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March 2013

Worldly Word March 7

Well today I thought that the word for the day would be SURPRISE.  I have to think about what a SURPRISE is and really, it can be almost anything.  It encompasses a lot of words along with it...such as startled, shocked, stunned.  Hummm.. a lot of S words!  Well, at any rate,a SURPRISE can work in both positive and negative ways.  It can be scary if someone SURPRISES you if they are an intruder in your home, or someone who sneaks up behind you. It can be a pleasant SURPRISE to accidentally meet someone walking down the street or  a SURPRISE birthday party....that is unless you look a mess..then in that case, it may be s double SURPRISE....especially if others have never seen you without makeup.  An act of kindness could be a SURPRISE.  A sudden death might be a SURPRISE.  As I thought about it...it really could work both ways.  Some people are never SURPRISED at anything in their life.  I think that life should be filled with SURPRISES!  I think that is what makes life interesting.  I am SURPRISED at how at the beginning or the end of each day how the sunrises and the sunsets are each so different.  You would imagine that since the movement of the sun each day is the same, it would look the same.  All the variables that are in the day is what makes the SURPRISE!   You would think that the way a parent raises a child would be the same and yet each child turns out different.  Sometimes they can really SURPRISE you!  Even for me, I am SURPRISED each time I learn something new.  I am often SURPRISED at how long it might have taken to have uncovered it.  Seems as though each SURPRISE is just round the corner.  It just takes the walk. 
Quote for the day:

Worldly Word March 6

Good morning to all....hope your day has started well.  Today the Handkerchief program went wonderful.  I love each time I get to display those beautiful pieces of art  I love the stories and the background behind them.  I am so glad that I was able to put it together.  It all began one day when I was thinking about the things I used to to as a child.  I went to a parochial school and the nuns once taught me to make an umbrella from a handerkerchief...no, not a real one.  Just a decorative favor type umbrella.  I also thought about how my next door neighbor was having a bridal shower for her niece and hired me to make them for her.  I was only 10 years old.  I thought about that and whether a 10 year old today would be called upon for such a task.  I needed to make 50 of them.  Well todays word is going to be RESPONSIBLE.  Imagine that I was RESPONSIBLE enough to be asked to make them, and RESPONSIBLE enough to think that the job would get completed.  The more I thought about them the more I tried to remember how I made them.  I remember having to roll up paper for the handle and it was rolled very tightly.  then I remembered the handkerchiefs being folded and pinned into the paper and it was really hard to do.  I landed up using a thimble because my little fingers really started to hurt.  I got that far and then i thought...I have a computer...surely I can find the pattern.  I started searching...and found a picture of the handkerchief umbrella, but no pattern...but, there was all this other information about hankies.  I of course did the RESPONSIBLE thing...I read it all and then searched for more.  Before I knew it...other memories were flooding through my head,.I remembered my grandma's hankies in her purse with a violet candy wrapped inside.  OOOOOhhhh...how I love when she opened her purse....that smell was absolutely delightful.  I still buy those candies and even have my granddaughters hooked on them.  Well, back to the handkerchiefs.  I started going to thrift stores, resales shops, online and started my collection.  Before long, friends started digging through their drawers and gave me theirs.  I was now RESPONSIBLE for the BIG HANKIE SEARCH!!   When I do the program, I have had women bring their hankies to show me and share their stories.  Even men have come up to me after my programs and shared their war time stories with me about how they searched for those hankies and hankie holders for the moms, sisters, and girlfriends.   I am RESPONSIBLE for recalling memories not only for myself but for others.  What a wonderful program that stated with a memory.  thank you sisters....My days of volunteering at the convent really paid off...in more ways than one.  Not only were they RESPONSIBLE for the memory, but along with my family, they helped to build me into a RESPONSIBLE young girl.  And believe you me, I took that RESPONSIBILITY very seriously!
Quote for the day:

