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The Voice That Saved Me

Good afternoon...quite a late start for me on my blogging, but I had an early performance today.  Most are usually mid afternoon or early evening.  It was a splendid performance, if I must say so myself.  I did Happy Birthday to the USA.  I love this program...It is so informative and insightful.  Everyone seemed to love it.  One woman on the elevator ride down asked me how I learned all that?  And to top that ...she asked how in the world  I could remember it all. Bless her little heart.  But when I stop and thought about it...she's right...this little brain of mine sure does hold a lot of information....but the best art of being a storyteller is getting to choose what resonates with my heart...and of course, if your heart is in it..well, that just makes it easy to remember! 
Todays topic is The Voice that saved me.  Now I could almost do a series of writings on this particular topic...and the fact that it is a true to life story is even more mind boggling.  I still question why I am still walking on earth...because there have been some pretty serious occurrences that the outcome should have been deadly.  I have believed in angels ever since this first life saving moment.
It all happened in the year 1983.  It was just a few days before Christmas. It was the year I was having family over for Christmas Day.  There would be abut 40 or so people coming and I was doing al the cooking for the event...not to mention all the housecleaning and preparations.  I am a real fanatic when I comes to parties...so there were all sorts of homemade gifts that I made and prizes for games that would get played to get wrapped, etc., etc., etc..
Now, my eldest daughter's godfather was in from the service on leave and he invited us all over to spend the day at his parents.  Now, I am never one to back out of going ANYWHERE...but this particular time, I heard a voice tell me NOT to go.  Now, I started to wonder whether or not I was imagining this....it is not the norm to hear voices that weren't there.  Then I started to get a queasy feeling, just thinking about going. I decided maybe it was some sort of instinct, so I decided that it might be best to listen to it...after all, I had all sorts of preparations that needed to get done anyway and this way I wouldn't have to rush through them.  So, I told my husband that he should go with the girls and I would just stay home and prepare for Christmas Day.  He almost seemed relieved, since I usually become quite the lunatic when making sure everything gets done perfectly for a party. 
Now the day arrived and they all left for the South side of Chicago where the family lived.  I had my mom over helping me set the table and wrap gifts...the entire time my mother kept asking me whether I was alright...she said I seem to be acting very strange...I kept assuring her that I was fine and that there was just a lot on my mind because of the party.  I was trying to avoid telling her the real reason...which was: I was worried half to death about my husband and the children. 
The day was full of preparations and cleaning.  After supper, my mother left and the only thing  could think to do was run to the telephone and call my husband...this was well before cell phone time.  When I called our friends house and they put my husband on the phone...the first question I asked was whether or not he had been drinking...you know how that goes?  Couple guys together after a long period of time?  When he said no....I told him to promise me that he would be careful driving home.  My stomach was doing flip flops all over the place as I spoke with him...He just started to laugh and asked what my problem was...I proceeded to tell him that I don't care how crazy I sounded....just drive slow and be careful!!  He assured me he would...but that didn't stop that nagging feeling that I had in the pit of my stomach.  I didn't know what to do with my self...I paced like a caged animal, then I remembered  I had recorded all these movies on VHS tapes and had multiple movies on each tape.  I then decided that I could work with them and mark down the movie names and run the counters and mark them down as well...that would surely take my mind off of the feeling I was having of impending doom.   I was on the floor working with the machine and the tapes, when suddenly, this horrific feeling came over me...in that instant, I looked up to the heavens and prayed "Please dear God...protect them and keep them safe".  After that, there was no keeping me down.  I paced back and forth from room to rom, constantly looking at the clock...saying out loud to myself..."They should be home by now"!  My heart was racing a thousand miles a minute...or so it seemed?  All sorts of thoughts went racing through my head when suddenly at 11:45 P. M., the phone rang.  I grabbed it fast and didn't even say hello...I just said in the most anxious voice "Where are you? and What happened"  It was my 6 year old daughter on the other end of the phone telling me to "Calm Down!"  Okay, this is not a good sign when your 6 year old is telling you to calm down.  