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The Current Memorial Day May 27

Well, Good morning to all my readers.  Today is specified as Memorial Day...although from the beginning...Decoration Day, as it was originally called was held always on May 30h.  Come rain or shine, flags were hung in honor of those who valiantly served or country.  If you drive up and down the streets today..you may not see as many flags as you might imgine....but I am sure that you will smell the BBQ's cooking.  It seems that for many, this is just another long weekend.  I performed a Memorial Day program yesterday at an Alzheimer Center..and I must say, It brought tears to my eyes to see the reverence that they had for the American flag and what it stands for and for those who have served to have it still represent freedom.  The patients have their long term memory and not their short term memory.  Sometimes, I wonder whether or not they are in a much nicer place than us.  They remember what our country stood for and what it means to have that freedom.  There was one woman in particular who was frantic to hurry and try to stand up out of her wheelchair because of the flag!  We assured her that she could say the Pledge of Allegiance in her wheelchair.  We are asked to take a moment of silence or listen to taps at 3:00 P.M. on Memorial Day in remembrance.  I will do it both today and on the 30th as well.   I hope that you will join me in both days. 
Remembrance is a very special word that encompasses every single thing we do.  We are continually creating a memory in the present, so that in the future, we will have a past to remember.  No matter who you are....the past can be something to cherish.  Some of the memories might be difficult, but they taught us lessons or made us stronger.  They not only appeal to our visual senses, but to our sense of smells as well.  We all can sit back and remember the smell of something in our lives.  I most recently received some items from my mothers home.  She passed away 3 1/2 years ago.  Yesterday, I sat down with one of her  recipe books.  There it was, the scent of my mother right there in my hands....I suppose we don't realize or it might not matter if it was there before, but it sure is important now.  As her scent permeates the room with each turn of a page I have the feeling of her presence there with me. 
As I went through the book...I could tell it's age.  How, you might wonder?  Well, for instance, many of the bread recipes called for cake yeast....not the common yeast used today.  It called for Spry.  When I asked my husband if he knew what Spry was...he had no clue.  When I told him it was shortening...he just shook his head....that he knew.  It used a lot of Butter Milk, which by the way....at least here in Illinois you can no longer get real Buttermilk...it is now low fat.  Recipes don't come out the same.  I wonder why we can no longer get it here?  I know that in South Carolina they sell real buttermilk.  Anyway,  I thought about how much the computer has changed the ways of cooking or baking.  It is so easy to go to the computer to search for a recipe and boom...there it is, except I must admit, going through the ages of that cookbook gave me great satisfaction.  I could tell which were my moms most used or loved recipes by the smudges that remained.  There were notes in her handwriting that I will forever cherish.  Some were of corrections she marked that perhaps made it better in her opinion.  I always wonder if the next generation will have the same sentiments towards things like I do. I wonder what it is they would want to have as a remembrance?   The one thing that I always wondered was whether someone will know my footsteps crossed this land?  Whether or not 100 years from now will they say..."she was here and here is her story"  I sure hope so. I hope that what I do in life means something and will leave a memory.  I thought what better day than Memorial Day to make that statement. 

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Phyllis Kohnke on Monday, May 27, 2013 4:53 PM
Deb, What a poignant and beautifully written pieces. It really touched a spot in me because I feel the same way everytime I look at my Mom's handwritten recipes. As I drove down my block today, I noticed that the only flag flying was mine and that saddened me. Is everyone to busy to pay tribute? I hope not. I hope you'll put all your writings in a book or journal so that someday someone will read them and think what a wonderful person you must have been.
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Debi on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 9:11 AM
Dear Phyllis, Thank you so much for your comments. I appreciate your sincerity. It is so true how we miss those who are no longer with us. As for the flags hanging...it is true almost everywhere I looked. I just read an article about the Raiders this morning. Such a moving story of brave men. I have copied it and wil research a little more. I am going to try to find one of the remaining 4 and see if they will give me an interview. As for the writings, hopefully they are touching people's hearts now and helping them to remember and share. I do have copies of my work. Thanks for that comment as well.

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