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Awoken By a Stranger

It was in the middle of the night.  The room was pitch black and only a light shone through one window from the street light in the street from out front.  Silence permeated the room.  We had just moved into this home not more than a month before.  Everything still seemed new to us.  When we choose the room, I was dissatisfied with the feeling or the energy that the room gave off.  I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but there was something disturbing about it.  That night, I was about to find out why the room seemed so different. 
I had fallen asleep and was in a deep, sound slumber, when suddenly, someone was pushing at my shoulder to wake me up.  My first thought was that it was one of my daughters needed something.  When I turned around, I expected to see a blonde teenager, but instead...there stood an elderly gentleman in a white tee shirt.  He appeared to be about 70 years old or so.  His hair was grey and he was somewhat balding.  I looked at this person....or thing standing at my bed....and believe it or not, I was not in the least bit afraid.  Now in  hind sight it a great thing, because later when I had thought about it...why was I not afraid of a man in the middle of the night waking me up in my own home. 
Now here is where you get to laugh...I looked at him, very causally and told him, please don't bother me tonight, I am too tired.  I then proceeded to turn around and go back to sleep. 
The next morning, as I sat in my dining room drinking my morning coffee, I sat and pondered over what had transpired the night before.  I had wondered whether it was a dream.  Well, I had convinced myself that it must be a dream.  Where was this man?  Who was the mam?  Nothing was missing in the house. All the doors were still locked up tight.  It was a dream, I was sure of it.  Then from down the hallway, I could hear voices coming from my eldest daughters room.  It was my two girls chatting,  and I could hear their conversation.  Very loudly, I could hear the eldest child yell..."You've  got to be kidding?  What did you do?"  Well, that is enough to perk up a mother's ears..I walked toward the bedroom door...and began to hear my youngest daughter speak of this elderly gentleman who had woken her up in the middle of the night.  By this time, I was at the door of the room and now joined in on the conversation.  I asked if she could please repeat her story.  She proceeded to tell me about this elderly gentleman that had shaken her awake duing the night.  I asked her if she could describe him.  She described the exacxt same man I had seen that night as well.  I was now flabbergasted and excited to hear the rest of the story.  When asked what she did, her reply was that she had done exactly the same as I had done. Like mother like daughter! 
That left me to wondering who and what it was.  A ghost?  Hmmm.  At least he wasn't scary like one might perceive.  He was totally visible to both of us.  We wondered who he might have been and what he wanted. 
We live in between the river and a cemetery.  Originally the home we are in was the original farm of this area.  I know that the river was  great for travel as was the street where the cemetery lies.   
I know that he wasn't the only caller that we have had in this house.  He was just the most visible. 
We have had children and women in misty floating gowns.  We all thought perhaps we were seeing and hearing things that just a bump in the night, or perhaps, a figment of our imaginations. But just last week we got a new neighbor.  While we were hanging out talking over the fence...we managed to get into a conversation about the land.  He questioned whether we have had any paranormal experiences because just days before... while he was gardening, the lady in white swooshed past him....he thought that perhaps it was me and questioned his father about it.  His father told him no, that he could hear me speaking in the house.  When we described our lady in a white in her flowing gown...his face almost went white. 
We don't understand who they are or what it is that they may want, but we do know that they are friendly.  I know that I say a prayer for them.  I often wonder about their story.  Did they die on this land?  That is a question that will perhaps never receive an answer...but who knows...maybe someday it will.

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