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Worldy Word March 2

As March marches onward I am forever awaiting spring....although the weather man seems to insist on something different.  I have been engaged in conversations lately that made me think about how to approach stories for the new generations.  It seems to me there lately is an infatuation with vampires.  Shows like Twilight.  This has been the trend for the last couple of years.  I thought about what todays word should be and decided on TRENDY.  As time moves on...we all seem to become attracted to whatever is TRENDY...but who initially decides what is TRENDY.  I think in todays world the television is what sets the TRENDS...Also Magazines.  We think and watch what is TRENDY.  We buy and dress in whatever is TRENDY.  It seems harder and harder to find individuality these days.  Although, as I look back, I suppose that there were always TRENDY items.  I was thinking about the coat that I have sitting in my cedar closet...it belonged to my mother when she was you.  It looks like a great big bear if you ask me...but it her day it was quite TRENDY. I remember when I was in my late teens...the 70's I used to wear it with my hip huggers.  It was most different than anyone else, yet fit into the TRENDS of the era.  I often wonder whether it would become TRENDY again.  Whether I should hang on to it.  I am a saver...hard for me to let go of the past.  They were such sweet memories.  I still have my original Singer Toy sewing machine.  It is made of metal and actually sewed. I first learned to sew on my Grandma's old trundle Singer sewing machine....and then moved onto my own.  I still have a trundle machine and believe it or not...it still works.  It was a TRENDY thing back in my day to learn all those arts.  Sewing, ironing, crocheting, knitting and stitching.  I see that today the knitting and crocheting is once again becoming TRENDY.   I guess what's old becomes new again and again.  Anyone remember the way yarn used to come?  I remember the way I had my Grandmother place it on my out stretched hands and she would roll it up into a ball.  There weren't allot of choices to choice from back them.  It was either rug yarn, regular yarn or crochet threads.  Today TRENDY yarns have hundreds of styles, designs, colors, and textures.  Progress....I think sometimes that it gets in the way.  Years ago, we had to come up with invented a way to make up a pattern to get something different and unusual....now a days....the yarn is doing it for you.  The newest TRENDY yarn is one that creates an automatic ruffle for you.  Years ago...we came up with a pattern to make the design.  Times change....but I think that somehow, even though they are making things easier or what they call better...a disadvantage in some ways.  We don't seem to need to work that hard at being creative.  It is all done for you to a large degree.  But, as long as it prompts interest....and it encourages the arts...I say let's go for it. 
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