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Entertaining Night Out at Tommy Gun's Garage

Good morning to all my blog reader friends.  I hope that the day has started well for you.  I have many things on my agenda today.  I am hoping to get a surge of energy to help get them all accomplished. 
I have to say that each day challenges me as to what to write my blog about.  I am hoping to touch you with some sort of inspiration, point of interest or perhaps just pure enjoyment.  I hope that some of you that read this blog are finding that, and if it does something else...I would love to hear.  I initially was hoping that by blogging, you as the reader, could get a sense of who I am as a person and as a storyteller.  Now when I am storytelling, the types of stories totally depend on my audience. The ages that I perform for range from 2 years old all the way to 95 so far.  Every storyteller has their own niche or group of stories that they are most comfortable with, where I seem to just enjoy the pure pleasure of being able to bring stories to all.  I am writing a blog to build my skills to continue with a book I have started and hope to publish one day.
Today's blog is about being entertained.  I thought about how in my past, various moments and places that stick out in my mind were the ones where I felt most entertained.  Sometimes, when my daughters were growing up, it was the ability to expose them to something new and different.  I didn't want them to think all there was to life was go out to eat. 
One year, because both of my daughters birthdays were 2 weeks apart, I decided to take them out for a BIG night...They were allowed to bring a boyfriend or a friend.  Now I am not wealthy, by any means...I just wanted to create a memory that hopefully would stick with them.  I made reservations for a gangster bus tour in Chicago and it ended with dinner at a speakeasy type restaurant with a gangster type show.    There were 6 of us that boarded the bus as is rolled along Chicago streets telling us the tales of the mobsters of Chicago.  At one point they recreated a shootout for us at one of the locations. It was wonderful and when we reached our final destination, we were excited out of the bus into the restaurant.  and happy with the first part of our evening.  The restaurant landed up to be Tommy Gun's Garage.  If you have never been to it...look it up and go.  
We were lead inside, and directed to our seats.  We were delighted to have great seats with a wonderful view of the stage.  The food was delightful...an Italian fare.  the conversation flowed freely as we discussed all the things we had just seen and all the stories we had heard.  The waitresses and waiters were dressed in  flapper style. The inside of the place was all bricked just like the inside of an old garage back in the days.  In one corner there was a 1920's vehicle that pictures could be taken as you pretended to be the gangster and their mol.  The kids all got in the picture as their souvenir. 
After the meal was over, the show began.  There was comedy and laughter.  People were brought on stage and caused even more laughter.  There was singing and dancing.  The waitresses and waiters were actually part of the routines.   It was an evening to remember for all of us. 
Years went by...I have to say 30...and I got to return to the restaurant.  We didn't take the bus tour portion, we just did the restaurant and show.  I orchestrated the night out with my Red Hat Ladies.  I made centerpieces for the table and each girl got a purple or red water gun as a favor.  Red Hats, for those who may not know, are ladies 50 and older in a social club.  We laughed and talked, ate and drank and then came the show.  Well, this time they picked me to come up on the stage.  My red hat girls were hooting and hollering away as I climbed the stage stairs.  Now, I have to say, the poor emcee had no idea who he had picked...but if one is all decked out in red hats and red boas...you should be prepared! 
There were 4 of us up on the stage and he asked each one to create a character and act it out.  Most times, the people selected do okay with what they are to do, but some can be a  little meeker that others....and then he came to me...the one who is used to being on stage although, unbeknownst to him. 
He asked me to pretend that I was Mae West and walk across the stage.  Well...I began my Mae West prance saying "Hello big Boy" in her typical, well know tone, and   when I reached the middle of the stage I turned my back to the audience and using my red boa, I sashayed it across my bottom side as I stuck my derriere out.  The entire audience was in a roar. now to get a clear picture of this...This purple bottom side is not the smallest in town...to say the least.  The poor emcee almost fell off the stage laughing. It was a riot.  When it was finally time to exit the stage, everyone was talking to me...they all thought that perhaps I was a shill or a plant.  My red hat ladies assured everyone that I was not! 
What a night to remember for me and my girls. 
So, I guess the point that I am trying to make is, to take the time to have fun.  Go on an adventure.  Find a place where there is some entertainment, and perhaps even make some of your own.  Now I am not suggesting that this be an every night out event, but to throw some fun in along the way.  Life can get to be monotonous.  I have learned that if you just search a little you can find some of the most different and interesting experiences out there.  We are never too young or too old to have a good time and make some memories.  If you are not as flamboyant as I, it's okay, because someone out there is!  Sit back and go along for the ride.  When it is time for me to leave this earth, and friends and family gather, I want them to be able to laugh and enjoy the moments that I had or shared with them.   Memories...what a nice thing to have to look back upon. 

2 Comments to Entertaining Night Out at Tommy Gun's Garage:

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Jeanni on Thursday, July 25, 2013 6:13 PM
Debi...... Your stories always brighten my day. I am sure there are many others out here in cyberspace that feel the same. Have you ever sought out a publisher with the thought of sharing your tales in print? This would be a great book for families to share. Your tales include all age groups, and contain ideas with which the majority of people can easily identify. Many of the tales would be great bedtime stories whether read to a child or read as an adult at the end of a long, hectic day. Only thing I ask is that I may contribute to the 'Foreword' portion of the book. LUB!
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Nike Air Max 87 on Monday, July 29, 2013 2:55 AM
good story! Keep at it, you will be successful in writing.
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