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What's with Friday's?

Good morning to everyone.  Another day and another blog....who would imagine that the written word could reach so many around the world.  It astounds me to no end to know where my blog gets read.  I am indeed honored by those who follow the blog and hope that it does what I have intended it to do...entertain, take you back, educate or perhaps make you wonder.  Whichever it does, I am also grateful to connect with you! 
Now for todays topic. I decided to blog about Fridays because I thought that out of all the days of the week....most people have some connection to Friday's, more perhaps than any other day of the week.
I started looking at Fridays when I was a child, and well, being raised a Catholic, Fridays meant no meat....Now I was so fortunate back then to have had a Grandmother who was not only the best baker, but also the best cook around.  I started to think about Friday meals.  Now most people, who were raised Catholic, know that we weren't allowed meat on Fridays....it was a sin!  Funny how later in life the sins were removed.  Anyway, My Grandmother, bless her heart, was such a creative chef.  She would make the standard fish as everyone might expect, but I was not really the fish eater.  I  did enjoy Grandma's Salmon Patties though.  I remember she used to make a huge pancake that was the size of her cast iron pan, smear it with her homemade grape jelly, roll it up like a jellyroll and then sprinkle it with tons of powdered sugar.  She also made zucchini fritters and sprinkled them with the powdered sugar as well.  Anything that had sugar on it...she was pretty safe in knowing I would eat it  She also used to make creamed corn pancakes.  They were simply delicious.  There were also potato pancakes as well....now as I grew older I realized that most people use sour cream or applesauce on top of them, but we sprinkled granulated sugar over them.  The first time I did that, I think my husband almost fell off the kitchen chair.  Trust me, even though this may sound foreign to you...they are delicious that way.  Of course we had soups that were meatless.  There was always cream of mushroom and cream of broccoli, clam chowders, and my ultimate favorite was tomato. We had Italian spaghetti an then polish spaghetti...for those who may not know of Polish spaghetti...it was buttered spaghetti noodles with cottage cheese and chives mixed into it.  Today, I believe some may call it the lazy man pierogi. So when I think of Fridays, I cannot help but think back to those days
In fact, in the Christian religion, Jesus was crucified on a Friday and it is celebrated to this day in mourning.  Good Friday seems like an odd name for such a horrific occasion, but when you look at it closer it was the most sacrificial day.  It was a GOOD day for us.  For the Jewish , Friday, at sundown,begins the Sabbath. Special prayers are recited on Friday evening.     
Fridays for some are the TGIF.  Thank God it's Friday.  The last day of the work week.  How funny, that unless you worked at a restaurant, most people back when I was young, Friday was the last work day. Friday , of course is PAY day!  The occasional banker worked till noon on a Saturday, and of course gas station attendants worked on Saturdays, but for most people back then, FRIDAY was it.  We still reach that day and view it as the relief day.  Once it was over....It was time to relax & chill out 
Friday the 13th has always been another day that people always are aware of and anticipating perhaps some ominous occurrence on that day...that is, if you are superstitious, although, you are still aware of that day, regardless.  It is usually highlighted in the news.  There are even movies that have been made about Friday the 13th.    It is also believed in Christian religions that Friday and the 13 are bad days due to the 13th member at the last supper betrayed Christ and His crucifixion was on Friday.  There was even a crazy mixed up movie like Freaky Friday!
Friday has also been associated with parties, drinking, and girls night out, and guys night out as well.  It was the day that you could meet up with people at a restaurant or bar, have a few drinks and dance.  Wells St. in Chicago was usually the place to be on a Friday night when I was of the age to party.  I am not sure if it is the same these days, with all the moves to the suburbs, I am sure almost any area with a bar and music would be the place to be. 
When I was young, weddings were always held on a Saturday, but now it seems that Friday is a great day for a wedding.  It is usually much cheaper and seems that more and more couples are choosing a Friday to wed.
Fridays were the days you left for a special weekend.  Oftentimes, you may have requested a Friday off to do so.  Not many people chose a Wednesday or Thursday....most want to hook it on to the weekend. And then there is always talk about how horrible Fridays traffic would be!   
Now, through the years, there was a saying about the day of the week you were born on, and it denoted how you would grow up....Fridays child was loving and giving.   Were you born on a Friday?  Does this describe you?
Actually, has Friday been significant in your life?  Are you able to relate to some of these memories?   Perhaps next, I should write about Sundays and the difference from long ago to now!  I just think it is amazing how a specific day of the week can mean so many different things to different people!   

2 Comments to What's with Friday's?:

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Jeanni Tiedj on Saturday, June 29, 2013 1:45 PM
Hi, Debi! Fridays had special meaning for many of us kids in my neighborhood. Saturday was designated as official house cleaning day. Vacuuming, real in depth dusting, furniture polishing, thorough kitchen and bathroom cleaning. As I was getting into preteen + teen years, my friends and siblings often wanted to go skating or shopping or to the movies. But, the rules were that nobody went anywhere until all the cores were done & Mom gave the OK. I hated all he cleaning on Saturdays, because it was picking up all the toys and clothes and other stuff that were strewn around from the entire week. I was so depressing just to think about all the work and knowing that there was no way it would be done in time for us to do anything. This kid came up with a bright idea. We were told the housework had to be done before we could do anything on Saturday mornings, BUT we weren't told it all had to be DONE on Saturday! I would start on Monday as far as picking up stuff and getting I put away. Light dusting would only take a few moments if done daily. or every other day. My brothers were 6,8, 9 and 11 years younger than me, my sister were 2 + 4 years younger. Bu, by doing some of he stuff each day and then keeping it up for the week, The younger one finally caught on tat my jobs were almost done on Saturday morning, so I could gout wile the others worked. Also, it started to get into everybody's mind that things were not going to be left laying around all week, and people were starting to get the idea in their tick skulls that they could be doing the same thing and be able to get outside earlier. At times it got to be funny because my sibs would try to 'trap' me by leaving stuff al over the place, but them my Folks would step in to point out that my sibs could do the same thing and be ale to get out earlier on Saturday. Rules were changed just a bit, so that everything had to be done + pass inspection by noon on Saturday, and those whore had completed their chores were to help the those that were behind in their work. After a couple people took advantage of the situation, things were changed that the only reason that would be accepted for being behind in your work would be a special homework or illness......but ten the person who received the help had 2 weeks to repay everyone back for their hope. First real responsibilities for us to learn in helping to keep the house clean, as well as what would happen if you didn't pull your share.
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Debi Gajewski on Saturday, June 29, 2013 6:29 PM
Jeanni, You have always seemed to be the responsible and intelligent person. This only goes to prove how true that statement is. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully, this might just spark a youngster to do the same. Friday nights for cleaning...so Saturdays can be a play day.
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