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Eath Day Approaching

Good Morning.  Funny how when I was growing up there was no such thing as Earth Day....at least to my knowledge.  Now we celebrate a day honoring the Earth.  Hmmm....I of course think this is a good thing.  Although to make this a holiday, you would think that somehow there would be more mandates on how to keep the Earth safe.  What most don't or won't realize is the ways that we as individuals are messing up the earth with our inconsequential acts.  When I look back in time...we never had some of things that we have today.  For instance...al the fast food places.  How many times a day have you used a cup from a coffee house, including it's cover?  How many straws and paper coverings over a straw have you used?  How many wrappers and styrafoam take home containers?  This alone is mind boggling.   And then there are all the products we use. They are not only damaging the earth, but us as well. We seem to be such an educated generation with all our degrees, yet we are so unaware of what we surround ourselves with.  I am highly allergic to chemical scents...thank God.  Because when I see what the chemicals that are in items do to you, I am grateful!  All those aresoles that freshen up the air in the home..contain chemicals that can damage your nervous systems, are full of carcinagens,reduces pulmonary function, etc. Boy, that really freshens things up not doesn't it.  There may have been things that our grandparenets may have used or done...that may have caused a problem to the earth, but by a much smaller margin...and they didn't have the education or the technology that we do.  Time to wake up.  The GMO's in our food are destroying us...and we don't even know they are there.  That is a sad state  for such an educated generation.  When you walk past a forest...have you taken time to notice how many trees are down.  I don't remember this growing up.  You had an occasional tree down from lightening...so what's happened? Are you aware that you are not supposed to throw batteries in the garbage?  So where do they go?  Do yo know?  Do you know what happened to all the batteries in all the years that got thrown in the garbage did for the earth and us?  It leached into our earth and then into our water system and so now...we drink water that contains lead, mercury, arsenic.  Doesn't that make for a tasty drink? The medical field is putting more and more drugs on he market...and they are giving us the side effects with them...reallly?? I think this way when it kills us they can have a clear conscience.  Because then they can say, well we warned you!  Drugs kill...one way or another.  The build up of these chemicals in our system are toxic.  We need to cleanse and re cleanse.  And all the productions of plastics.  Anyone know how toxic those fumes are?  And yet we drink out of them continuously.  Remember mom and or dad using any of that?  Remember going on a road trip and mom fixing a picnic basket with fruit, cuts of cheese and  themous' of coffee or juice.  Maybe even a hard boiled egg or two.  I remember going to the lakes when we were young.  Bacon and eggs on the grill, hamburgers...fried chicken homemade potato salad, coleslaw in heavy, take home containers that had to be washed.  There were no paper plates, nor were there styrafoam or solo cups.  There were the traveling dinnerware that all went home to be washed.  Not even disposable silver.  Was it more work???Sure it was!!  Were we better off then...Sure we were!!  Did we have as much fun?  Well I guess you can answer that for yourself.  i remember going to the lakes...."Phil's Beach"  in wauconda.  It had a great target in the middle of the lake that you swam out to and then climbed the ladder and dropped down on the target and held on for dear life and people below spun the target.  Eventually yo slid off into the water...there was also a barrel that you climbed up a ladder and got on and started to walk while the barrel spun...eventually you would loose control and fall into the water...oh the hours of fun...and then the world became SUE crazy and that all eventually came to an end.  I remember the old days with fond memories.  When families enjoyed the simple things in life.  Times have changed for sure.  I remember my Grandma using coffee grounds, tea leaves, egg shells, potato skins for gardening not for trash.  We threw away all our natural resources. We use countless plastic bags for shopping and then think we are being smart when we reuse with another purpose and then throw them away.  Really?
Well, anyway, here is my final statement...take a look and what life is for you today.  What can YOU do to make things better?  What can you teach you friends or children about what to do to make our earth healthier?  I an performing for Earth Day in the upcoming days and try to remember....one tings leads to another....when e get rid of one resource...the trickle down theory takes effect and we rid ourselves of much more than meets the eye.  Take a moment and look at your part.  Our Earth was a GIFT....let's keep it in the PRESENT

2 Comments to Eath Day Approaching:

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tibet journey on Sunday, May 19, 2013 4:27 AM
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Debi Gajewski on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 10:10 AM
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