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A Day in the Ocean

Good morning...if you are in the Chicago land area....chances are pretty good that you experienced the heavy storms that rolled through here last night.  I was happy to just have a horrible storm and no damage.  When the storm fronts meet like that it really worries me.  The wind was so fierce that the windows in my house were rattling like crazy.  But we needed the rain...my vegetables will be happy today. 
As for my story of the day, I thought about the years of visiting the ocean.  When I was a young girl I had been in the Atlantic and the Pacific.  I remember staying in the extreme shallow part, being afraid to go any deeper.  I remember the salty taste in my mouth and the burning sensation in my eyes.  It was not the most pleasurable feeling when I was young. 
Years went by, and more years went by, when finally we made a trip out to the Atlantic again.  This time we were with our daughter and grandkids. 
What a day it was!  We now, as older folks were quite concerned with keeping our eye on the children.  They really wanted a boogie board, as so we purchased one for each of our 2 girls.  Our daughter was pregnant with our third granddaughter. 
They were like troopers in the ocean.  The older granddaughter is pretty cautious, so we weren't as concerned over her as we were with the younger.  We stood out in the water where it was about up to our mid thighs.  It was my daughter, my husband and I.  The bottom floor  of the ocean we were in was quite rough with sea shells.  there were loads of them and by the sharpness to the bottom of my feet, I could tell that many were broken. 
I wanted to check them out, so stupidly, I bent over to grab a handful up to look at what was there.  As I bent forward, a great big wave came along and knocked me down.  I quickly got up out of the water, well maybe not that quickly, and cleared off the water in my face and tried to open my now salted eyes.  Everyone was laughing.  My husband said..."good thing you showed the girls how to be safe in the water. "  I told him to just be quiet.  The waves were pretty fierce that day and it caught me off guard a number of times...I  am persistent if nothing else.  The waves knocked me down a few times...so many that at one point, the youngest granddaughter came up to me and said "Grandma...hold Grandpa's hand"  Oh well, my husband was hysterical over that one.  Laughing his patootie off!  So there we were, these two older people holding hands in the ocean...you may have thought we were quite the lovebirds.  My husband kept telling me that he had to keep me safe from myself. 
Well,  let me tell you....at one point, along came this huge wave and knocked him down right off his feet.  And he still was holding my hand...so guess what?  My protector...MR. LIFEGUARD...pulled me right down with him!  I got up and helped him up...laughing the whole time of course!  Now he didn't think it was all that funny.   
Now he was embarrassed and said it hurt his knees...I thought really???  And he didn't think all those broken shells hadn't hurt mine? 
Well, here is the kicker...It really did hurt him.  It acutually cut his knees open.  Now he, being the man that he is...was too embarrassed to get out of the water because he pretty much knew that his knees were cut and bleeding.  When we finally exited the ocean and saw his knees...I couldn't believe it.  I asked him if he thought that being in the ocean where there are sharks with bleeding knees was a such smart thing to do?  Well, then he had this panicked, yet dumb look on his face that plainly screamed "HUH"?  Well, we got him all cleaned up and bandaged. 
Our next trip into the water proved to be just as exciting. 
We were in the water...watching the girls on their boogie boards when along comes this little girl.  She must have been about 8 or 9 years old.  She proceeds to ask us if we know what to do if a jelly fish bites us?  Being the Midwesterners that we were...we just looked at her with a puzzled look on our faces.  First, we were so surprised that this young girl would come up to strangers to talk and secondly, to talk about biting jelly fish?  She proceeded to instruct us that if we get bit that we should immediately take sand and rub it on the bite.  Then she just walks away.  We stood there in the ocean, talking about how strange that just was...when suddenly our eldest granddaughter comes up to us crying.  She had just gotten bit by a jellyfish.  We hurried her out of the water and immediately rubbed the sand into the bite and then I began searching for a lifeguard.  I kept telling her that she should pee on it...She kept looking at me like I was crazy....but I had read that this was something to do if you don't have anything else to help it.  Luckily for her, I found the lifeguard and he went to rub sand on it....I proceeded to tell him that we had already done that...he responded that we did the right thing and then he reached for a spray bottle and sprayed her leg.  I asked him what was in the spray bottle and he told me vinegar.  So now I learned two new things...sand and vinegar for jelly fish bites.  She at that point did not want to go into the water.  The winds had really picked up and they put up the warning flags.  We went back to the hotel and put some neosporin on her leg and watched the storms roll in.  We wondered at that point who that little girl was and why of all the people in the ocean...did she come up to us and tell us how to treat a jellyfish bite.  We believe God works in mysterious ways and sent us a little angel that day to prepare us.
Now I have been in the oceans and the Gulf of Mexico, and I must admit I enjoy the Gulf much more.  I am not sure of the dangers of the waters other than the under currents, but I do no that it is more calm.  At least the times that I have had the opportunity to be in it. 
A few years later we took the girls to Jammin at the Aquarium here in Chicago to see the jelly fish exhibit.  It was a beautiful experience, but our granddaughter wasn't all that impressed...she had her one on one with the jelly fish, and in her opinion, that was enough. 
Who could ever imagine that something that is so beautiful could hurt so much?  But even standing there in that building my mind raced back to that little girl....our messenger!  I don't think we will ever forget how God took care of us that day. 

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