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My Blog

I'm back...and need help

I am putting out a plea to any service man or woman....any family member of the armed forces....I am a storyteller with The Story Spinners. I am searching for personal stories from all eras of Service to our country. Our men and woman who fought or served or gave their lives to give us freedom...if you are willing to share your story with me...so that I may share it amongst the crowds on memorial day...I ask please to message me your story. I will be happy to honor your soldier's name or keep it anonymous if that is your wish. I am thanking you in advance...and thanking all those who have served and are still serving. God Bless America and those who keep it safe.
I want to thank all of my blog readers for their comments on this blog.  It was what I needed to inspire me to continue blogging.  I had initially hoped that the word for the day would get people motivated, reminiecsing, interjecting.  I waited quite a while before I truly received some in put.  Thank you if you have been one of them.  We all get side tracked in our lives, often times we don't think what we share will make a difference, but truly it does.  There isn't a moment that my life is not influenced by another words or actions.  I am motivated by the things others say or do.  By the memories I have....and I would be inspired by others stories as well.  I have vowed to make a promise to continue blogging as a way to capture the past, cement the present and hope for the future.  I am inspired by the needs that so many have and knowing that by being a storyteller I can help. I am inspired by the fact that something I may write will  heal, inspire, cause someone to reflect, educate or simply to entertain.
If any of my readers have suggestions on a topic...or a location, piece of history...please post your comments.  We can go on this journey together. 
I have lived my whole life in the Chicago area of Illinois.  Many of my memories are from right here.  As a storyteller, I research all sorts of things to put together a program.  I am like a dog with a bone...I don't give up.  I love the hidden, the unusual, the forgotten, the touching, the humanistic story. 
Sometimes when given a challenge, I might become overwhelmed with the topic and then once I start the research...it all starts coming together and I become totally immersed in it.  I tackle it from every angle.  I look for the key that will open the door to everyone's heart and minds. 
I will continue with a word a day for now to continue the inspiration.  I will open my eyes, my mind and my heart and hope to entice, intrigue all of my readers.  I will try to take you down paths perhaps you have traveled before...or perhaps paths you never traveled.  I will take you back to the past and alert you to the future.
In the meantime...I ask wholehearted,....share with me your stories.  And for the moment in particular...ones of war, soldiers, families and friends of them.  Memorial Day is a day that should not be left forgotten.  I will begin tomorrow with a story about a wonderful young man, his name was Tony.  Lost...but not forgotten.

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