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Worldly Word March 6

Good morning to all....hope your day has started well.  Today the Handkerchief program went wonderful.  I love each time I get to display those beautiful pieces of art  I love the stories and the background behind them.  I am so glad that I was able to put it together.  It all began one day when I was thinking about the things I used to to as a child.  I went to a parochial school and the nuns once taught me to make an umbrella from a handerkerchief...no, not a real one.  Just a decorative favor type umbrella.  I also thought about how my next door neighbor was having a bridal shower for her niece and hired me to make them for her.  I was only 10 years old.  I thought about that and whether a 10 year old today would be called upon for such a task.  I needed to make 50 of them.  Well todays word is going to be RESPONSIBLE.  Imagine that I was RESPONSIBLE enough to be asked to make them, and RESPONSIBLE enough to think that the job would get completed.  The more I thought about them the more I tried to remember how I made them.  I remember having to roll up paper for the handle and it was rolled very tightly.  then I remembered the handkerchiefs being folded and pinned into the paper and it was really hard to do.  I landed up using a thimble because my little fingers really started to hurt.  I got that far and then i thought...I have a computer...surely I can find the pattern.  I started searching...and found a picture of the handkerchief umbrella, but no pattern...but, there was all this other information about hankies.  I of course did the RESPONSIBLE thing...I read it all and then searched for more.  Before I knew it...other memories were flooding through my head,.I remembered my grandma's hankies in her purse with a violet candy wrapped inside.  OOOOOhhhh...how I love when she opened her purse....that smell was absolutely delightful.  I still buy those candies and even have my granddaughters hooked on them.  Well, back to the handkerchiefs.  I started going to thrift stores, resales shops, online and started my collection.  Before long, friends started digging through their drawers and gave me theirs.  I was now RESPONSIBLE for the BIG HANKIE SEARCH!!   When I do the program, I have had women bring their hankies to show me and share their stories.  Even men have come up to me after my programs and shared their war time stories with me about how they searched for those hankies and hankie holders for the moms, sisters, and girlfriends.   I am RESPONSIBLE for recalling memories not only for myself but for others.  What a wonderful program that stated with a memory.  thank you sisters....My days of volunteering at the convent really paid off...in more ways than one.  Not only were they RESPONSIBLE for the memory, but along with my family, they helped to build me into a RESPONSIBLE young girl.  And believe you me, I took that RESPONSIBILITY very seriously!
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