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2nd Story Window

Well, I am back and running.  Talk about glitches'.  I have told the company that hosts my domain name, that  they should  have a default for their defaults. 
They evidently have tried to reach me...with an email that is no longer valid.  You would think that they would CALL??  And I think that these places need to let you use YOUR pin number as you see fit...I couldn't for the life of me remember my pin, because it had to be within their specifications.  Talk about a 3 day nightmare!!!  But thanks to a very sweet young man today, I had a breakthrough.  AMEN.  Thanks for letting me vent!    Now onto today's story.
Although my husband told me to go ahead and make this a story, I think for my own sanity I chose a different subject. 
Today I will cover an event that happened so long ago.  I was a young mother.  I had my first child when I was 21 and the next when I was 22.  My girls were 12 months, and 12 days apart from each other.  some may call this Irish twins.  I call it DRAINING!!  It was some experience to have a 12 month old and a new born baby.  I, at times thought I might loose my mind.  I hate to tell you the horrible things that raced through my mind during those first few months. Not towards my children, but towards myself for letting this happen...but then everything happens for a reason, right? 
Well, I had what you would call a quite precocious 2 year old daughter.  She would get into anything and everything.  My hair turned grey when this child turned 2.  Well, one of her little escapades happened while she was laid down to take a nap.  You see, when we first got married, and we had our two little girls, we lived on the second floor of an old brick apartment building on Central Ave and Hirsch in Chicago.  It was a nice apartment with 2 bedrooms and large living room, dining room and kitchen and even had an enclosed back porch, which I used as a playroom for the girls. 
Well, one day in particular, I had laid both of the girls down for a nap.  Now the 1 year old was in one crib and the 2 year old was in a crib of her own.  They were in their Raggedy Ann bedroom with layette table and rocking chair and three dressers.  The dressers were mine from when I was young.  they were the old white French Proventil where they made an L shape.  The center dresser fit into a corner.  Now in the girls bedroom the babies crib was on the wall next to the window and the corner dresser fit perfectly at the end of the crib and blocked off the window.  Now I must share with you that this was a nice warm spring day and the window was open about 6 inches, but there was a sliding screen in the window. 
When it was time for their nap, I would lay them down, make sure I waited until they were asleep and then quickly raced down the 3 flights of stairs to the basement to throw in a load of laundry and then raced back up.  Well, I occupied myself that afternoon waiting for them to fall asleep, and when I quietly opened the bedroom door to check on them, the 2 year old had climbed out of her crib....and to my horror, Figured out a way to climb onto the corner dresser, open the window, kick out the screen and was calmly sitting on the 2nd story ledge leisurely looking out at the goings on below. 
My heart raced, my mind went around like a tilt-a-whirl as I was in panic mode.  One false move and I might startle her and she might fall forward.  I held my breath as I tiptoed across what was a creaky old wood floor, hoping not to hit the areas that squeaked, praying the entire time that she would not see me.  I got close enough to where she was sitting and thrust my arms around her and pulled her towards myself.  I must tell you, I was so upset and grateful at the same time.  I didn't know whether to spank her, yell at her or to hug her.  All I know was that she was safe and that I was thanking God.  I sighed a sigh of relief.  I learned that even a 2 year old can figure out their way around anything. 
When I looked back at the room later, I had taken every precaution to keep my babies safe, and yet that still wasn't good enough.  To the best of my knowledge, I assumed after crawling out of her crib, she had to have crawled up the 2nd crib to get over to the dresser.  She then opened the window, kicked out the screen and placed herself down on the ledge.  And she did this without making any sounds. 
From that day on there was no longer the rush to the basement to do the laundry.  My husband had the type of job that I never knew what time he would be home, so doing laundry when that happened was not an option, so I learned to throw down the stairs a bunch of laundry at a time kicking it down from landing to landing and carrying both of the girls on each on one of my hips at the same time.  Doing diapers was another story.  Since both of my daughters were allergic to the disposable diapers, I used cloth.  that job was left for me to do by hand in a laundry tub with the old time scrub board upstairs and  I would have to have them done before my husband went to work and have him carry them down to the back yard so that after the girls had  their breakfast I could carry them down the 2 flights of stairs so that I could hang them out on the line in the back yard.  Now that I think back on it...It escapes me why I didn't have him carry down the laundry to the basement.  Sometimes we have all the best intentions and think we have all the answers to everything, and then life just keeps throwing us curve balls.  Needless to say, the bedroom window had a rope tied onto it  during naptime to prevent another episode of any attempt to fly out the window by  a 2 year old Wonder Woman!

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