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Well, good morning to all my friends.  I must begin today off with continued blessings on all those who have been affected by the terrible bomb incidents in Boston.  My heart goes out to all of those who have been affected by this disaster whether they were present there or not.  What a horrible thing do have happened. I am sorry for all those who are suffering and all of those who have lost someone. 
Hard to even know where to begin after that, but I wanted to address storytelling today.  I have been storytelling for quite some time and am amazed continuously how many are unaware of the diversity of the art.  Most of the public view it as something you do just for children.  It is both my pleasure to tell to children as well as to adults.  I often will look into the audience when it is a performance for children and see the ADULTS hooked on every word.  I think that the world sometimes is so caught up in the RUSH of life that they forget to sit down, sit back, listen, and enjoy.  In today's world, so many are on the run!They have their kids on the run!  Everyone is either in an organized activity or in front of some type of machinery.  Ex: tv, computer, Nintendo, Wii, etc.  I have seen people in restaurants....each with phones in their hands talking away and hardly any words are exchanged across the table from each other??  It is no wonder I was so opposed to my children getting pages or cell phones when they were young.   There is so much to life that is being missed by having to be on call....so to speak....24 hours a day.  I like the idea of taking a walk in solitude.  I like the idea of an uninterrupted lunch with a friend.  Sharing and caring.  Stories are the same.  hey engage you into a world of it's own.  It will teach messages of strength, endurance, sorrow, loss, fun, joy....LIFE.  There is laughter...for all ages.  I tell many stories for adults that each person in the audience can identify with.  We ALL tell stories every day of our lives.  It seems to me though, that  todays sharing is dwindling.  We need to educate ourselves better an try to remember and pass things along. 
I was just telling some of the Alzheimer patients that I teach art to about my story of the CATALPA tree.  The story happened on my front porch during a summers day.  We would have dinner, do the dishes and go to sit on the front porch.  Sometimes my Grandmother and I would stitch or crochet...mostly on pillowcases and my Grandfather would rock and smoke his White Owl Cigar.  One day, I asked him why he didn't have any hair....this was long before having your hair shaved off as a style became popular.  He began to tell me about th Owl that lived in the Big old Catalpa tree in front of the house. This is where he shares his story of loosing his hair.  I won't continue the story here because it is just an example of telling.  You'll have to come out and listen or wait for it to be published.   The point of this is that telling and sharing brought out so many memories for those lovely ladies.  They began to share stories of a catalpa tree or other trees. It made for a lovely afternoon. 
Think back,share your stories.  Share your parents, grandparents aunt an or uncle stories.  Camping days, days at the beach.  But most of all....continue to make new stories for you children and grandchildren to tell.  Take the time to sit and talk.  Build a fire, sit around, relax and share a ghost story or two.  I find   that almost all ages love ghost stories and there are so many to tell.  I love telling the silly ones that start off scary for the kids and end up with them laughing.  Great for young audiences....but I Love telling stories that have you by the seat of your pants.  I loved it once when I told ghost stories for adults that later, on a separate event, one woman came up and told me she was so nervous after the stories she kept an eye on the space behind her walking to her car.  There are even ghost stories that actually can bring tears to ones eyes. 
So my challenge for you today is to go and tell a story...any story to someone....anyone.  See how that feels.  Share a past, make a present.  And feel free to share it here.   Tell me a story.

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