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Good morning.   Well, a different day is upon us...a bit cooler but more storms headed in our direction.  I am hoping all that are reading this blog are safe and in the comforts of their homes.  We have head more storms lately than I can ever remember.  Funny how different viewing storms is compared to being a child.  As an adult we worry about the storms and the
damage that they cause.  We ache because if there is arthritis in the bones...there is pain from a storm.  On the plus side we need the rain to make up for the drought and make the plants and flowers grow.  We understand the reaction that happens or the trees when there is lightening. 
As a child, we just think that rain is the mean old thing that makes it so we can't go out and play.  On the good side, it was the thing that allowed us to do the in house things that we normally didn't do outdoors.  And for me, if it wasn't raining hard, then I got to do it on the front porch.  If you didn't grow up having a big front porch...I am so sorry.  It was the best thing man ever thought of.  So many things occurred on the front porch when I was a child.  From conversations with grandparents, crocheting, embroidery, ice cream sandwiches, laughter and stories.  There was playtime and rocking cousins to sleep in the rocking chair.  There I played with Barbie, read my Nancy Drew books and made potholders.
If you are not of my generation, you probably are wondering how to make a potholder.  You are probably thinking it is a sewn item....hmmmm..topic for another day.  But in my day, I had the metal square potholder maker that had something similar to teeth that edged up from its frame.  They still make them today, but I think the new ones are made from plastic.  There were cotton loops..today I believe they are some flimsy material.  Anyway you would loop the rings on the teeth all the way across one direction and then weave in and out the loops in the opposite direction.  I believe then they had a tool to do this, but I just used my fingers.  Once you were completed, you carefully removed them from the tooth and with each removal you placed one loop into the other...just like crocheting until you got to the last loop...that is where the potholder would hang from.  I loved making those potholders.  The colors of the loops were bright and vibrant.  It was always a challenge to see what the end results would be.  As a kid, I made quite a few of them.  It was always a way to make presents for my grandma, aunts and friends...in fact one of my aunts still has one until this very day.  They were really strong...they had to be to have lasted some 50 years.  They were the best potholders around.  With all the types of potholders today, even with all the thermal material sewn in, don't match those of long ago.  I still have my potholder maker hanging in my basement.  I wish I could get the same loops like I used years ago to make myself some.   My children were never interested in making any.  They would get part of the way through and say it was too hard and give up. 
I must say, when I look at what they make today compared to the durability of what they made in my day...such a difference.  But then , when I think about it....we were different.   I think that todays youth is more invested in tv and electronic games.  Now don't take me wrong...I listened to the record player, but I worked on something while I did it.  I guess even as a child I could multi-task.  I had a sense of pride about making something to give someone.  I was giving a piece of me....and the fact that my only living aunt still has that potholder tells me that she really appreciated it.  One day my Granddaughter made a picture of a girl using leaves and pine straw she found in her garden and scotch taped it onto one of her mothers fat pieces of Tupperware.  It is amazing to me, the vision she had.  My daughter lost her piece of Tupperware.  It now sits on my dresser where it has sat for the past 6 years.  It will remain there until I die.  It is one of the most treasured piece I own.  I am more proud to show off that piece than even my own artwork...and I am an artist by profession.  It is a piece of love that no one can put a price on....I guess my aunt must have felt the same.  And the funny thing is....I feel the return of love with that gesture.  I guess the one thing I left off of that list of things I did on that front porch was....LOVE.    

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