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Water Bottles

Good morning and Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.   And to all the moms who have for one reason or another have had to play the role of dad.
Today, I thought that my topic would be on water bottles and after I typed it I and thought a moment, I had to laugh to myself, because in today's world...when we think about a water bottle, we immediately see that clear plastic bottle that contains drinking water.  Hmm.....perhaps some of you may not even know of another type of water bottle.    Well, the one I am thinking of was used long ago, when I was growing up.  It was a big red rectangular rubber container that could hold hot water and it had a screw in plug at the top of it. 
I remember that water bottle for many reasons.  I cannot rightly say that when you purchased one if it came alone or with all the paraphernalia as well. Now, you may question what else would come with a water bottle.  Those of us old enough to know...it came with the enema attachments. 
In my house growing up...Grandma had MANY of them and they hung in the bathroom...it hung on the rod where the shower curtains hang.  They had all the tubes attached and sat there ready for use.  Use?? You may wonder why such a thing would be useful and always hanging?  Well, you see, it was my Grandmother's firm belief, that if you complained of a stomach ache...there had to be something in the stomach which connects to the colon and therefore...to make you feel better...we would need to get an enema.  She would make a warm water based solution using soap and you would lay on your side on the bed as the solution entered your backside through the long enema tube.  I know I don't need to get any more graphic here....when you were ready, you were emptied out.  Grandma believed that this was the first step to good health.  I hated to say I had a stomach ache back then, because you knew what was coming.  I thought that everyone in the world was kept internally cleansed this way.  It was much later in life when I found out that it was not the case for all.  But through the years of reading and studying holistic medicine, I realized that enema's, along with Grandma's beliefs were right on.  If you have ever read any of Edgar Cayce's work, you will note that this was a treatment that he recommended.  It is also recommended by holistic and naturopathic medical books.  In fact, they say one of the best enemas is with coffee.  Who would have ever dreamed coffee would clean you out...but when you think about ingesting coffee, it has diuretic properties, so why not? 
Now, the water bottles were also used for other things as well. 
When I was growing up, the only type of heat we had came from one selectively played space heater in the kitchen of the house.  It kept the kitchen, which was the largest room in the house pretty toasty, but the bedrooms were another story during winter.  So, about 1/2 hour before you were going to go to sleep, my Grandma would use three water bottles filled with hot water and place them strategically on the bed between the sheet and the comforter.  One was near where your head would rest, one was in the middle and one where you feet would be,  Now, when it was time for you to actually go to bed, Grandma had the fourth bottle ready and would pull out the three that were on the bed and have you jump in, placed the new one under your feet and cover you up and tuck you in.  Grandma believed that if your feet stayed warm, so would the rest of you.  And it really worked.  But oh my, when you got up in the morning and out of that bed you would shiver through the house right up to the space heater and warm your backside until you stopped shivering and chattering your teeth. 
That wasn't the only time a water bottle was used back then either....when we had a sore throat, Grandma would rub Vicks around my neck, wrap a sock or a piece of flannel around it as well and put a warm water bottle on top of that.  It would always seem to help soothe that sore throat. 
Years went by and I married and there were water bottle in my home for my children.  Fortunately we lived with either forced heat or radiator heat and I never had to tuck them in with a water bottle, but I did use it for when the girls became of age and got cramps...that was another one of grandma's remedies...a shot of blackberry liquor and a warm water bottle over your stomach.  I used them for backaches an muscle aches as well  I have used my Grandmother's so called boyfriend...BEN GAY, and a water bottle even to this day. 
I know that now a days with microwaves and all, there are all types of heat packs that are filled with rice or flax seeds that can be warmed up in the microwave and placed on your aching body parts, but to be perfectly honest with you...they don't keep the heat anywhere near as long as the water bottles do. 
I have seen that they make them now covered in flannel, and they make them into teddy bears and such for children, but I often wonder whether parents today actually realize what to do with them.  Of course there is no longer the need for all the tubes and such since here are now disposable enemas that you can purchase and use. Although today, I think they the main reason for their use is for constipation.  Water Bottles of course no longer hang in bathrooms today with all their tubes and such.  I keep mine in my linen closet.  And pull them out quite often when there are aches and pains or the beginning of a sore throat. 
When I think back to my childhood....Grandma was pretty on target.  She knew how to treat just about anything. The only coffee Grandma used was in a cup from the big old Gallon coffee pot that sat on the stove filled all day long with coffee for drinking, I can imagine though that if she would have known that coffee enemas were better that soap and water she would have used that as well.  But, I can't help thinking that even Grandma, who loved coffee could imagine using it for that reason....but, I will never really know for sure!
Water Bottles...times have changed, right along with the definitions!

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