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When Animals Speak to Us

Good morning once again.  I am a bit on the sluggish side this morning after a very late evening.  I hate when I am wide awake at the end of the day.  But today is a new day and  whole new beginning. 
Today's topic is about when animals speak.  This may seem like a strange title to some and perhaps not to others, but it is something that I have had strong feelings about.  Many years back I had a group of both men and women who would meet once a week at my home.  Our purpose was to meditate and to investigate and learn all forms of metaphysics.  We studied all types of eastern medicines, beliefs, western medicine, comparisons and so forth.  During this time, I believe that all of us that were invested in these studies and we grew tremendously.  We learned abut herbs, essential oils, Bach therapies, hydrotherapies.  We learned about sounds and mantras and their healing effects.  We studied therapeutic touch and Reiki.  We also learned about the Earth changes.  We even studied what animals mean if they come to you. 
Now for some, this may seem an odd thing, or perhaps you have never thought about it because it has never been presented to you.  When we studied this, we used a book that was written by Ted Andrews called When Animals speak.  It spoke of all the meanings behind the animals, totems and so forth.  I studied it, found it interesting but had never put that thought into any sort of  practice, until one specific day.  A hummingbird appeared in my yard. 
Now to many seeing a hummingbird would not be such a big deal, but you see, I had tried to attract hummingbirds for years to no avail.  I had tried every type of hummingbird feeders imaginable...with no luck.  Then one day, I was having a Red Hat event  and we were all in the garden.  Now if you don't know what a Red Hat group is...it is a social group of women 50 and older that get together for fun and socialization.  We all wear purple with red hats.  I could go on, but for the moment, that is all you really need to know. 
So there we all were sitting in the back yard for a tea.  Suddenly, there appears a hummingbird.  It was at my Weigala bush eating away, while it's wings were all a flutter.  Now, at the time, I was so awe struck, that all the learning that I did in my group never even came to mind.  I just was so thrilled to have seen a Hummingbird in my yard and that was enough.  
Now the next day, I was up in my painting studio and started thinking about that Hummingbird.  The more I thought about it, the more I wondered whether it would ever return.  I got up from my chair and walked across the room to the window overlooking my garden.  Lo and behold, there again by the same bush was that hummingbird.  Now, I thought, "what are the odds, that at the precise time that I looked out the window, another hummingbird would be there for me to see!"  At that point, I began to think about the book and when animals speak....I was so curious that I went to the bookshelves to pull the book out and look up what hummingbird has to say.  As I was walking back to my chair to read the book, I fanned through it's pages and just about fell over as I began to read the page on hummingbirds. 
The meaning of hummingbird told you to watch out for your blood sugars.   I was a borderline Diabetic.  At this point I had started needing medicine to control my blood sugars.  It also talked about humming and the healing vibrations that it had on a person.  I had spent my entire life singing and constantly hummed without even realizing it...it was brought to my attention by many.  Now, I was in a state of sorrow at the time, having had experienced a tragic loss and no longer sang or hummed.  I just sat back in my chair in utter amazement.  Needless to say I have returned to humming,  to the chagrin of many who are in the same room with me for long periods of time. 
Now you would think that this would be a one time thing, right?  Wrong....many years went by, when suddenly, it seemed as though everywhere I went, I began to see deer.  Now I would go to work and one ran across the road right in front of me, I would pass by forest preserves and they were right there at the edge of the woods staring back at me.  Now I suppose that those circumstances may seem usual...but the one that got me to stand up and pay attention was one day I opened my front door and there was one right in front of my door on the street looking straight at me.  Now I know I live a block from the woods, but really....right at my front door?!  I ran up the stairs to the bookshelves to get the book once again and looked up seeing the deer.  It said that there would be a move in my life.  Okay, I thought this is really strange, because we had just put in a bid on a house in another state.  I was planning to change and move my entire life.  This was unbelievable.  Now as it turned out, the owner choose not to take the conditions to the bid, so we did not buy the home, but boy did my life change!  I began to make changes and move my life around.  Sometimes, the meanings are the same, just applied in a different manner. 
So recently, I was sitting in the garden and was surrounded by butterflies.  I mean all kinds.  And they weren't just passing through!  One in particular kept circling me all afternoon.  Even my husband made mention to it.  And that was not the only one.  In fact, so many began to appear that I made my husband go in the house and cut a banana and put it on a plate to bring out for them.   I continued to see them constantly and decided it was perhaps time to see what the message might be.  There are many connotations to seeing a butterfly.  Many cultures believe that they are souls coming to be near us.  This was amazing since I have recently received my mother's ashes and her husband had never put her in an urn of any sort.  He just left her in the plastic bag.  I, of course, was appalled!,  And was in the works of painting her a box  for her ashes to go in.  I wondered whether it was her soul?  Telling me that she was finally happy at the thought of being laid to rest in a beautiful place. I painted a folk art rose on the top of a jewelry type wooden box, in a gold stroke worked heart. 
Butterflies message is transformation.  Being ready for the changes that are coming.  It teaches us to be light.  To dance.  Hmmm...no wonder I got a call from my dance teacher as to when I will be returning to my lessons.
So, I see that I am going to go through some more changes in my life.  I see that with my storytelling, things are changing.  I am on a new journey.  I need to be ready and willing to make changes...and that is exactly what I have been doing.
I once had a conversation with someone who thought my beliefs in seeing a specific animal was crazy....that's a bunch of hocus pocus belief.  I said to them, if God knows what might trigger me to believe in His message...He knows how I will perceive it.  Who am I to question Him.  That put an end to that discussion.
So, with that I say that if you see an animal once...I don't necessarily recommend that you run to a book to look up it's meaning, but if you are continuously seeing a specific animal...see what it has to say.  There is a rhyme and a reason to everything...why not this as well?  How many times have you had a dream and upon waking, wondered why you dreamt that or what it might have meant.  Well, the same goes  while we are awake.  We are so wrapped up in dismissing sometimes the most obvious signs in life.  God speaks to us in so many ways.  My advice is to try and take the time to listen.   

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