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Chemicals in Our Lives

Good morning to all of my readers.  Glad to have you here and ready to forge ahead in another day's story.  I have so enjoyed the sounds of the birds so early here.  They have been twittering away melodically for the past hour or so.  Sometimes I just close my eyes to listen to their sweet voices.  It amazes me sometimes how something so simple can be such a gift.  I thank God each day for the blessings that so many escape with the hustle and bustle of their lives. 
Today I have chosen chemicals in our lives as a topic.  The reasoning behind this choose is because I am so allergic to so many of them...or perhaps I should say sensitive to them 
Often times, it is an unawareness that causes the most problems in our lives.  We take things for what they are and not what they can do.  We have just seemed to go along with whatever lands up on the shelves in the grocery store as another item.  We are so unindated with so many products that we are not even aware of what we have or how much variety there is.  I never forgot the time that I was working as a cook in a rectory.  This was many years ago, and we had a visitor from Poland.  He was a priest and was sent to the us to spend a few months in the US...to learn the language and then would be moving on to Zimbawe, Africa to the missions there.  He was my personal charge for the time he was here.  Now, part of my duties was to go grocery shopping.  And one afternoon, Father Thomas went with me.  If you are from America, you know that there are vast amount of items found up and down the aisles, yet we don't really notice the quantity.  This particular day, Father Thomas stopped me while we were shopping in the salad dressing aisle.  Now, this is a prime example of what I am speaking about.  We of course see all the bottles on the shelves, but seldom stop to think about them.  We just know they are there and puruse the shelves until we locate the one we want.  That day, Father Thomas asked me in his broken English "What do you call these?"  I turned to him and slowly said "Salad dressing".  He looked me straight in the eye and said "We have this in Poland"..."one!"  Well, if that doesn't stop and make you think how spoiled we are and how we are so accustomed to the products that we never realize what is there. 
It made me start to think about how product after product shows up on the shelves and question the necessity for them. 
In storytelling, I do a program with handkerchiefs, which is a wonderful program.  I have done a great amount  of research on them and found it fascinating.  One of the most interesting things that I discovered was how the use of handkershiefs came to an end...so to speak.  Of course we all know the answer to that.  Kleenex.  The funny thing was...their advertisement stated that it was unsanitary to keep your handkerchief in you sleeve, pocket or purse.  Funny, how if I asked each of you where you kept you Kleenex, most of you would have exactly the same answer.  To make it interesting to children who needed a show and blow handkerchief for school, that Kleenex were substituted, they developed a spokes person, Little Lulu, a cartoon character in a book that included a personal pack of Kleenex. The book was all about magic tricks that could be done with those disposable sheets of tissue.  The public bit and now Kleenex is in every household...yet I bet there is nary a handkerchief to be found.
Now chemicals is another story, because aside from all the ones that can be purchased off the shelves...there are so many that are hidden in things that we don't think twice about.  The ones that are hidden. 
I just recently painted a cute chalk holder that I was selling and could personalize as a great teacher's gift.  It was painted to look like a chalkboard...but to my chagrin, many commented on how cute it was, but that they don't use chalk boards in school any longer.  You could imagine my surprise to hear this.  I finally questioned someone on it and they shared with me that now they use Whiteboards.  Now you may wonder where the chemical part comes in?  I recently read about the unsafe chemicals for children...and the pens that are used to write on the whiteboards are toxic.  Really??  Then I read that the wipes that are used for cleaning off a babies bottom, faces and hands contain a chemicals that are the same as in windshield wiper fluid.  The EPA considers them so toxic they say that skin contact or inhalation can cause brain, liver and kidney abnormalities.  I know that when I am painting and I forget to return my paintbrush into the water and it gets dried up and hard that I can use Hand sanitizer to clean my brushes and return them back to normal...scary that people use this like water on their hands.
I know that whenever I visited my mother...I would walk into her house and not be able to breathe because she had all these plug in deodorizers all over.  Then one day I learned that those plug ins have fragrance chemicals in these products which  react with common indoor air pollutants to produce serious health hazards. Air freshener chemicals have been implicated in cancer, neurological damage, reproductive and developmental disorders. They can also aggravate or trigger asthma attacks. It was no wonder I couldn't breathe.  I am grateful for my sensitivity to chemicals.  It is an instant warning sign to me. 
Candles are another item that reacts terribly to me.  I cannot walk into a room where candles are lit.  They instantly cut my breathing ability, and then I read that paraffin is the main ingredient in  most candles and is a sludge waste product from the petroleum industry. It releases carcinogenic chemicals when burned. The soot/fumes are similar to that released from a diesel engine and can be as dangerous as second hand cigarette smoke. This can contribute to serious respiratory issues like asthma. Scented candles may have lead or lead cores in their wicks, which releases deadly amounts of lead  into your home through the candle soot. Candle wicks are supposed to be made from pure paper or cotton.
The lists goes on with carpeting releasing formaldehyde, as does paneling and some cabinetry.  It is quite scary to read these things. 
And when we open up the cabinet under our sinks or next to our washing machines...yikes.    I am so glad that I am so sensitive to these chemicals.  We need to become more aware.  I am not stating these facts as my scientifically tested items, but can attest to the fact that I have read these in articles and am aware that when exposed to them, I find difficulty being in the same rom with them.  
And if that were not bad enough...the chemicals are being put into our food sources.  GMO is everywhere we look...only most are unaware of its presence.  Time for a real wakeup call and start an education process on the evils of the chemicals lying around the house, in our schools, and public places.  
We lived hundreds of years ago without these.  Why are they here now? 
I am hoping that putting this out there may help you look at perhaps why someone in your family may be suffering from some sort of allergy or sensitivity.  
Years back, I studied Kinesiology and learned an easy way to test yourself for items and foods that you should not be using.  There are naturopathic doctors that can do the testing as well.  It is a simple muscle test and is invaluable, especially in todays world.  Read a book on it...talk to your chiropractor or homeopathic dr.  Help yourself or your family.  Become aware.  Become well.  It is all possible.  We just all need to become educated.


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