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A Night Out at Sally's Stage

Good morning to all.  Hoping your weekend is going well.  I have been busy painting the weekend away.  I decorative paint for a living as well as storytell...so there is always something to keep me busy.  Today I will be teaching the Alzheimer to paint.  My theme to work with is flowers, So I am going to teach them to paint using celery to make roses.  Now my only concern will be to keep them from eating it. 
Now on to today's topic and speaking of eating, we are taking a trip down memory lane to a place called Sally's Stage. 
Sally's Stage no longer is in existence.  That is such a shame. I am not sure whether you have ever been to one, but in the Chicago land area we used to have 2 that I know of.  One was on Western Ave on the north side, and the other was in Lombard, I believe on Roosevelt Road.  Sally's stage was a restaurant geared to families.  It's menu was in the average price range.  You could pretty much get burgers and fries or fried chicken.  A specialty of theirs was their BBQ Ribs.  I remember you could get and entire slab for like $9.00..things that kids enjoyed eating.  They had waitresses that were on roller skates...pretty reminiscent of the old drive up restaurants like Super Dog and Skips.  Now not only was this a great thing to entertain the kids, but there was entertainment there as well. Aside from watching the waitresses and waiters skate, they also got on stage and performed an act of some sort.  Sometimes it was like a can can dance on skates, sometimes it was like being at the follies.  The tables were placed in the center of wood flooring that went around it like an oval for the girls to skate on to get from the kitchen to your table.The waitresses rolled around with these huge trays held over their shoulders with the dinners.  I don't ever recall one of them falling, at least not an of the times when we went there to visit.    
Up on the stage there was this enormous pipe organ that some gentleman would sit and play throughout the dinner.  Just the site of that organ was something to see not to mention the quality of it's sound.  He often played songs that you could sing along to, there was a drop down screen with the words on it to help you along.  Seemed like in the 60's-80's there were more restaurants that at least encouraged family togetherness.  Today you have places that you take the kids to be entertained and the only interaction there seem to be is the parents running after them. They even had silent movies...something that us parents could identify with.  They were the Charlie Chaplin slap stick humor type.  Back in the days when places like Sally's stage was around, you could sit, eat, have conversation and be part of the entertainment whether it was singing along of something to sit back, watch and talk about after.  There were others as well...I remember The Ground Round, and Shakees Pizza. 
Anyway, at Sally Stage, after the pipe organ music and singing ended there was some other sort of entertainment and it was usually a Magician.  They also ran talent shows there as well.  Their Lombard location had a riding bull....remember those...but at least at Sally's you didn't need to be over 21 to get to ride the bull.  I remember how excited my girls used to be watching the magician pull that rabbit our of his hat. How they were memorized with his trick with the cage and the birds, not to mention the pulling of handkerchiefs that seemed to be never ending and at the end the surprise of him pulling out his underwear. 
We would laugh and joke around and enjoy the show. 
There was old memorabilia everywhere.  There was never boredom at Sally's  A piece of history is now gone.  It is sad to see some of our past fade away.  But what is even sadder is to see that going to dinner with your children today is no longer about the families enjoyment, but rather entertaining just the children.  I know that when I look back at Sally's Stage it was very reminiscent of what some may have called the old vaudeville days.  i hope that someday, someone will bring it back again! In the meantime...."I'm gonna buy me a pair a roller skates"....and remember when!

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Debbie Powless on Monday, November 4, 2013 2:52 PM
Hello, I was wondering if I could link this to our website about Sally's Stage Debbie
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