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My Blog

Apple Pickiing

As always, a good morning to my fellow readers.  The sun is very bright today.  You can't help but want to hurry to be outside on a beautiful day like this. 
Today's blog is on apple picking.  You see growing up through the years apple picking was also something we did for entertainment.  It may have cost something, but in the end you really had something to take home, enjoy ad would last till the next year.  At least that was the case for me and my family. We would always go to a place in Wauconda, Illinois called Bell Orchards.  They had rows and rows of apples of every sort.  There were Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonathan's and McIntosh.  There were none of the modern day apples that we see on the market stands today, but we were happy with the small variety that seemed to be available for us at the time .  We would pick and eat apples till our bushels were as full as our tummies.  We always had a picnic basket along with a blanket so that we could enjoy a lunch in the orchard.  Oh, those were the days.   Then, when the lunch was over...off we went back to the house.  Grandma canned the apples and made apple slices and apple pies to freeze  They were the best in the world...at least according to me. 
I learned through the years to make those apple pies and slices.  I learned just a few years before my mother passed away, that she was actually crowned Apple Dumpling Queen for Woolworths Department Store.  At the time she managed the food counters and Woolworths had an apple dumpling contest going on between the stores.  Well it tuned out my mother won the contest.  She made the best apple dumpling with a vanilla sauce to go over it.  Oh, that year she made some while she was visiting, and I must tell you they were yummy.  Not only did I get to watch, but I got the recipe as well.
Now stories about my mother and apples seem to go hand in hand....you see, once I got married, year after  year we would take the kids and family and continue to go apple picking, only by that time Bell Orchards in Wauconda closed.  So we had found a new orchard in Michigan..  Well, one particular year we were out in the fields, my mother had driven her car as well with my cousins and my mother comes up to me while I was up on he ladder picking  apples and she  proceeds to tell me that she locked her keys in the car trunk and couldn't get.it opened.....of course my first question  was  "do you have your second set of keys?'  "Oh Yes,"  she answered.... my next question was..."where are they?"...her answer..."in my purse" ...my next question was..."Where is your purse?"  Her answer was..."In the trunk".
Well, we landed up searching for something to use to take apart the back seat of her car....we used a knife that I brought for the picnic lunch  and they pried off the back of the seat as far as they could,  but the purse was up near the key lock.  None of us had thin enough arms to reach though to get it, so my little cousin who had skinny long arms used a fork that I bent to grab hold of the handles and pulled it out.  We reassembled the seat. My mom was relieved...I was happy that we didn't have to drive all the back to Chicago to get another set of keys.  We laughed the rest of the day and teased her every time we saw an apple that she may have been apple queen and works great in the kitchen, but just put her in the apple fields, she might never find her way out. 
They always say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  I think that must be true..because I was happy with the apples we got....an it  sure kept me from hurting  my mom that day!

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