She proceeds to tell me they are in a hospital because they were in a car accident, but that everyone is okay.  REALLY??  I thought???  Where is my husband and why is the 6 year old on the on the phone and where is my 5 year old?  Next, I hear my husbands voice..Relief came over me, but at the same time I kept thinking..."What a chicken, to have the 6 year old call me?"  He said they were in an accident...some guy ran a stop sign....the streets were wet from the rain and he slid into the car..."the car is pretty bad...but we are all okay...The eldest went forward and hit her gums against the seat and it was bleeding, but that was all.  I asked about him and my 5 year old and he told me they were fine...nothing happened to either of them... Now, I must enlighten you, that this was way before the seatbelt laws....what a miracle....He said they would be home soon.  I paced some more only this time, I began shaking uncontrollably all over...the whole time remembering the voice that said I shouldn't go.  
When they got home, the minute my 5 year old stepped over the doorway, she began to cry and showed me her head....she had this great big goose egg on the top of her head.  I just gave my husband  a look, immediately grabbed a bag of frozen peas from the freezer and gently placed it on her head while holding her and assuring her "Mommy is here and everything will be okay now"!  I questioned my husband whether they looked at this in the hospital, and of course his answer was NO....he said she said she was okay.  I was livid. Really??  You listen to a 5 year old?  And where in the word were the hospital personnel?  They didn't think to check EVERYONE out?  It just took me by such surprise.  I finally got the girls settled into bed.  Tucked them in an thanked God for bringing them home safe, just like I had asked Him a few hours earlier...but this is not where the story ends.
You see, then my husband starts to explain the accident to me step by step, and upon finishing, asks me to go out to see the car.  I absolutely couldn't do it.  I just was physically and emotionally drained.  I had spent the entire day tied up in knots.  All I wanted to do was go to bed....only once I got in the bed I began shaking all over again, as if in trauma....my husband kept remarking that he had no idea why I was shaking....I wasn't even in the accident.  I, of course, had no response. 
All night I continued to check in on the girls, replaced the frozen bags of peas with more of the same...making sure they didn't have a concussion, by occasionally waking them and then telling them to go back to sleep.
The next morning, everyone seemed to be much better....they had all gone on with their daily doings ad I got down on my hands and knees to scrub the kitchen floor .  I got so sick, within 5 minutes, I had to stop.  I got up, laid down on the bed and I heard a voice say "GO SEE THE CAR"...I dismissed it, thinking I must be tired...I am hearing voices again.  I started to feel better and then went back to my knees to wash the floor....again, my stomach was churning and I felt nauseous.  I stopped, laid back down again, and once again, this voice tells me "GO SEE THE CAR!"  At this point I was starting to believe I was overwrought and maybe now losing my mind.  When the nausea passed,, back on my knees once again.  And the same thing happened...I laid down for the third time when the same message was uttered.  This time, I decided that 3X's was the charm and got up, put on my boots and coat, and proceeded to leave the house.  My husband questioned me as to where I thought I was going...being that the kitchen floor was wet and the bucket and scrub brush were still in the middle of the room.  My answer was simple..."To see the car"  "NOW??" He asked..."I have been asking you since last night to go and look at it?"  I just shrugged my shoulders, opened the door and walked out to the back of the yard to the carport, where the car was parked.  When I saw the damage...I knew that God had sent me an angel to make sure I wasn't in that car.  The other car had hit it in the passenger side and pushed it inward all the way to the where my husband was...had I been in that car..I would either have been totally mangled or dead.  And even more miraculous was that in those days, there were no laws on children sitting in the front seats...Neither of them chose that night to argue over who would sit in the front, and if that weren't enough, when the girls were sleepy, in the back seat were pillows that each would prop up against the door and their heads would rest on the pillows as they criss- crossed their legs in the middle.  The car had missed hitting my 6 year old's head completely.  God had answered my prayer...He had kept them safe and brought them all home to me.  As for me...He had been protecting me all along.  I am so grateful that even though I had no idea why I was hearing a voice tell me not to go...I am thankful that I listened.  So many years have gone by, so many more miracles like this have happened to me...my question continually is "Why me...What plan do you have for me?  What have you saved me for?"  I still don't understand the reasoning...but accept the reality of...who am I to question God? 

