picture forming outdoors had CHANGED.  As I see the CHANGE in those with Alzheimers, I often see that even those whose  minds often reverts backwards.  They find that pure love for life.  It makes me more aware of how much we do CHANGE.  There is a story that I tell about a woman who helps volunteer at a senior center where all the seniors are in a funk.  She tries to recapture some of the joyful moments of their life with singing and music.  One day she brings in a statue she finds in a thrift store of a beautiful angel.  Then that night the angel, unbeknownst to her comes alive for the seniors and gives them a night to remember in the snow.  A night that allows them to find the joy of childhood.  They sled down the hill, they make snow angels in the snow, the build the biggest snowman ever.  The next time she visits, their whole attitudes are different. They are singing and dancing and enjoying their life.  They tell her the story....but she thinks they were all dreaming...although wondered how they could all have the same dream...but non the less happy that they are joyful.  On her way home she sees the hill....on the hill are sleigh tread marks, the biggest snowman she ever saw and snow angels covering the side of the hill.  No it couldn't be she thought....or could it?  Let's take time today to remember the joy of what this miracle brings.  Do something that will make a CHANGE in the way you see things.  And as long as we are speaking of CHANGE...." a penny for your thoughts"!
Quote for the day:
  .“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy

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