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The Mirror's Reflection

Good morning to everyone.  Hope that this blog finds you all well.  Humid and damp here in the Chicago land area.  Hoping to get through what us fibromyalgia sufferers call...a condition for pain.  But we must push forward.  
So, onto today's topic.  
I thought carefully about what reflection means, along with a mirror.  It is funny how the main word to this title should be perception.  To reflect means to look upon something, to ponder over.  Now I do understand how our reflection of ourselves appears in a mirror....but it is totally our perception that creates what we see? 
Perception, I believe begins at birth.  What we are told, taught, or how we are told something, changes the perception.  A calm knock at a door makes us perceive someone is there...a rapid knock on the door makes us perceive there is some urgency at the door.  The way a person makes a statement to us and how we respond, depends on the perception in the moment.  It is the variables that causes us to react to the statement.  The sound of that persons voice, perhaps the way they look at us when they speak the statement.  Oftentimes even the stance will change our perception of what they are saying.  How many times it can be wrong, because of the way we perceive it. 
I find that what we see in a mirror is the same way.  I have been looking in a mirror for almost 59 years and must say....my perceptions are really distorted.  It is almost like looking at the mirrors in the funny house.  When I stop and think about all the times I have looked into the mirror and found faults. 
I can remember 40 years ago, looking in a mirror and being unhappy with the way I looked.  I perceived that I was too heavy.  When I look back or reflect on those days...I was so small and perfect.  I wore a size 12 dress and was 5'9".  We all looked at Marilyn Monroe, who wore a size 12 and thought she was the sexiest woman walking the face of the earth.  She had the perfect body....really?  It was our perception of what she was....yet our reflection gave us something totally different.  I wonder how many times Marilyn looked at herself with her own perception of being imperfect.  I am sure just like the rest of us...it was there.  
I today see the reflection in the mirror staring back at me and am still not happy. 
If I could create something wonderful....it would be a truth mirror.  It would be the mirror that shows the real me.  Not the shell of me. 
I see that we all compare ourselves to what we see in the magazines, movies, etc.  It is all a perception. All those gorgeous photos, films are touched up.  If we looked at the reality of it...if we saw the everyday movie star or model...they would be no different than us.  they have the same inadequacies as we do.  
If you ever watched America's next top model, you would have an eye opening experience.  Here you have, what one considers the most beautiful girls competing to become the top model.  They have to get make overs, they have makeup artists, hair stylists, clothing designers and experts to get them ready.   They are put through training classes to learn to walk the walkways, how to dance, smile, laugh and to smize....that means to smile with your eyes.  They are the reflections of what we perceive them to be.  But each and everyone of them have imperfections.  They all have issues of one kind or another.  When these beautiful girls look at themselves in the mirror...their reflections are not the same as what we see. 
When I think back on the movie SNOW WHITE.  I remember the phrase that the queen spoke into the mirror.  "Mirror, mirror on the wall...who's the fairest of them all"  We perceived that statement as the most beautiful....the queen was beautiful, but her clothing, demeanor, made her unappealing.  Was the mirror being asked who was the most beautiful?  NO.  Is was asking for the fairest.  The most beautiful of heart.  That is why the Queen  wanted Snow White's heart cut out and brought back to her.  Was that the message we got?  No...a mirror reflects what we look like...not who we are.  They called her Snow White...white is significant of pure...not beautiful.
Is there any mirror or reflection that we can see who we really are or what we really look like?  I think that would be the mirror called someone who loves you.   it would be found in their eyes.  Those who see who you for who you really are.  Perhaps it is your spouse who sees you as the most beautiful person that walks the earth.  Perhaps it is a friend who cherishes you for who you really are.  Do you pick a friend because of the way they look, or because of the way their heart looks?  Do divorces happen because the person looks ugly..or has their heart turn black?   
When ones breaks a mirror, it is supposed that you will have 7 years of bad luck....I think that would be 7 years of bliss!  A time to not judge yourself.  A time to use true reflection of who you really are. 
I find it interesting that we refer to our reflections in a mirror.  When we look into that mirror it is a quick judgment not a reflection.  To me, reflection is taking me back...overlooking what has been done.  A reflecting pond is made to sit by and reflect on a topic, a person or object.  That is not what we do when we look into the mirror.  I think we would be much better off at the reflecting pond.  Perhaps we would consider ourselves worthier.  Perhaps we would recall all the wonderful things and attributes that we have.  We might remember how we got from there to here and who we had with us along the way. 
Too many of us are damaged by the reflections that we perceive the mirror shows and spend a lifetime trying to make ourselves perfect for the mirror.  And for some, the mirror is the world.  Look at the world...it is not all that perfect...there is nothing that is the same anywhere.  No snowflake that is the same.  New waters rush in every second in the ocean. Watch the sun setting on the water and it's reflection changes constantly...but is breathtaking non the less.  Let yourself become that sunset.  Let each moment of your life reflect the beauty that is naturally there.  Let yourself enjoy the moments.   

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