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A Trip to House on the Rock

Good morning to all my friends out there.  Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather if you are here in the Chicago land area.
Well, todays story begins many years ago.  I believe 35 years ago, in fact. 
I had decided to take a trip with my husband and daughters to the House on the Rock in Wisconsin.  When I told my mother about what I had heard about the place she asked if we wouldn't mind going on a Monday...her day off, and if she could come and bring a friend.  We of course said yes. 
Well, since it is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from where we lived, we left at 6 in the  morning with plans to stop for breakfast on the way.  My mother also decided to bring a grand-nephew along.  He was 5 years old and so with that many people, we drove 2 cars.  Now, once we had reached Wisconsin, my mother decided that she needed to stop for a bathroom break, so we pulled into a gas station.  My mother and her friend got out of the car and went in to get the key...her friend went in first and returned to the car while my mother was using the facilities.  The next thing we knew...my mother came flying out of the bathroom straight to her car and motioned for us to hurry and leave.  We couldn't imagine what in the world was wrong.  Never thinking she had not returned back into the gas station to return the key...we just started the engine and followed her.  We got about a mile down the road and motioned for her to pull over.  When she pulled over, I got out of the car to find out what was wrong.  She was laughing so hard I could barely understand her.  She said that she had put the key on the top of the toilet and upon turning and flushing, her purse hit the key and it flushed down the toilet.  Only my mother!  Her and her gigantic purse!  It was like a cartoon at times. 
Well, we continued onto the House on the Rock.  If you have never visited it...it truly is a spectacular outing.  There is the house that was built into a boulder using nature as its inspiration.  Truly an amazing tour.  As much as the house was a spectacular sight, it's museum was even more amazing.  What a magical journey.  From room to room you were dazzled with the most amazing sites from butterfly collections, to walks of yesteryear, to an orchestra all played by electronics.  Doll collections and hand carved carousel was just a few of its wonders. 
We spent the entire day there.  When it was time to return home, we decided to stop and eat dinner along the way. 
We pulled into a quaint little family type restaurant.  We all started to look through the menus when my mother turned to her great nephew and began to read off the children's menu to him...he just kept saying no to everything. 
He just didn't seem to be hungry...which was no surprise to me since he had been eating junk all day long. 
My mother finally turned to him and asked whether he would like an ice cream sundae...he responded "can't I have one today?"  It was Monday you see...and he got a little confused.  We never let him forget that cute remark. 
Well, we finally arrived home about 10 P.M.  that evening, exhausted of course. 
But we retuned with a bevy of stories, beautiful memories and laughter from a day of mishaps and comical occurrences. 

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