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Learning the ABC's of life

Good morning to everyone. Looks like a gloomy one here in Chicago land area.  A little on the damp side this morning....here's hoping for some sun to peek out it's head.
Today, as I was sitting and contemplating what today's  story should be about, the art of the ABC's came to mind.  Boy, when I say the art of it, I mean how different learning it is today. 
I remember as a child learning to say the ABC's.  It is one of the first things that we learn to do...we learn it in song, then by verbal skills, then to write it and then to put it together to make words.  Simple as can be.  We leaned to print it and then to write it. 
We worked hard on spelling.  There were spelling tests, spelling countdowns and spelling bees.  In a country where the language is extremely difficult...we learned the differences.  We learned the to, too, and two, along with each of their meanings.  They all sound alike.  We learned the there and their, the be, and bee.  we leaned that spelling a word with an omb at the end does not always sound the same...ex: comb and tomb.  The same with words ending in ome...ex: home, come.   I remember years back there was a comedian Gallger who used to smash watermelons on stage and did various routines and one of them was all about the American language covering these differences.  It was funny and yet not so funny.  Now today, it seems that there is a whole new language going on using the ABC's.  The texting language has become the fad...who would have ever thought that using ABC's would change? 
And if that were not bad enough...they use the same lettes for different meanings as well!  I am often confronted with LOL...is it laugh out loud or is it lot's of love??
We have now become an alphabetical world.  We are shortcutting...I guess it would be today's world of shorthand?  Anyone remember that?  I remember what an important class that was when I took it way back when in high school.  It was necessary to become a good secretary...right along with learning to use a comptometer and a Dictaphone.  These are now like the extinct dinosaurs. 
But here is my question..are they planning on rewriting the dictionary?  Is todays generations going to know how to spell?  If they wrote a book using their new alphabetical language, I am going to need cliff notes! 
I was shopping one day and when I reached the counter with my purchases....I noticed on the counter a rack with these guides to texting.  It actually teaches you how to text. 
We are warned about not to text while you drive...I personally think there should be an overall warning that texting just might hypnotize your brain from remembering the actual words. 
I must admit, technology has advanced us to unbelievable levels, but I am now faced with the challenge of learning a language that seems as difficult as leaning the Periodic Table charts when I was taking Chemistry in High School.
Some days, people have texted me a note and I sit in complete wonderment over what they are saying.  Once I was having a conversation with someone over a concert.  They texted me in their note TTSO....I sat there with the most confused look on my face...they meant The Trans Siberian Orchestra....really???  IGIDGI....I guess I don't get it?  I wonder if programs for computers will now add a spell check for texting?  Wouldn't that be a hoot?  
I guess I am left to follow my own ABC's
Act Accordingly, Be prolific, Count my blessings, Doubt what's going on, Enter with caution, Forget what you spent a lifetime learning, Guess at what is being posted, Handle it all with grace, Ignore what you don't understand, Justify my beliefs, Keep studying, Learn that life keeps changing, Make changes, Never give up, Overlook the mistakes, Pause and think, Question everything, Rest assure...more changes are to come, Stop agonizing over it, Take it as it comes, Utilize whatever tools help you, Vacillate, Wish for clarity, X-ray the new language, Yell for help, Zero in on what's important.  

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