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Confusion with the word :"SENIOR"

Good morning to all...I am so trilled to have had such a cool night to sleep.  This is probably the craziest summer I can every remember...but the cooler days are not so hard to handle.  I spent the day painting and working in my kiln as well.  The last few days were spent learning how to slump a wine bottle.  I finally got my first perfect one yesterday, Yippee!  if you don't know what a slumped wine bottle is...It is a melted down wine bottle that is then used as a cheese tray.  I am sure you have seen them in the stores.  I will making another one today. 
Well, on to today's story.  This is a great kick in the pants revelation for me.  It came to me, the word Senior and the difference in the meaning of the word.  I have no idea what provoked this direction of thought, but I must say, it was a surprise.
I started to think about how the word Senior is used in today's world.  We have Seniors in High School, Seniors in college, Seniors in Management, Seniors Officers, and the Senior Citizen.
Now,it seems to me that nothing has changed when it comes to being a senior in High School or College.  This is the position in school that is the highest level.  It is the position that is looked forward to.  It is a time when all the others in the school look up to you.  It a revered time when you are rewarded with a graduation, a diploma, a degree.  You are viewed as someone who put in the time and are acknowledged for it.  You are told you have a bright and cheery future ahead of you.  You are on your way to a new and exciting part of your life.  Others see the potential in you.  You are congratulated and rewarded. 
Now a Senior Officer is a rank that is looked upon with respect.  They are viewed as the person with training and background.  Someone you would go to for advice or help.  They have the power to make things happen in the branch or line of service.  They are revered as well, for the jobs well done. 
A senior in management is found in almost all types of businesses.  Lets take Senior VP of a bank.  They are rewarded not only with a title, but with benefits, a larger salary, respect, power, and are also accountable for others.  A Senior in any company, in fact.has the same type of reverence attached to them.
Then there is the Senior citizen.  They are the small guy.  They have worked hard their entire lives, yet they are no longer revered.  They are the set asides.  They are the invisible generation.  Upon their graduation of life, they are given no certificate other than a Medicare card which is meager, the increases are based on their salaries...sort of funny when you look at it from the woman's perceptive.  A woman who sacrificed years of hard work raising children and cooking and cleaning, acting as chauffer's, nurses, and caregivers are not rewarded for this time in their line of duty.  Often times they don't qualify for any compensations.  They are left to their own devices of what to do next...yet their years of life can often times disable that ability.  The public refers to it as the golden years, yet most seniors will agree that they are more tarnished than golden.  There are more than likely more ailments and health problems which delay enjoying the things they always wanted to do.  They are the ones who provided for their children...were on 24 hour call and often in the end barely are called or visited by their children and grandchildren.  For some, they are never able accomplish  going  on that special trip that they never were able to go on, because their responsibilities lied elsewhere.  When they are looked upon, it is often with a downward look.  They are too old to understand, too old to benefit someone, too old, too slow, can't hear well enough, hands can't open things, can't walk well, can't understand what the modern day is all about.   It is funny to me to see that somehow, the Senior Citizen is preyed upon, laughed upon and sneered upon.  Now I am not saying that all of the world has this outlook.  I am also not saying that every child or family member or young person on the street treats the Seniors this way, but that as a whole, becoming a senior citizen is not revered in the same manner as the previous fore mentioned titles.  It is odd then. that the title of Senior is used. How the title Senior is so revered in every other use except for the one affixed to the citizen.  It should be rewarded, regarded as well as revered.  It was just a mind blowing moment for me to look at that word, SENIOR. 
In some circles, I would be considered a senior, since the 55 years and older is now considered in some circles a Senior, yet I am still plugging away at work, still sacrificing time and energy on the children and grandchildren.  I may have titles or degrees earned for education and for accomplishments, yet for the sacrificial duties...I am left with an empty wall.  I know that what you do in life is up to you.  I surely have done all the things that I felt were the right things to do in life.  I gave my heart and my soul, my time and my energies to all those I love.  I may move slower these days, may become more tired quickly, may not hear as well, but I choose to keep moving on and forward.  Funny how the future looks brighter and brighter for the other realms of Senior positions with higher salaries and bonuses and the regular senior citizens get budget cuts and our bonuses come from a 10 to 15% discount on a certain day of the week.  It seems to me that perhaps Senior wasn't the proper title for the aging.  It was either the wrong title or it is the wrong viewpoint of society.  I am not here to make up anyone's mind on that, just here to present my thought for the day.  I will continue to rise above the view of being too old.  I regard my own self as vital and important.  I praise myself for jobs well done.  I take pride in my ability as a storyteller to remember hundreds and hundreds of stories.  I applaud the fact that even with ailments I forge ahead.  I have decided that for me...the medals that I have may be invisible, but are none the less....IMPORTANT.  I may not be able to see certificate hanging on the wall, but rather in the faces of the young and the old that I am able to touch.  The twinkle in a child's eyes, or the glimmer of hope and remembrance on an elders face.  If you are a Senior Citizen...here is one large standing ovation of applauds for you from me! 

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