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Blondie and Dagwood

Good morning to all my cyber friends.  Today is predicted to be hot, so, I am going to get out early to do a few things and then lock myself in where it will be cool. 
Todays topic is Blondie and Dagwood.  I was sitting here thinking about the old days and that is what came to me.  For those of you who may not know who Blondie and Dagwood are...they were a television series that came on once a week when I was young.  They were a married couple with 2 children.  Dagwood worked for man named Mr. Dithers, Dagwood was the office manager in Mr. Dithers Construction company.  Blondie stayed at home to raise the children ,Alexander, better know as Baby Dumpling and Cookie his sister.   They also had comic books and a comic Strip in the Sunday Funnies. Now this may not seem like anything different, especially back in the 50's/60's, with other shows around like Father Knows Best and the Donna Reed Show or Even Make Room for Daddy, but Dagwood was a bit different than the rest of the men.  Scattered brained perhaps, always in a hurry to get to work.  Always blundering something.  Blondie always seemed to be saving the day.  I remember watching the show and thinking what an odd name Dagwood was...but compared to the names that some parents have come up with through the years...it doesn't seem so strange anymore.  Now the one thing notable from the show was when Dagwood was hungry...he would build an enormous sandwich that when it was time to eat, it was hilarious to try to see him trying to open his mouth wide enough.  That is when they began calling the submarine sandwich a Dagwood.   Funny how little things like a television program can change what goes on in our daily loves. 
I remember that as a child, one of the things that we would do for enjoyment was jump rope.  Now there were various ways to do that depending on how many kids were around.  You needed at least two if you were going to do BIG jumping.  Of course you could jump rope independently.  But the BIG jumping was so much more fun.  Now you may question the 2.  Well, you really needed at least 3,but with two, we would tie the one end to the railing of the house and that would act as the 3rd person. 
You may wonder how I went from Blondie and Dagwood to jumping rope....well, the connection to that is that when I grew up...that was one of the songs we used to sing while we jumped the rope.  I am not sure if everyone did, but I know that we did.  It went like this "Blondie and Dagwood went downtown, Blondie bought an evening gown, Dagwood bought a pair of shoes, and Cookie boughtt the Daily News...in it said...and well folks...that is all I can remember.  I have searched my memory banks for years trying to figure out the rest.  If any of you out there remember, please comment it back to me.  It drives me crazy when I cannot remember things like that  Now we had lots of songs back then that we used to sing to play jump rope.  We did it at home, we did it at school on the playground as well.  Nothing real fancy...for the group jumping we would use an old laundry rope,  We didn't worry abut anything being politically correct.  The songs were just that...songs.  We would jump into the rope while it was moving.  When there were a lot of kids we used 2 ropes that went in reverse of each other and we would jump in.  That as called Double Dutch. There were jumping rope songs for how many times you kissed a fella...like Cinderella, Down in the Valley, ? and Johnny, sitting in a Tree.  We even did tricks while we jumped to songs like Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around, Teddy bear, Teddy Bear..touch the Ground and so on and so forth.  It was a common thing to see children playing the game, even as we got older it got more and more challenging for us. 
A jump rope used to be something back in my ay that was a great gift to receive. Back in our day, a jump rope got a lot of wear and tear.  And new ones were a welcomed gift. 
Today, I can't honestly say that when I walk up and down the street I see children play with jump ropes anymore.  I can't say that when I go past a school yard that I see it anymore as well.  I guess with all the electronics that they have today, that is a better use of their time?  I suppose when I really took the time to analyze it, the playgrounds are filled with jungle gyms and playthings, that there is no need for jumping rope.  Such a shame.  I think the only time you might see someone jump rope might be if they are in a gym, training.  We are all worried about the health of our children today.   Concerned abut their growing waist lines.  Worrying  about the junk foods that they are eating, and yet, exposing them to some good old fun like jumping rope doesn't seem to come to mind.  We are concerned with how much things cost today that the children want.  I say it is time to return to some basics.  Let children gather together....look around...even when they are together...their heads are faced downward and in their games. No one is interacting.  They are all sitting on their backsides, playing a game.  In my day, that was unheard of. I  say it is time that we look to some of these problems and do something about it.   Blondie and Dagwood went downtown......????  Hope someone out there has the answer to both  the song and how to get our kids moving. 
JUST IN from one of my readers...Bless her sweet little heart.  The Blondie and dagwood rope jumping song....compliments of Cindy
Blondie and Dagwood
Went to town.
Blondie bought
An evening gown.
Dagwood bought
A pair of shoes.
Cookie stayed home
To watch the news.
And this is what is said:
Close your eyes (* Jumper close eyes *)
And count to ten.
One, two, three, ... (* Continues counting to 10 *)

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