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Phyllis Kohnke on Tuesday, July 02, 2013 9:17 PM
Amazing story, Deb! I've had that same feeling of doom, but have never actually heard the voice. If I ever do hear it, you can bet I'll pay attention. So far, I've been lucky.
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Debi Gajewski on Wednesday, July 03, 2013 6:26 AM
I am always so amazed at those who follow that feeling Phyllis. Glad you are one of them. I shook my head a number of times as I said...thinking I was going batty. Still wondering my purpose...Hoping that I am getting it done...whatever God has saved me for!

Linda Kinnaman on Wednesday, July 03, 2013 12:01 AM
Debi ~ I am speachless. What an incredible story!
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Bulk SMS Service on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 2:40 AM
Nice blog post about people voice !!!Nicely written post! I must thank you for posting this blog because the topic is very much in demand today and everyone wants to read about it. Thanks

Debi Gajewsk on Wednesday, July 03, 2013 6:28 AM
Thanks Linda..I appreciate it. It was n incredible moment. The unreal part is that I have more!!
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Jeanni on Wednesday, July 03, 2013 8:33 PM
Dearest Debi...I know that you have had more experiences of this kind. You shared many of them with me over the years. Each time you reminded me to always trust my gut. On July 16, 2008 I had what I thought to be the worse case of the 'flu' that anyone could have experienced. The nausea, throwing up, fever, etc. had been going on for the 3rd day. I do not particularly like hospitals-especially the Emergency Depts. But this day when my Mom told me to go take a shower & get dressed for I am going to the hospital. I knew she was right and for once didn't argue--trusted my very upset gut--and was very calm, collected, and accepted the fact that something was wrong. Those are the last thoughts that I remember. Paramedics were called, and they confirmed I was vomiting/pooping old blood. I do not remember talking to paramedics in the house o in the driveway, I do not remember the ambulance ride or ER/admitting process, which others told me had occurred. Next thing I remember is waking up in ICU, Mom at my bedside, and being very weak. I was out for 3 days while they worked to stop the bleeding esophageal ulcer, tried to stop my kidneys from failing, trying to find the reasons for the liver enlargement, and much more. I was so happy that I had followed your advice to follow my gut feelings. I was I ICU for 10 days followed by a 'step down' program for 4 more days. The thought that since many symptoms had subsided and I was able to get o the bathroom and al to eat, it was safe for me to go home. I still didn't feel 'right' but went home for 7 days, then asked to be taken back to the hospital because I as feeling really bad again. Packed Red Blood Cell transfusions (thank you, dear donors), dialysis to clean out my blood because urine output was less that 30 cc's (approx. 1 ounce) for a few hours (meds weren't working), managed to re-catch both MRSA and C-Diff, back on the critical list for about a week. Then back to the step down unit, and then a month in a nursing home facility, for I was not strong enough to take care of myself. I am doing OK for now--the stent in my heart cleared the 60+% blockage of the artery. Dialysis gave my kidneys a chance to rest so they could start up again. Slowly all symptoms except 1 cleared themselves up.....because of the massive doses of medications they were using to save my life, many of the tiny hairs in the cochlea in the ears that move sound waves to the brain were destroyed. I am fortunate to have cochlear implants that have given me back a good size portion of my hearing--not all, mind you, but I am Thankful that my world is no longer 90% silent. It is debatable as to whether or not I had a heart attack, but found a good cardiologist to help me. Friends were so kind as to recommending different doctors to help me, and as a result I feel I have the best crew of MDs anyone could ask for. I give Thanks daily to God for so patiently leading me through the recovery of all that happened. Included with those thanks, my dear friend, are special ones that lead us to be friends and especially for you pounding in into my head to always trust my gut, for it is trying to tell me something. Thank you ever so much for being there to be ale to tell me this over and over until it finally sunk in this thick skull of mine. For you told me that there are special angels looking out for me when my gut is telling me something, so listen to my body. The only way I can repay your love and kindness is to pass it on to others. I've worked at just trying o be a good person. Have offered change when someone didn't have enough for bus fare, one time paid the tolls for the next 5 cars in back of me on the road, offered the use of my cell phone, I now try to do volunteer work a couple days a week at a day care center, bought a few sailors that were on leave a cup of coffee to express my thanks for what they were doing, and so much more! As a result, my life has become a lot happier and a lot more wholesome! Thank you, my dear Friend, for helping to make all this possible Love you Bunches! Jeanni
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Debi Gajewski on Wednesday, July 03, 2013 9:52 PM
Jeanni, Oh my goodness. I had no idea of all that you have been through. Thank God that you listen to you gut. I must say, I think you give me way too much credit for trusted your intuition, but I do remember my strong belief in angels and Go's way of communicating with us...so if that helped you, I am so glad...we all never know how the actions and words we spak can change someone's life. I am so pleased that you are doing well and even more pleased in your kind acts, but as I see your life, you were always there lending a kind word and a helping hand. God has HIS plans for us all, but we have free will from Him as well. Thankfully you listened to all those wonderful people who were there to build you back up again. God Bless you and thank you for sharing that with me and my readers.

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