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April 29

Good day to all my logging friends in caber world. I have to share how wonderful today feels.  I have spent 4 days with an amazing younger friend.  She wanted to learn all he crafts that I have through the years managed to do....from sewing to crocheting, to theater and even soap making.  She wanted to learn all the crafty, homespun things that I do so that she will be able to make and share.  Was a little funny when she came to realize that the art of making can sometimes be costly.  She was taken back a bit on how much the fabrics and warm and natural filler cost to make a throw.  She learned well at the sewing machine.  Was frightened...perhaps more intimidated at first...but did a fine job.  Was amazed at the tools I had that make the measuring and  cutting so much easier.  I went through the steps of what each of the function of her machine would do and how it does it.  We cut fabrics, pinned it together.  Laughed, listened to bird music and drums and flutes and drank tea.  We shared stories, laughter and some tears.  She is making a rag quit.  She told me that at one point, she would like to collaborate on a project with me so that we would both be in the project.  What an honor to be loved like that!   Although, all that we do together already has us both in it!  We sat in the sun over the weekend, crocheted while our feet were up on another chair,listened to the birds chirping away in the yard...perhaps they may have been asking us to leave their haven where I feed them, or perhaps thanking me because I feed them.  Which ever the case, as the sun caressed our faces we carried on in conversations about years gone by and experiences shared.  It reminded me of being on the front porch with my Grandmother.  Perhaps she never realized how wonderful those moments were...at least to me and the treasures that are hidden in my heart that I am able to share from time to time.  We watched my saved copies of The Bible that was recently aired on TV and shared a bit of in depth observations with each other.  We talked about whether like is as it is meant to be..and why.  We met because of a mutual person who no longer is in my life, and yet my young friend and I have stayed forever friends.  We are the kindred spirits that live many miles apart....but remain always in each others hearts.  She was a blessing to me at a time in my life when I lost someone very dear.  A gift from God.  I am so grateful to have her in my life.  She will never replace who I lost, but filled the emptiness that was left and I am so blessed.  I am blessed to know that what my hands and mind can share...she is open and ready to absorb like a sponge. The nicest thing about that is that she will carry it and pay it forward.  As I feel I pay it forward and carry on the lesson and crafts from my grandmother and mother...so will she.  To whoever she will me.  What better testimony can one have in life.  No matter how rocky the road is that we travel, we must learn that the trip may be rouh...but the ending place is so unbelievable grand!  Each day that I have to spend on this earth, I cherish all the people in my life, I miss all the ones who have move on.  For each has taught me a great lesson in one way or another.  I am so rich in knowing that I have been so blessed.  Those rocky roads have taught we to wear heavier shoes...to walk at a different pace and to keep my eye on the end result.  I hope that you take the opportunities given each day as a blessing.  whether they are hard or easy....they re all there for a reason...not just by chance.  Embrace life, embrace your loved ones, embrace who is given to you and love they neighbor as you love thyself.      

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