WorldlyWord March 5

Let it Snow!!!  WOW...did it ever snow....glad to have the moisture though.  The earth is just begging for it!  Although I am happy for earth....my bones don't think it is so grand!  But alas....there is always someone who has life much worse off than I.  Worked on small art projects today and re preparing for a program I am giving at the Glencoe Library on the History of the Handkerchief.  This is an amazing program with visuals.    I believe my collection of handkerchiefs is up to 900 now.  I simply adore the history behind them...and men if you think it all for woman...you are very mistaken.  I have war history, men's collections and stories about men and their amazing contributions to the hankie and it's uses.  So there we go...the word for the day.  PRECONCEIVED.  It would be most normal for a man to PRECONCEIVE that a hankie program might be for woman.  And it might be a PRECONCEIVED notion for woman to think about a war program...unbeknowst to them that even in the Revolutionary War, woman fought.  We get all sorts of PRECONCEIVED ideas about so many things, people, places, etc.  We tend to rely on the facts that we have heard or been brought up on.  Life might be a whole lot easier if we took things at face value.  Actually, the world might get along much better if we don't use PRECONCEIVED ideas.  Is PRECONCEIVED the same as a gut feeling???Absolutely not!  A gut feeling is something that we get that can be a warning or a "go for it" sense.  When a story is about to be told...we all PRECONCEIVE that it will begin with "Once upon a time", although most stories do not begin that way!  We might PRECONCEIVE that the story of "The Three Little Pigs" is told one way and one way only, but you would be wrong.  There are all sorts of versions of the story including the story from the viewpoint of the wolf...or maybe the three pigs neighbor.  So drop the PRE in the PRECONCEIVE and put on that thinking cap.  There is so much to learn and so much to teach!
Quote for the day:

Worldly Word March 4

Another day, another dollar...that is an old saying that seems to still get uttered to this day.  Life is all about work. We work from sun to sun and some of us work until it all gets done.  My question would be when exactly does that happen?  I truly don't think I will live long enough to do all the things I would like to do.  In storytelling, it seems even more so.  There is always another story to read or another program that excites me and off I am to research.  When we hear the word WORK...it seems like it would be a grand undertaking.  Well, I think that that is true.  But it isn't always a cumbersome thing.  I love my WORK.  Yes...that is the word for the day. Life can be the most wonderful thing when you can say that you love your job.  I WORK at being a good, kind person and hopefully, those that know me will testify to that. I WORK at being a good wife and mother. I WORK at being a good Grandmother.  Hopefully, they all agree on this.  I WORK at being a good friend, artist and storyteller.  When we say we are going to WORK...it involves getting down and dirty.  Getting to the bottom of the piles.  Sometimes I WORK very hard and never get to the bottom of the pile.  How about you?  For most people...going to WORK means leaving the house.  For me..most of my WORK is done in the home.  It is reading books,researching on the computer.  Gathering information from wither places I have been to or what I have found in my investigations.  The easiest part of my WORK is when I get to perform.  It is the most pleasurable WORK.  When I get to see that I have touched someone, educated someone, or left a lingering thirst for more. So I'm off and running....or in my case...reading.  Have a great WORK day.
Quote for the day:

Worldly Word March 3

What a day....Sunday's are so recharging.  I enjoyed service this morning.  Met up with a lovely lady and had a great afternoon after service chatting at the chicken dinner for World Services.  So nice to be able to do a good deed and enjoy the company along the way.  We discussed a lot of issues concerning health and the hidden dangers in products.  I had to get home to make some packets of soup that I sell so that I could get it delivered.  I make a special soup mix that has a warm and endearing saying on it about friendship that I sell at a show I do and it turned out to be a really big hit.  It makes a huge dutch pot of soup for one and secondly, it is delicious and thirdly, the sweet saying that I wrote sells it to give as gifts.  But usually anyone who buys it and makes it once has repeatedly come back and bought 6-12 packages.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many 100's of packages I sell.  o yesterday I completed another order.  Which brings me to today's word. HOMEMADE.  How important is that word to you?  It seems that everyone is in such a hurry these days.  There is so much pressure to just grab something, that no one indulges that much anymore in the pleasures of making anything HOMEMADE anymore.  Becomes we have become so accustomed to running out and buying whatever we want...it seems that the HOMEMADE is becoming passe.  I love to make HOMEMADE soup and bread...I mean really....the smell of the bread baking and the soup simmering on the stovetop....nothing is comparable.  The beautiful treasures that someone makes.  When I look at something my mom or my grandmother made for me...my heart is just filled with joy as I run my fingers over the item.  Thinking that their fingers touched that piece.  that their heart is right there in my hands.  That their love is magically transforms into a material item that I can have as a reminder forever!!  It amazes me when I go to a thrift stores to see all the HANDMADE treasures there!  The other day I bought the most gorgeous HOMEMADE, hand painted porcelain sugar bowls you would ever want to see.  One is painted in violets....Grandma's favorite, and the other has handpainted daisies...my daughters favorite.  Gold edged and spectacular...I paid only 2 dollars for each.  All I could think about was the person who must have put hours and hours of love and dedication into them.  Well....I hope that their spirit knows that they will now be well appreciated.  Treasures are not always bought with money....treasures are bought with our hearts.  I hope that the next time you have a few moments available...you will choose to make something HOMEMADE.  Give it your all.  Give it your heart....and then receive the joy that doing HOMEMADE can give. 
Quote for the day:

Worldy Word March 2

As March marches onward I am forever awaiting spring....although the weather man seems to insist on something different.  I have been engaged in conversations lately that made me think about how to approach stories for the new generations.  It seems to me there lately is an infatuation with vampires.  Shows like Twilight.  This has been the trend for the last couple of years.  I thought about what todays word should be and decided on TRENDY.  As time moves on...we all seem to become attracted to whatever is TRENDY...but who initially decides what is TRENDY.  I think in todays world the television is what sets the TRENDS...Also Magazines.  We think and watch what is TRENDY.  We buy and dress in whatever is TRENDY.  It seems harder and harder to find individuality these days.  Although, as I look back, I suppose that there were always TRENDY items.  I was thinking about the coat that I have sitting in my cedar closet...it belonged to my mother when she was you.  It looks like a great big bear if you ask me...but it her day it was quite TRENDY. I remember when I was in my late teens...the 70's I used to wear it with my hip huggers.  It was most different than anyone else, yet fit into the TRENDS of the era.  I often wonder whether it would become TRENDY again.  Whether I should hang on to it.  I am a saver...hard for me to let go of the past.  They were such sweet memories.  I still have my original Singer Toy sewing machine.  It is made of metal and actually sewed. I first learned to sew on my Grandma's old trundle Singer sewing machine....and then moved onto my own.  I still have a trundle machine and believe it or not...it still works.  It was a TRENDY thing back in my day to learn all those arts.  Sewing, ironing, crocheting, knitting and stitching.  I see that today the knitting and crocheting is once again becoming TRENDY.   I guess what's old becomes new again and again.  Anyone remember the way yarn used to come?  I remember the way I had my Grandmother place it on my out stretched hands and she would roll it up into a ball.  There weren't allot of choices to choice from back them.  It was either rug yarn, regular yarn or crochet threads.  Today TRENDY yarns have hundreds of styles, designs, colors, and textures.  Progress....I think sometimes that it gets in the way.  Years ago, we had to come up with invented a way to make up a pattern to get something different and unusual....now a days....the yarn is doing it for you.  The newest TRENDY yarn is one that creates an automatic ruffle for you.  Years ago...we came up with a pattern to make the design.  Times change....but I think that somehow, even though they are making things easier or what they call better...a disadvantage in some ways.  We don't seem to need to work that hard at being creative.  It is all done for you to a large degree.  But, as long as it prompts interest....and it encourages the arts...I say let's go for it. 
Quote for the day:

Worldly Word March1

Well, let us March right in....a new month a new beginning.  So did you every wonder why someone named the months the names that they did?  Seems t me like March is a stomping motion...tramping in.  That seems appropriate for this time of year, doesn't it?  The winter is starting to get stomped out while the beginning signs of spring are tramping in.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival.  I thought about what I did today and decided that the word for the day would be HUNT.  To search, seek, uncover.  Appropriate for Spring I think.  We at one point will HUNT for those sprouts to poke out from the ground.  We will see children HUNT for Easter eggs this month.  Today I was on a shopping HUNT at the local thrift store.  It amazes me what I sometimes find!  My Hunt began simply enough.  I was in search of some radio days tapes.  Nope, didn't find a one....but, I found 2 of  the most gorgeous hand painted porcelain sugar bowls.    I wouldn't believe it...perfect..and only 1.99ea.  I found amazing story books that will be added to my collection.  One was about a wood carver at Christmas.  Another was songs for spring....very appropriate. Because of the HUNT, I have another book to help me put together a program for spring and summer on flowers and garden fairies.  I also found a tape of channuka songs...I felt like I hit the jackpot!  I went as well to a craft store and in that Hunt I found a great headband with feathers and bows in green...Perfect for my Irish St. Patty's Day program that I will be giving on the 17th at one of the Sunrise Senior locations.  I went in the store for some styrafoam balls...did you ever notice how you have a direction and then the desire to HUNT around takes over...$70.00 later that particular HUNT was over.  For me, it seems like I am always on some sort of HUNT.  Later I started to HUNT for a book to aid me in info for a program I am putting together called The Space Race.  Us VS Russia.  Found just what I needed!  Who knows?  I may be on a HUNT next for a space suit!!  Well, I know there are various types of HUNTS....mine are pretty safe.  No fear of wounds...well, sometimes maybe to my pocketbook! 
Quote for the day:
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